INFP 4w5 (The Complete Guide)

INFPs are the mediators of the MBTI. Their kind heart and reserved nature win them applauds. They are often regarded as the sweetest personality type out there. When combined with the enneagram of personality, a significant portion of INFPs identify themselves as enneagram 4w5. So what can we expect from an INFP 4w5?

What are INFP 4w5 Like?

INFP 4w5s are very independent people. They are often reserved and detached from their surrounding. INFP 4w5 may also be interested in arts and music.

This type is often on a quest to find their true selves. Thus, they might struggle with self-identity. There is often a conflict between logic and emotion.

Thus, INFP 4w5s might seem very emotional when it comes to touchy subjects. However, they might make clear and logical decisions about other things.

Enneagram 4 is considered to be a natural pairing for INFPs. This is because it complements the introverted feeling (Fi) of the INFP perfectly.

Thus, INFPs who are type 4s will often have strong values and an even stronger moral compass.

Are INFP 4w5s Rare?

INFPs are quite rare. INFPs, in general, make up about 4.4% of the world’s population. More than half of that percentage are 4w5s.

Thus, you can say that INFP 4w5s make up about 1-2% of the world’s population.

What is the Basic Desire of the INFP 4w5?

The basic desire of the INFP 4w5 is to be unique and independent. To achieve this, INFP 4w5 tends to do things they find fulfilling. Feeling satisfied and passionate about their life appeals to them the most.

What is the Basic Fear of the INFP 4w5?

The basic fear of the INFP 4w5 is to be ordinary and insignificant. They simply do not want to be like everyone else or find themselves stuck in some profession that they are not passionate about.

INFP 4w5 are afraid of not finding themselves.

How the 4w5 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the INFP

As earlier stated, type 4 is regarded as the perfect enneagram type for the INFP. However, because they have a wing 5, there will be little changes to the INFP.

Here are some of these changes.

1.      More Logical

INFPs are feelers by their very nature. While this is true, INFP 4w5s will use more logic when making decisions.

For some INFP 4w5s, they might use logic when dealing with a particular set of problems and emotions when dealing with others.

However, you can just sense that they are not as emotional as a normal INFP.

2.      More Detached and Aloof

INFPs, in general, are introverts. However, INFP 4w5s will be more introverted. Because they have wing 5, they might seem more aloof or indifferent.

It also means that they might need more time alone than a normal INFP. INFP 4w5s often look and behave like INTPs in this regard.

3.      Drawn to Academics

The presence of the wing 5 makes this type really curious. Thus, they often find themselves drawn to academics. Again, this largely depends on the strength of their wing. It is not a given that every INFP 4w5 will like academics.

However, they certainly have some sort of inclination towards it.

4.      Abstract Ideas and Endless Theories

INFP 4w5 will certainly love theories and abstract ideas. Their intuition and their wing 5 combine to make this type fascinated by theories and possibilities.

Thus, INFP 4w5 often enjoys deep conversations about various issues. Even conspiracy theories are not off the table with this type.

5.      The Need to be Self-sufficient

INFP 4w5 wants to be self-sufficient. Thus, they crave having their own careers and handling their own finances.

To them, being self-sufficient is one way they show how unique they are. They also don’t want to settle for just any job or career.

For INFP 4w5, it’s all about what they are passionate about and love.

New Weaknesses of the INFP 4w5

1.      More Isolated

INFPs enjoy their alone time. They love to spend these moments reading a book or just being by themselves. INFP 4w5s take this to another level. They can stay alone for long periods.

When the INFP dark side is strong, this can be a big problem. INFPs are one of the types that have issues with anxiety and depression.

Being isolated simply does not help this situation.

2.      Less Considerate

INFPs, in general, are known to be the sweetest people you can find. However, INFP 4w5s are a bit different. They are more likely to avoid the emotional troubles that people have or bring with them.

They are more likely to avoid people and the issues they bring like the plague. This might make them seem emotionless or inconsiderate of people’s issues.

However, INFP 4w5s are still INFPs. So, deep down, they actually care more than you think.

3.      Self-Absorbed

INFP 4w5s often seem very self-absorbed. They are often thinking about their interests and their future. Thus, they might not seem to care much about others and what they are facing.

This is largely because of their type 4. Thus, INFP 4w5 might seem like INFJs in this respect. While they are often self-absorbed, this does not necessarily mean that they don’t care. They just want to find themselves.

4.      More Stubborn

INFP 4w5s are much more stubborn than your normal INFP. This usually shows when their values are tested. INFP 4w5s will often resist any attempt to control them or make them do things they go again.

The level of resistance might be surprising to people who don’t really know them well.

INFP 4w5 vs INFP 5w4

Wondering what the differences between the INFP 4w5 and the INFP 5w4 are? Let’s take a look.

INFP 4w5INFP 5w4
More interested in their quest for self-identityMore interested in their quest to learn new things
INFP 4w5 look more like INFJsINFP 5w4 look more like INTPs
INFP 4w5 Basic fear is to be ordinaryINFP 5w4 basic fear is to be incompetent
INFP 4w5 are more self-absorbedINFP 5w4 are more detached

Best Careers for INFP 4w5

  • Psychologist
  • Pharmacist
  • Physician
  • Writer
  • Photographer
  • Graphic designer
  • Actor/Actress
  • Clergy
  • Missionary
  • Professor
  • Scientist
  • Nursing

Worst Careers for INFP 4w5

  • Lawyer
  • Military
  • Auditor
  • Paralegal

Fictional or Famous Characters who are INFP 4w5

  • Kurt Cobain
  • Belle in Beauty and the Beast
  • Barry Allen in The Flash
  • Mitski
  • Vincent Van Gogh
  • Number Seven in the Umbrella Academy

Overall, INFP 4w5s are incredible people who can light up your world.

Ejike Umesi is the owner of Personality Hunt. He is an ENTP, lawyer and is very enthusiastic about psychology. In his spare time, he can be seen watching football or reading more about the enneagrams!

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