INFP Girlfriend- Welcome to the World of Passion and Sensitivity

INFP girlfriend

INFPs are the sweethearts of the MBTI. When you have an INFP girlfriend, things can get really cozy. However, just like any relationship, dating an INFP female can also be disastrous.

This article discusses what to expect if you’re dating an INFP woman.

How Does Dating an INFP Lady Feel?

Dating an INFP is an epic journey. It can fill you with so much love, intense emotion, and peace. However, when things are not going well, it can feel depressing, frustrating, or even cold.

INFP girlfriends are usually dedicated and committed in their relationships. While this is true, it’s important to remember that no two INFPs are the same. Other factors such as their attachment style, background, and enneagram type will also impact their values.

Knowing what to expect when dating an INFP female can help.

What to Expect in a Relationship with an INFP Girlfriend

1.   Romance and More Romance

INFPs love the concept of love. So, expect your INFP girlfriend to be a hopeless romantic. This has its implications. She’s going to want romance and plenty of it in the relationship.

This can be difficult if you’re not the romantic type. Trying out some of these romantic ideas might help.

2.   Words of Affirmation and Quality Time

When it comes to giving and receiving love, INFP females prefer words of affirmation and quality time. They enjoy having deep and meaningful conversations with their partners. This allows them to bond with them.

They also want their partners to reaffirm their insecurities or beliefs. This strengthens the relationship.

Intimacy in the bedroom is also welcome. You can learn more about their sexuality here.

3.   Tactfulness

INFPs are often nicknamed the mediator. This is because they are usually tactful and peaceable.

Most INFP females show the same traits. Outbursts and frequent quarrels sap their energy. So, they avoid it by being diplomatic. This remains the same in their relationship. Your INFP girlfriend will hesitate to open up if she feels her opinion will create a rift.

4.   Communication Levels

Communication with your INFP girlfriend will depend on your MBTI type. If you’re intuitive (N), communication will be easy as both of you are interested in similar conversations.

Sensors might struggle to communicate on the same level as INFPs. However, if a sensor is also a feeler, this evens things out.

INFPs also prefer polite words which might mean sugarcoated to some types. In other words, there’s no room for excessive bluntness with your INFP girlfriend.

5.   Compassion and Support

INFPs are literal sweethearts. For this reason, expect a lot of support and compassion from them. When they commit to a relationship, they give it their heart and soul.

So, expect your INFP girlfriend to be loyal, supportive, and dedicated to your relationship.

6.   Vulnerability

INFPs are extremely private people. There’s a whole story with long chapters behind those eyes of theirs. Those stories only come out when they trust someone.

So, if you’re dating an INFP female, expect vulnerability. They’ll open up to you about their victories, flaws, mistakes, and journey.

Don’t judge them.

7.   Idealism

INFP’s idealism is super high. This also has a profound effect on their relationship. INFP girlfriends might see their partners as perfect people who can do no wrong.

This can lead to problems. Here’s why. Nobody is actually perfect. So, with time, they will be confronted with the flaws of their partners.

Once their idealism falls apart, the relationship can easily follow. This is something that has to be addressed.

8.   A Talkative INFP

INFPs are super introverts. However, that ends in a relationship. Once they feel comfortable, your INFP girlfriend will go from super quiet to not knowing how to shut up.

The best part is this version is only seen by you.

Getting the Best Out of the Relationship

1.   Communication

INFPs love quality time. So, it’s important that your communication with your INFP girlfriend is exceptional.

Make sure you keep your tone down and you treat them with love. If you’re a sensor, both of you have to make compromises on what you discuss.

Loving someone is taking an interest in their preferences. So, do just that.

2.   Realistic Expectations

Make sure your INFP girlfriend has realistic expectations of what you can do or achieve. By doing this, you reduce the chances of them feeling let down by their idealism.

This can prolong the relationship and leave it even stronger.

3.   Giving Feedback

This follows the point on communication. For a relationship to grow, there must be feedback or suggestions from both partners.

Try to ensure that your feedback is tactful and polite. Bluntness will only make them defensive. You have to be extra careful when it comes to their values.

INFPs use the introverted feeling function. This means that they build their lives around their core values.

Challenging it should only be done when there’s no other way of handling the matter.

4.   Trust

Finally, make sure you trust them and vice-versa. Ensure they are never in doubt of this fact. This is also a form of words of affirmation. They’ll feel loved and cherished. It’s a win-win scenario in my books.

Dating an INFP female is a rollercoaster. You can make that rollercoaster a joyful one.

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