INFP 8w9 (The Complete Guide)

INFP 8w9

The INFP 8w9 is rare but golden. They are stubborn, rugged, and protective, but there’s more. If you want to learn more about the INFP 8w9, keep reading.

This article discusses the INFP 8w9 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the INFP 8w9?

INFP 8w9s are a determined bunch. They tend to be calmer and more calculated than typical INFPs. While INFP 8w9s are still emotional, their emotions are different. For example, INFPs are warmer. On the other hand, INFP 8w9s possess more volatile emotions, which are initially hardly noticeable.

Because of their wing, they maintain their INFP traits, such as the need to avoid conflict. INFP 8w9s are often mistyped as INTJs in their MBTI personality assessments.

Type 8 is not the most popular type for INFPs. That title goes to type 4. Thus, the presence of type 8 changes some of the typical traits of the INFP, as we shall soon see.

INFP 8w9s have an equal chance of being assertive and turbulent.

What is the Core Desire of the  INFP 8w9?

The core desire of the INFP 8w9 is to be in control of their lives. To achieve this, they resist any attempt to control them or their family.

Unlike INFP 8w7, this resistance is subtle but often effective.

What is the Core Fear of the INFP 8w9?

The core fear of the INFP 8w9 is being betrayed or left vulnerable by others’ actions. To prevent this, INFP 8w9s often find it hard to trust people and are fiercely protective of their “people.”

How the 8w9 Changes  the Natural Tendencies of the INFP

1.   More Determined

INFPs are determined when their passion or hobbies are involved. INFP 8w9s take this even higher. They have a base floor of determination for both boring activities and their interests.

They often do just enough to be perceived as reliable by others. This comes with its pros. Their determination usually makes them more successful and earns them more respect.

2.   Less Nurturing

INFPs are nurturers. They tend to be caring and kind to everyone. INFP 8w9 is different. While they are not cruel, they are often less nurturing.

In other words, INFP 8w9s care much more about themselves. They are also much more intense and controlled than typical INFPs.

So, don’t expect an INFP 8w9 to care profoundly for a stranger they know nothing about.

3.   More Disciplined

This follows the first point. Their determination often buoys INFP 8w9s’ discipline. In other words, INFP 8w9s will actually finish the tasks they start, which makes them generally better at planning and consistency.

The pros here are obvious. Because of consistency, they will be more efficient and might make better strides in their careers.

4.   More Ruthless

INFPs are feelers, so ruthlessness is not often associated with them. INFP 8w9s are different. The presence of type 8 means they can make harder decisions without being overly sentimental.

This ability is often enhanced by the presence of their introverted feeling (Fi) function. So, once they believe a particular choice is right, they will make decisions based on their choice.

5.   More Logical

This follows the last point. INFP 8w9s are less sensitive and emotional. While their emotions might manifest as anger, they are not on the same level as typical INFPs. Instead, INFP 8w9s tend to be more rational and calculated.

For example, the presence of type 9 as their wing means they harbor resentment. This resentment can make them map out the perfect revenge using cold logic.

6.   Even More Non-Conventional

INFPs are not big fans of tradition and rules. This goes up a notch with the INFP 8w9. They are not only disinterested in rules but now have the grit to express their new feelings.

This confidence, caused by the presence of type 8, is further heightened by their extroverted intuition. Thus, INFP 8w9 will be more expressive and persuasive about their beliefs. This will make them seem more non-conventional.

New Weaknesses of the INFP 8w9

1.   Anger Issues

The weaknesses of all type 8s start with anger. INFP 8w9 will struggle with anger. Type 8 tends to confront their problems with a truckload of anger and frustration. Type 9, on the other hand, tends to suppress this anger.

So, INFP 8w9s will either confront the problem and explode or suppress the problem, build resentment, and eventually explode.

The bottom line is that the INFP 8w9 is extremely volatile. This is worse if they are unhealthy.

2.   Extremely Stubborn

INFP 8w9s lead with introverted feeling. Thus, they have huge values and ideas they adhere to. Type 8 is also a strong advocate of sticking to their opinions no matter what. So, you get someone who finds it difficult to change their mind.

Combine this with their explosive anger, and things can get nasty pretty quickly. The biggest con here is that they often miss out on opportunities because of their stubbornness. They also make wrong decisions because of their inability to adapt.

3.   Streaks of Indecisiveness

The presence of type 9 means that INFP 8w9 can sometimes be indecisive. This is especially true when dealing with loved ones.

They might mull over their options a bit too much and take more time to make a decision. This is the main reason why INFP 8w9s might consider themselves to be INFP-T.

4.   More Visible Disintegration

Type 8s usually disintegrate into a type 5 when stressed. You are more likely to notice this with the INFP 8w9 than most type 8s because they are super introverts.

They become more isolated and detached. They might also lose their consistency during this period.

INFP 8w9 in Love/Compatibility

Are you dating or married to an INFP 8w9? Here are some things you should know

1.   Compatibility

INFP’s natural partners in the MBTI are the ESFJ and ENFJ. In Socionics, it’s the ESTJ. Type 8 is compatible with types 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. However, type 9 or type 2 are often best suited for stability

Thus, INFP 8w9s have a lot of options on the table. While this is true, any two mature people can make a relationship work.

2.   Love Languages

This refers to how people prefer to give and receive love. INFP 8w9 will have quality time and physical touch among their top three love languages. This makes sense, as physical touch is the one thing type 8s can’t provide for themselves.

Spending quality time with their partner also makes life a bit easier.

3.   Support

Like most type 8s, INFP 8w9s will have a challenging life. If you are dating them, provide them with enough support. It might initially be difficult as they find it hard to trust others.

However, if you stick along long enough, they’ll show you their vulnerable side. Don’t mess it up.

4.   Communication

If you are dating or married to an INFP 8w9, ensure your communications are direct and respectful. This personality type combines the sensitive nature of the INFP with the bluntness of the type 8.

So, when communicating with them, try to be both at once. This requires tact and commitment.

INFP 8w9 in the Workplace

INFPs go hard for things they love and often want their careers to be their passion. INFP 8w9s are the same. However, they are often more determined and realistic. So, if their passion does not pay enough to give them control, they’ll make the smart decision.

This personality type excels at all types of work environments (their preference remains remote work) and is well-suited to managerial and leadership roles.

Ensure they are passionate about their role to get the best out of the INFP 8w9.

Best Careers for the INFP 8w9

  • HR Manager
  • Nurse
  • Pharmacist
  • Professor
  • Doctor
  • Arbitrator
  • Diplomat
  • Writer
  • Freelancer
  • Personal Support Worker
  • Financial Manager

Worst Careers for the INFP 8w9

  • Accountant
  • Auditor
  • Mechanic
  • Electrician
  • Farmer

Famous People/Fictional/ Anime Characters that Might Be INFP 8w9

  • Paper Jam Dipper (Gravity Falls)
  • Piplup (Pokémon)
  • Bruna Linzmeyer
  • Mohammed Javad Azeri Jahromi
  • Mackenzie Scott
  • Harris J
  • Jill Pole (The Chronicles of Narnia)
  • Donald Duck (DuckTales)
  • Robyn Brown (Sister Wives)
  • Louise Michel
  • Hadi Hejazifar
  • Jessica Brown Findlay

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