INFP and ENTP Relationships- What About Romance?


INFP and ENTP. Are these two types compatible? Or will they face a hiccup that they just cannot overcome?

In this article, we’re going to explore the compatibility issues that INFP and ENTP might face in a relationship.

Why They Might be Attractive to Each Other

ENTP and INFP might have an initial attraction to each for several reasons.

Why the INFP Will be Attracted to the ENTP

·        Charisma

INFPs will immediately be drawn to the relentless charisma on display. ENTPs know how to dazzle people and INFPs will readily fall under this charm.

The charisma that the ENTP presents will allow the INFP to create an idealistic partner in their minds.

·       Spontaneous Nature

INFPs are very spontaneous people. They live for change and adventure. Those are the same things ENTPs crave.

Sure enough, their perceiving function will see them draw close to each other. The INFP will be happy to be close to someone like the ENTP.

·        Social Skills

ENTPs have great social skills. They can also be persuasive when they want to be. Depending on their enneagram type, they can even be the life of the party.

INFPs are introverts and will like this side of the ENTP.

·        Entrepreneurial Nature

INFPs will be impressed by the entrepreneurial nature of the ENTP. Their ability to think outside the box will leave a lasting impression.

INFPs will think ENTPs are smart and will be happy to listen to their numerous ideas.

Why the ENTP will be Attracted to the INFP

·        Deep Conversations

ENTPs love deep conversations. INFPs are the epitome of it. ENTPs will love this about them and will want to get closer.

INFPs love to be vulnerable with others. Thus, they might seek to confide in the ENTP. Sooner or later, the attraction is sure to grow.

·        Kind and Empathetic Nature

ENTPs are thinkers. So, naturally, they will approach matters logically. They will be intrigued to see the INFP’s empathetic nature.

They will appreciate this nurturing part of the INFP.

·        Vivid Imagination

There are only a few types that can match the ENTP in creativity. INFP’s vivid imagination is something ENTPs want to understand.

INFP’s creativity is delivered with a lot of warmth and intensity. ENTP might be creative but have no emotional touch to it.

This vivid imagination will leave the ENTP truly fascinated.

Strengths of the Relationship

1.      Great Conversations

INFPs and ENTPs are suckers for conversations. They are both looking for deep conversations. Thus, their discussions will never be boring.

Each will bring a fresh perspective to the conversation that will interest the other. Because the ENTP is a thinker and INFP a feeler, their conversations will usually include all perspectives.

When both types are healthy, it can be amazing to see them discuss.

2.      Both Open to Change and Adventure

Memorable. That is the perfect word to describe a relationship between the INFP and ENTP. They both enjoy adventures, travel, and change.

Thus, this relationship will be filled with so many adventures and fun. ENTPs will often look for new adventures to thrill their INFP partners. INFPs will anticipate their partner’s next action.

It’ll be incredible.

3.      Love Languages Blend Pretty Well

INFP and ENTP both have love languages that blend pretty well. While there are no stereotypes, INFPs tend to enjoy physical touch, quality time, and words of affirmation.

ENTPs love quality time, physical touch, and acts of service. Because of this blend, both types will have little or no issues when it comes to showing affection the right way.

4.      Motivated by their Passions

INFPs and ENTPs have similar outlooks in their careers and life. ENTPs will not pursue a task or career path that they do not find appealing.

They want to be constantly stimulated by their experiences and career.

The same applies to the INFP. To them, financial security comes second to following their passion. Thus, the INFP and ENTP will have no problems when it comes to discussions about their vision.

5.      Missing Piece

If both types are healthy, they have the potential of adding significant pieces to each other’s lives. While the INFP is more concerned with being kind and empathetic, the ENTP is more concerned about logic and making innovative changes.

INFP usually have problems dealing with challenging situations or decisions that require logic. ENTPs also have issues dealing with feeling and empathy.

When both types are healthy, they see each other’s strengths. By learning to complement it rather than oppose it, they can become well-rounded people.

6.      Both Value Independence

The INFP and ENTP want to be independent. They crave the freedom to pursue their dreams. They don’t want to ever feel trapped.

In a relationship, this might prove to be an advantage. The INFP will allow the ENTP to pursue his dreams and be a good partner.

The ENTP will also urge the INFP to become the best versions of themselves. When they are both healthy, this can be an amazing relationship.

7.      Cure to INFP’s Indecisiveness/ENTP’s Need for Stability

INFPs are infamous for being indecisive. While this does not apply to all INFPs, a fair bunch definitely faces this problem.

ENTPs are default problem solvers. Thus, they are happy to help their partners find solutions to any issue. ENTPs need a lot of stability while they try to conquer the world.

INFPs fit the bill perfectly. With enough effort, these two personality types can help each other grow.

Fundamental Issues in INFP and ENTP Relationships

1.      Communication Issues

While deep conversations and authenticity are all well and good, INFP and ENTP are still bound to face communication problems.

Most of the problems will be associated with their core communication styles. INFPs are nicknamed mediators for a good reason. They know how to make peace. INFP 9w1s will especially try to avoid creating conflict just for the sake of it.

However, the ENTP lives for confrontations. They are the debaters after all. Thus, while the INFP is constantly trying to find harmony, the ENTP will constantly be trying to raise dust.

If left unchecked, the INFP partner might begin to see the ENTP as arrogant, confrontational, and mean. The ENTP will also begin to see the INFP as soft, timid, and a people-pleaser.

Once this happens, the downward spiral becomes inevitable.

2.      Feeling/Thinking

This problem is sure to rear its head. Most INFPs are empathetic people. Except for the INFP 6w5, this type will want to help others in times of need.

They also are more sensitive. Thus, they do not take harsh words and overwhelming criticism well. They believe that people should be polite and treat others fairly. They want conversations and actions that promote these ideals.

Well, the ENTP is different. While there is no doubt that they have emotions, they don’t think it should dominate their lives.

Most ENTPs think their way through their emotions. Thus, they are quick to criticize others or speak their minds. This is especially evident with assertive ENTPs. They also find it difficult to sugar coat their thoughts.

So, they will simply say how it is to their INFP partner thinking bluntness is the best policy. The INFP will get offended and hurt by their statement.

The ENTP will see nothing wrong in what they have said and will refuse to apologize. With unhealthy types, this can only get worse.

3.      Differences in Ideology and Values

As earlier stated, INFPs and ENTPs have the same desires. They want to follow their passions. They want to keep improving and becoming better.

On the surface, this looks all good. However, there’s a catch. Their passions and the manner of improving can be awfully different.

While the INFP wants to help people become better by doing humanitarian services or people-oriented activities, ENTPs want something different.

They want to help people by making their lives easier. This can be through providing information or becoming the next tech guru.

It might not be a humanitarian or technological passion. However, their two interests might not meet.

INFPs want to show love for people. ENTPs want to help people with their logic. To them, it might not matter if a few people get pushed over as long as it’s for the greater good.

To the INFP, this might seem cruel. This will lead to more problems.

4.      Impatience/Indecisiveness

At their best, these two personality types can help each other reach their potential. At their worst, they can frustrate each other to the ends of the planet.

ENTPs are impatient people. They also are usually scatter-brained. Even the ENTP 8w7 does not have much patience.

So, when faced with the indecisiveness of the INFP, the ENTP might lose their temper and could speak out with frustration.

This action will immediately make the INFP uncomfortable. They might withdraw or dig in even deeper.

This will frustrate the ENTP even more. Soon, they will be at daggers drawn with the real issue long forgotten.

How to Make the INFP and ENTP Relationship Work

While there are definitely challenges with this pairing, there are ways to make it work.

·        Communication is Key

With this relationship, it all boils down to communication between both parties. There are several things to watch out for.

First, the INFP has to make it clear what they find offensive. The good thing about the ENTP is that they are unrivaled in their ability to adapt and improve.

Telling them what you do not like will see them making the necessary changes. To them, it’d be like growing.

INFPs also need to communicate when they have issues. No point withdrawing as that will only make matters worse.

Instead, it makes more sense to tell your partner the problem or tell them you need time to process it. The truth is any form of communication other than withdrawal will work here.

·        Problem Solver/ Emotional Need

ENTPs love solving problems. INFPs want an emotional connection. These two things are unchangeable. Period.

So, instead of nagging your INFP partner to death about how emotional they are or telling your ENTP partner you need comfort not solutions, try to understand them.

Understanding their own perspective will help you know how to address your concerns. Everything will be just fine.

·        Read about Your Partner’s MBTI and Enneagram Types

Reading more about your partner will help you get to know them better. There are a lot of resources you can read both on this website and online.

Utilize them to the fullest. Understanding your INFP and ENTP partner is easier than you think.

Here are great resources you might like.




Just like all MBTI pairing, the INFP and ENTP romance will work. However, it just needs a bit more effort. If you value your relationship, this should not be a problem.

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