INFP Memes- 40 of the Very Best

INFP memes

Who really can hate the INFP? Filled with love, the INFP is simply an incredible personality type. INFPs are idealist people who look for the best in themselves and others. To celebrate this type, we have gathered together some really cool INFP memes.

So here are 40 of the very best INFP memes we could find

40 Best INFP Memes For your Entertainment

1. Their Imaginations Run Wild

If there is something true about the INFP, then its their imaginative minds. They are often having wonderful thoughts and wrapped up in their fantasy.

This fantasy of theirs keeps them going even when things might be rough.

2 INFP Memes- Anxiety is their Best Friend

INFPs experience a lot of anxiety. Most of it is caused when they are overthinking about their problems. This can leave the INFP feeling very uneasy.

3 Small Talk isn’t Their Thing

Small talks simply does not satisfy the INFP. They want to have those deep meaningful conversations with you.

Sadly, this isn’t always possible and the INFP is aware of that. So, they turn it to theri advantage.



6 Serial Procrastinators

INFPs are known for their procrastinating tendency. So, when they start a new project, it is definitely a struggle for them to stay on track.



9 INFP Memes- Past and Future

The INFP is everything you can think of. They also think about a lot of things. This includes both past and future.

This can make the INFP look weird and awkward.



12 The INFP Face

The INFP face always seems to be neutral or angry even they are jumping for joy. This often makes people confused as to how the INFP is feeling exactly.


14 INFP Memes- Things Don’t Always Go As Planned

The INFP often have grand ideas and often have plans of executing it. However, things don’t always go according to plan.

15 INFP Are Adorable

While the INFP might seem rather aloof and indifferent, they are actually really nice.

In fact, INFPs often want to be your friend and are hoping this happens soon.



18 INFP Memes- Genuine Care

INFPs genuinely care about the feelings of other people. Thus, they go out of their way to look after those they care about.

This is true even when they are not even happy themselves.


INFP Memes

20. INFPs Can be Weird

As much as we love the INFP, we have to admit that they can get a little bit weird.

However, we are often willing to overlook this issue.



INFP Memes

23. INFPs Have Major Contradictions

The INFP personality is all about fun and vibes. However, the public might not always know this.

In public, the INFP might look a shadow of their true personality.

INFP Memes





INFP Memes




INFP Memes

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INFP Memes

32 INFPs Absolutely Love Animals

INFP are big on animals. It does not matter what animal it is. They are going to treat that animal with all the respect that they deserve.

If you want to make the INFP happy, give them an animal as a pet.


INFP Memes

34 INFP and Romance

INFPs are going to be extremely compatible with some extroverts. ENTPs and ENFPs are often the introverts that fall into this category.

INFP Memes



INFP Memes



INFP Memes

39 INFPs Love the Idea of Romance

INFPs are often considered to be excellent partners. This is often because they love to be in a romantic relationship.

They are simply the perfect partners.

INFP Memes

40. INFPs Simply Cannot Fit In

INFPs have a major problem fitting in with the rest of the crowd. This is because their mind and behavior might seem different to many people.

INFP Memes

INFPs are simply adorable. I hope you had a good laugh with these INFP memes.

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  1. I laughed my head off. I’m INFP and just couldn’t relate more.
    Thank you, really.


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