INFP 5w4 (The Complete Guide)


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INFPs are one of the most intriguing types in the MBTI. Their ability to be kind and passionate about the things they love can be very appealing. When compared with the enneagram of personality, INFPs predominantly identify as type 4w5s. However, a small number identify themselves as INFP 5w4.

So what can you expect from an INFP 5w4?

What are INFP 5w4 like?

INFP 5w4 are very curious people. Just like a type 5, they yearn to be self-sufficient and competent. Thus, they often spend hours reading and gathering information on things they are passionate about.

While INFPs generally are seen as a feeler type, INFP 5w4s go against the stereotype. Thus, they often put logic ahead of emotions.

It is not surprising then that most INFP 5w4 will often mistake themselves to be INTPs. Enneagram 5 wing 4 is also an unusual pairing for INFPs.

The introverted feeling (Fi) which is seen in INFP does not necessarily correspond with the 5w4 tendencies. Type 5 is also very rational. Thus, INFPs who have earned the reputation of being emotional might rarely fit into this box.

One reason why INFPs can be 5w4s is because of a strong Fi. When their Fi is quite strong, it can look like the introverted thinking function (Ti)

INFP 5w4s are more realistic and take a direct approach to life.

Is INFP 5w4 Rare?

INFP 5w4 is quite rare. They make up less than 1% of the world’s population. It is often quite unusual for INFPs to identify as 5w4. However, when it does happen, it creates an interesting personality.

What is the Basic Desire of INFP 5w4?

The basic desire of the INFP 5w4 is to be competent. They strive to achieve this by being extremely capable in the career or relationship they have chosen.

What is the Basic Fear of INFP 5w4?

The basic fear of INFP 5w4 is to be incompetent in taking care of their needs and being seen as ordinary. They try to combat this by gathering as much information as they can on various subjects.

Unlike the INFP 4w5, the need to be unique often takes the backseat with this sub-type.

How the 5w4 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the INFP

1.      More Rational

The most obvious tendency is their approach to making decisions. They will often prioritize logic and reasoning first before emotions.

Thus, they will make decisions that are logically sound most of the time. Because they are still INFPs, they will also consider the feelings of others.

They will strive to find ways to make logical decisions that do not hurt people. So, in a sense, this is one of the softer rational types.

2.      More Aloof

INFPs are often regarded as the kindest and sweetest MBTI type. However, there’s a stark change with the INFP 5w4. They might appear more aloof or even unapproachable.

This does not mean that they do not care about those around them. Most times, they simply prefer to be alone. Other times, their faces might not portray the emotions they feel inside.

3.      Difficulty Depending on Others

INFP 5w4s might struggle to rely on others. To an INFP 5w4, depending on others might seem weak or being a burden.

Thus, this type might have serious emotional and physical needs. They just won’t express it. This can become a problem if they are facing the INFP dark side.

If you know an INFP who is going through this issue, they should probably seek out a therapist as soon as they can.

So, while they might have deep emotional turmoil, the type 5’s need to be competent suppresses it.

4.      Analytical

INFP 5w4s are more analytical. One of the biggest stereotypes about the INFP is they spend the majority of their time fantasizing.

However, this type spends that time thinking about various concepts. They are much more analytical and will get along with the thinker types better than other INFPs.

5.      More Assertive

INFP 5w4 is more direct and open about their views. While there are introverts, they often have stronger views about certain issues and matters.

The tendency of INFPs to seek peace or withdraw in times of conflict is drastically reduced in the INFP 5w4. Instead, they are more likely to express themselves assertively.

INFPs are still introverts. So, they will often choose to remain quiet if they feel the issue is none of their business.

New Weaknesses of the INFP 5w4

1.      Less Considerate

INFPs are very considerate people. That reduces when they are 5w4s. This does not mean that they are inconsiderate people.

It simply means that they are more self-preservative. Thus, they often look out for their own interests first before others.

2.      Harsh

INFPs are generally said to be sweet and kind. However, INFP 5w4 is slightly different. While they are also kind, they also like to say things as they are.

Thus, INFP 5w4 are more likely to express themselves bluntly when speaking with others. This might often seem harsh to more sensitive types.

While this is true, INFPs are still INFPs. So, they might never be as blunt as the INTP 5w4.

3.      Less Creative

Don’t get this wrong. INFP 5w4s are also very creative people. However, they do not reach the same heights as INFP 4w5s.

This is often because creativity and the need to express themselves uniquely take second place in their lives.

To them, their first point of call is to make sure that they are self-sufficient and can survive on their own.

INFP 5w4 vs INFP 4w5

Wondering if you are an INFP 4w5 or INFP 5w4? Here are some of their main differences.

INFP 4w5INFP 5w4
More interested in their quest for self-identityMore interested in their quest to learn new things
INFP 4w5 looks more like INFJsINFP 5w4 looks more like INTPs
INFP 4w5 Basic fear is to be ordinaryINFP 5w4 basic fear is being incompetent
INFP 4w5 are more self-absorbedINFP 5w4 are more detached

To learn more about the INFP 4w5, you can click that link.

Best Careers for INFP 5w4

  • Scientist
  • Pharmacist
  • Writer
  • Lawyer
  • Graphic Designer
  • Historian
  • Nurse
  • Detective

Worst Careers for INFP 5w4

  • Receptionist
  • Paralegal
  • Compliance Officer
  • Military Officer


  1. Bless you for the INFP 5w4. I knew that reading about INFP-A’s sounded like me but not fully, but the 5w4 really helped me see myself in a different light.

  2. I’m an INFP-T 5w4 and I think most of this is accurate. I had doubts that I was an INTP but now I believe I’m not. Thank you for this.

  3. wow this is very impressive. you really understand the nuances of how enneagram and mbti intersect. i read your infp 4w5, 5w4 and 9w1 articles and all are very insightful. well done!

  4. Hi, thanks for this information, I resonate with all this, and have a question, I worked as a graphic designer, but I dont feel very creative, and love working with my hands, I started learning about leathercraft and want to be an artisan, being less creative than other types INFP I found that I could be creative designing leather articles and feel less burnout than being a graphic designer, I would love to see your perspective about this

    • Hello Hernan,

      Creativity comes in different ways. If you feel happier and more creative with leathercraft, you should totally go for it!

    • Hi Osawe,
      Thanks! You’re definitely a mix of type 5 and type 4. You just have to find out which one is dominant.

    • It appeals to their nurturing side. Because they are also type 5s, they find the learning process interesting. It might be a bit stressful and structured for some INFP 5w4s

  5. This type has some emotional and artistic talent, why is it suitable to become a lawyer, which seems very serious and repetitive career?

    • Hello, type 5 are great analysts and problem-solvers. Law comes with critical thinking which suits type 5 perfectly. Some parts of law will need little assertiveness or aggression such as working in-house in a company. INFP 5w4 can definitely make good lawyers


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