INFP 1w2 (The Complete Guide)

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INFPs are the sweethearts of the MBTI. It’s hard to hate on them. When compared with the enneagram of personality, a few identify as the INFP 1w2.

This article discusses the INFP 1w2 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the INFP 1w2?

INFP 1w2 are strong-willed with a touch of kindness. They believe in their values and work hard to achieve their goals. They tend to be competitive in an honest way. Because of their wing, they are also drawn to helping others through personal interactions or charities.

Type 1 for an INFP makes sense as it compliments their introverted feeling (Fi) function. It allows them to harness their values and become more confident. The downside is that it contributes to their stubbornness, as we shall soon see.

Nevertheless, the presence of both enneagram type and wing changes some typical traits of the INFP.

INFP 1w2s are more likely to be assertive INFPs.

What is the Core Desire of the INFP 1w2?

The core desire of the INFP 1w2 is to be good and perceived as good. In other words, people must see that they are living up to their values and morals.

What is the Core Fear of the INFP 1w2?

The core fear of the INFP 1w2 is to be seen as unethical and evil. Now, this does not necessarily mean that INFP 1w2s are always morally upright. It simply means that they must stay true to their core values.

How the 1w2 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the INFP

1.   More Ethical

INFPs are non-conformists. This means they usually make independent decisions on many norms and ethical matters. INFP 1w2s might be different.

Ethics and morality matter more to them. If they have a religious background, this is amplified.

Thus, their decisions will take ethical matters into consideration.

2.   Less of a People-Pleaser

INFPs are called mediators. With their mediator skills comes a truckload of people-pleasing traits. Not this INFP. INFP 1w2s are more likely to set firm boundaries. This reduces their need to please people. This could be different if their wing is strong.

This has immense benefits. INFP 1w2s are more focused on themselves and practice better self-care. They have a balanced world.

3.   Less of a Mediator

This follows the last point. INFP 1w2s do not have the required patience to be good mediators. This might change if their wing is strong.

However, their patience will usually wear thin if both parties cannot compromise. A lack of people-pleasing tendencies further solidifies this.

4.   More Extroverted

INFPs are super introverts. This changes slightly with INFP 1w2s. Type 1 opens up their extroverted intuition (Ne). This allows them to express themselves clearly and increases the frequency of their attempts to do so.

This makes them more extroverted and opinionated. Thus, people will perceive them as ambiverts or extroverted introverts.

5.   Higher Work Ethic

Type 1 is known for their discipline and work ethic. This is also evident in INFP 1w2. Unlike typical INFPs that struggle with complacency, INFP 1w2s will be action-oriented for two reasons.

First, they demand perfection in meeting their targets. Secondly, they want to help others because of their wing.

The task is obvious and must be accomplished.

6.   Generally More Assertive

As earlier stated, INFP 1w2s become more opinionated. This is also why they are more likely to be INFP-A.

This makes them seem more confident and reliable. In some cases, they might even be seen as intimidating.

New Weaknesses of the INFP 1w2

1.   More Critical of Others

Type 1’s flaws are evident in INFP 1w2. Chief among them is being critical or judgemental. Because their values are so important, they might see people who don’t think the same way as wrong or flawed.

This might make them pre-judge their actions. Their critical nature might be hidden behind fake smiles or sarcasm.

2.   Anger Issues

Type 1 is in the anger triad. This shows in the INFP 1w2. This personality type feels horrible when they make a mistake. Their feelings make them lash out at others or become frustrated.

It might be a good idea to give them space when this happens.

3.   More Rigid

Because of their fixation on their values, INFP 1w2s are significantly more rigid or stubborn than typical INFPs.

They will dig in even when it’s obvious that they are wrong or a different path is needed. This has obvious drawbacks as it can hinder their self-development.

4.   Insecurity Might Persist

Despite their confidence and assertiveness, INFP 1w2s might struggle with insecurities. If their wing is strong, they might struggle with external validation.

Their high standards might also make them feel they are not good enough. Seeing a therapist might help in these situations.

INFP 1w2 in the Workplace

INFPs put passion above material gain when it comes to their careers. INFP 1w2s are similar. They want their jobs to have a positive impact on the world. They might also be interested in volunteering.

INFP 1w2s might find remote work more appealing and will generally not mind working alone.

Make sure they love their role to get the best out of the INFP 1w2.

Best Careers for the INFP 1w2

  • Psychologist
  • Writer
  • Activist
  • Attorney
  • Graphic Designer
  • Professor
  • Clergy/Missionary
  • Editor
  • Photographer
  • Accountant

Worst Careers for the INFP 1w2

  • Military officer
  • Electrician
  • Mechanic
  • Carpenter
  • Bartender

Famous People/Fictional Characters that Might Be INFP 1w2

  • Logan Lerman
  • Infant Leanor (Royal Family)
  • Stephenie Myer
  • Shani (The Witcher)
  • Tanya (So Not My Type)
  • Skeeter Phelan (The Help)
  • The Hollow Knight (Hollow Knight)
  • Hunter Doohan
  • Emma Morley (One Day)

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