INFP 4w3 (The Complete Guide)

INFP 4w3

INFPs come in different variants. When compared with the enneagram of personality, one variant that shoots out is the INFP 4w3. 

Here, we’ll discuss the INFP 4w3s and what you can expect from them. 

Who is the INFP 4w3?

INFP 4w3s are unique people with a touch of strength. They see the world through aesthetic lenses and want to separate themselves from the rest. 

Their wing ensures that they are a touch different from the stereotype. They are adventurous, more people-oriented, and of a different breed. 

INFP 4w3s are more likely to be assertive INFPs than turbulent INFPs. As earlier stated, their wing alters some of their traits as we shall soon see. 

What is the Core Desire of the INFP 4w3?

The core desire of the INFP 4w3 is to be unique. To them, being unique means having a significant impact on the world. Now, people are different. 

Thus, the type of impact each person wants to make will be different. However, this personality type usually tries to excel at what they’re passionate about.

What is the Core Fear of the INFP 4w3?

The core fear of the INFP 4w3 is being ordinary or insignificant. They are also afraid of not living up to their targets or dreams. 

If they don’t, they brand themselves as failures. This can lead to the INFP dark side. To read more about that, you can click that link. 

How the 4w3 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the INFP

1. More Ambitious

INFPs do not usually do things for money or status. They are one of the few types that simply follow their passion regardless of the financial consequences. 

This personality type is different. INFP 4w3s want to be successful. While this craving might not be as strong as a core type 3, it’s there nevertheless. 

Thus, INFP 4w3s will make sure their careers or goals align with this desire. This makes them more ambitious.

2. More Assertive

INFPs are usually portrayed as soft speakers. They are also called mediators who like to maintain their inner peace.

You get a different INFP here. This personality type is not afraid to be more assertive and confrontational. Thus, when their values are being questioned, they speak up for themselves. 

This has several benefits. First, it allows the INFP to harness the persuasive power of their wing. Thus, INFP 4w3s can be very influential people. 

It also allows them to be bolder and more expressive. 

3. Less Emotional

INFPs are feelers. Most people think that the INFP is too sensitive and cries a lot. However, just like the INFP 6w5, things are a little bit different here. 

While they are still sensitive, their wing allows them to handle their emotions better. Thus, INFP 4w3s are more emotionally stable. In fact, because of their wing, they can control and use their emotions to their benefit. 

4. More Extroverted

Type 3 wants to be successful. To do this, they use deceit, charm, and even manipulation if necessary. 

To use these tools at their disposal, they need to talk to people. This also applies to the INFP 4w3 to a lesser extent. 

This personality type will be more extroverted and people-oriented. This also defeats the stereotypical belief that all INFPs are detached, aloof, or shy. 

Their interactions might even make them popular among their friends or clique. 

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5. Higher Work Ethic

INFPs and type 4s are often accused of being complacent. However, INFP 4w3s will have a higher work ethic. While this might not match the core type 3, they will not be as complacent as other INFPs. 

They have targets and goals to meet. This will spur them on whenever complacency knocks on the door. 

6. More Independent

INFPs are well-known people-pleasers. They want to help people and can be great counselors. Not this INFP. This personality type is more independent. 

They want to live life on their terms and achieve their own set goals. While they still enjoy helping others, this will come secondary to setting and meeting their targets. 

New Weaknesses of the INFP 4w3

1. More Selfish

Type 3s are known for their need to be successful. To achieve this, they will often use any means necessary. 

Depending on how strong their wing is, INFP 4w3s might become a bit more selfish. While this is listed as a new weakness, it might not necessarily be a bad thing. 

The key here is finding the balance between striving to meet your own goals and being considerate. 

The INFP already has a lot of love to give. This shouldn’t be a big problem.

2. Less Diplomatic

Did you ever hear that INFPs were mediators? Well, not to the extent you think. INFP 4w3s do not go out looking for trouble. 

However, it doesn’t mean that they are in a hurry to yield. This is more evident when it involves their values. This also does not mean that they are unreasonable. 

When it comes to the little things that can help them progress, their wing allows them to navigate matters smoothly. 

However, when their core values are questioned, they will dig deep and assert themselves strongly. Whatever happened to diplomacy?

3. Struggle with the Need to be Liked/Acceptance

Type 4 and type 3 are two very contradictory enneagram types. Type 3 lives for the validation and acceptance by others. They want to be liked and respected. Popularity is what they crave. 

To do this, type 3 tries to fit in.

Type 4 wants to be different. They want to stand out and avoid trying to fit in. When these two types blend, it becomes a constant struggle. INFP 4w3s are often torn between their cravings. 

However, it might be less of a dilemma if their wing isn’t too strong. 

INFP 4w3 vs INFP 4w5

Wondering if you are an INFP 4w3 or INFP 4w5? Here are some of their main differences. 

INFP 4w3INFP 4w5
More interested in achieving successMore interested in learning new things
More People-OrientedMore Detached
Higher Work EthicMore Likely to be Complacent

To read an in-depth description of the INFP 4w5, you can click on that link. 

INFP 4w3 in the Workplace

INFPs love following their passions. They are often interested in career paths that help humans. INFP 4w3s are a bit different. They value their passions but want to reach the very pinnacle of their careers. 

They also enjoy working in a less rigid environment. This personality type is more extroverted and prefers to work in groups. This is the best way to make themselves stand out and influence the actions of others. 

They also enjoy jobs that allow them to be creative. To get the best out of this personality type, place them in a role that requires creativity and allows them to grow. If it’s something they love, even better. 

Best Careers for INFP 4w3

  • Sales Representative
  • Writer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Actor/Actress
  • Lawyer
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Physician
  • Musician/Entertainer

Worse Careers for INFP 4w3

  • Hotel Clerk
  • Receptionist
  • Paralegal
  • Law Enforcement Agent
  • Rancher
  • Plumber

Famous/Fictional Characters that are INFP 4w3

  • Ben Solo (Star Wars)
  • William Shakespeare
  • Sia
  • Romeo (Romeo and Juliet)
  • Kate Bush
  • Jasmine (Aladdin)
  • Charlie Puth
  • Alec Benjamin


  1. This was really helpful because I felt like I wasn’t an Infp because I was more people oriented. But I still love to be alone. So I thought I was an enfp but after reading this it really helped and now I know it’s because I’m an Infp 4w3

  2. thank u so much. before i read your artikle i think that i am not infp. but now i know that i just infp 4w3. thaaank uu :3


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