INFP and ENTJ Relationship- Testing the Waters


INFP and ENTJ. They share very little in common on the surface. So, what can you expect from these types in a relationship?

If you want to find out, stick around.

Summary of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the INFP and ENTJ Relationship

Shared Love LanguagesDifferent Approach to Life
Great ConversationsDifferent Values
Good BalanceCommunication Style
Shared Adventurous SpiritStructure vs Spontaneity

Why They Might Be Attracted to Each Other

10 Things To Remember When Dating an INFP

There are many reasons why both types might initially find the other attractive. Let’s start with the INFP.

Why the INFP will be Attracted to the ENTJ

1.    Confidence Levels

The INFP will be attracted to the outward confidence of the ENTJ. They will marvel at their assertiveness and boldness. INFPs are mostly mediators and want to keep the peace even when annoyed.

So, when they meet this ENTJ who speaks their mind, they will find it appealing.

2.    Quality Conversations

INFPs are suckers for quality conversations. It’s not a surprise that most INFPs will have quality time among their top two love languages.

With the ENTJ, they’ll find someone who can hold a conversation. This allows them to truly enjoy the time they spend with them. Being a conversationalist is a turn-on for INFPs.

3.    Organized/Mindset

ENTJs always have a plan. They are structured and know what they want. They give off an aura of success. This creates an initial attraction to INFPs who are looking for an ideal partner.

Depending on the background of the INFP, this ticks most of the boxes. There will certainly be a lot of admiration from them.

4.    Leadership Qualities

ENTJs are born leaders. They love to manage people, business, or their surroundings. They are also good at motivating others.

INFPs will see these traits and be impressed. They will find them appealing and this will spark an initial interest in the ENTJ.

When they are in a relationship, some of these traits might become a reason for irritation.

Why the ENTJ will be Attracted to the INFP

1.    Warmth

ENTJs can be quite ruthless. So, meeting someone else that exudes warmth and sensitivity is just blissful. ENTJs might also see this as a good way to develop their emotional side if they are big on growth.

Their warmth will be very appealing.

2.    Refreshing New Perspective

INFPs offer their unique perspective on issues. This is heightened by their ability to see all sides of a problem.

Thus, ENTJs will find their perspective refreshingly different from theirs. They might feel this new perspective can help broaden theirs.

3.    Considerate

ENTJs are thinkers. Thus, they put objectivity first. The only difference might be those with type 4 as their wing or dominant Enneagram type (that’s rare). INFPs are different.

Usually, their decisions are based on emotions. While the extent might vary, this is usually the standard. Thus, INFPs are more considerate of people’s feelings and are generally kinder.

ENTJs will notice this and might be intrigued by it.

4.    Pronounced Fi

Both ENTJ and INFP use the introverted feeling (Fi) function. However, INFP’s Fi is far more developed than ENTJ.

Thus, ENTJs will be amazed at how passionate they are about their core values and their feelings. An ENTJ might see this as a chance to become even better and fully developed.

As you would have noticed, the ENTJ will be attracted to new traits that they found in INFPs. Usually, these traits are poorly developed or missing in the ENTJ.

Strengths of the INFP and ENTJ Relationship

1.   Conversations are Amazing

The first real strength of this relationship is their conversations. INFP and ENTJ will never run out of things to talk about. Because they are both intuitive, their conversations will lean toward abstract concepts.

They will thrill each other with their ideas. If they have goals they want to achieve in the future, conversations might leave them giddy with excitement.

This is not an area where they will need to put in a lot of effort. It’ll be perfect.

2.   Opportunities for Growth

INFP and ENTJ are very different. While this can be a problem, it also creates a wonderful opportunity for growth.

INFP can learn to be more assertive about their needs and set healthy boundaries. ENTJs can learn how to be more considerate and slow down in life. When both parties are very mature, their relationship can make them well-rounded.

The key to getting the rewards is constant communication.

3.   Shared Love Language

Both the INFP and ENTJ are likely to have quality time and physical touch among their top three love languages.

Thus, they won’t have the added stress of adjusting to each other’s love languages. This fact might also make reconciliation a lot easier.

4.   Good Balance

ENTJs are introverted extroverts. INFPs are usually super introverts. Thus, ENTJs can take the lead in social gatherings or events. While this happens, ENTJs will also not overextend themselves. Their social batteries are not as large as super extroverts.

Thus, the INFP won’t get overwhelmed by these events. Everyone remains happy.

5.   Shared Curiosity/Adventure Spirit

INFPs and ENTJs have one thing in common- curiosity. They are both curious about life and what it has to offer. This naturally translates to being adventurous.

Both types are into travel and other fun things. When they are in a relationship, they can fully embrace their adventurous spirit. Both the INFP and the ENTJ will not feel like they are being held back.

Weaknesses of the INFP and ENTJ Relationships

1.   Different Values

INFPs and ENTJs have different values about relationships. INFPs strongly idealize relationships. They want the perfect partner. So, during the early days of the relationship, INFPs might believe that their ENTJ partner can do no wrong.

Thus, they’ll create a false image of who their partner is. When this wears off, the INFP might become disappointed. This will cause problems in the relationship.

The INFP will complain and demand that improvements be made. The ENTJ will dig in and assert that this is how they have always been.

Sooner or later, it will cause a strain on their relationship.

2.   Structure vs Spontaneity

ENTJs are very structured people. They keep to time and can be very organized. They are also anything but complacent. ENTJs have a very good work ethic.

So, you can imagine their horror when they realize the INFP is different. This type has tendencies to be complacent. They might struggle to keep to time and might be very disorganized.

The ENTJs will complain and have a fit. INFPs will feel hurt and try to change. Of course, they’ll fail or never meet up to the ENTJ’s standards. Rinse and repeat. If not handled properly, things can get ugly.

3.   Approach to Life

This simply follows the last point. INFP and ENTJ approach life in two completely different ways. ENTJs are all or nothing people. They want to succeed and are ready to work hard at their goals.

INFPs are also passionate about their interests. However, they are more laid back in their approach. This will rile the ENTJ up. They might feel the INFP is lazy. The INFPs will think the ENTJ is arrogant and condescending.

The atmosphere will be tense and stormy.

4.   Communication Style

Communication style might also be a problem. While their conversations will be awesome, the real problem starts when there’s a problem that needs resolving.

ENTJs have a very direct pattern of solving issues. INFPs are more sensitive and prefer to discuss matters politely. ENTJs just want to solve things bluntly and get over them.

When this happens, it will hurt the feelings of the INFP. They will tell the ENTJ how they feel. The ENTJ might find it silly if they are not mature enough. This will further damage the relationship.

Soon enough, they won’t be able to stand each other.

How to Make the Relationship Work

●     Mindset

It all starts with the mindset. For INFPs, entering the relationship with idealistic expectations won’t work. For ENTJs, don’t enter the relationship hoping to fix or change your partner. Both parties are unique.

Instead, look at the relationship as an opportunity to grow and become better people. Things will get better when you do that.

●     Create Room For Compromise

Since both types have different values, there has to be room for compromises. This is no time for ultimatums or deadlines.

The INFP and ENTJ must sit down and discuss the issues causing conflict. They must also state their concerns and agree on certain rules.

When there’s room for compromise, things move smoothly.

●     Growth Starts with Acceptance

If you want the relationship to succeed, you have to accept your partner for who they are. Growth starts with acceptance. Once you do that, you might be able to navigate the problems you face better.

Relationships are affected by a lot of things outside personality types. Factors like background, attachment styles, and love languages all play a role.

So, make sure you keep learning as much as possible about your partner.


The INFP and ENTJ relationship will face its share of troubles. However, they are surmountable. So, free feel to test the waters.


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