Insomnia Memes- 40 of the Very Best

insomnia memes

Do you have problems sleeping in the night? If you do, you definitely know how frustrating it is. Insomnia is a condition that has various natural and medical remedies. However, while we are at it, let’s look at some crazy insomnia memes and have a good laugh

Here are 40 insomnia memes or can’t sleep jokes to get you laughing or smiling.

40 Best Insomnia Memes

1. Jokes on You

When you think you can’t beat insomnia by going to bed at a normal time like a normal human. Turns out that Insomnia has other plans for you.

Insomnia memes


Insomnia memes


Insomnia memes

4. Rationalizing your Insomnia

Here’s when you think that your insomnia is simply normal. In fact, you start to think of all the benefits and things that insomnia can allow you achieve.

This is really where things gets a little bit interesting

Insomnia memes


Insomnia memes

6. Can’t Sleep Memes- Champions Don’t Sleep

You finally discovered that your talent was not sleeping. You are ready to take things to the next level. Not ever exercising with insomnia is too difficult for you!

Insomnia memes

7. Insomnia Memes- Challenging the Status Quo

This is when you think you strong enough to challenge the status quo. You have geared up and think you finally have enough ammunition to form a rebellion.

Then, your brain shows you who’s boss.

Insomnia memes


Insomnia memes


Insomnia memes


Insomnia memes

11. Just Give Up Already

Are you still trying to fall asleep? Just give up mate. We’ve been trying for years. Not going to happen.

Insomnia memes


Insomnia memes


Insomnia memes


Insomnia memes

15. Accepting Insomnia in Your Life

At some point, you are bound to accept insomnia and all the problems that it brings. Look on the bright side. You know that you have the entire day to check insomnia memes just like this one.

It’s epic if you ask me!

Insomnia memes


Insomnia memes
credit- Buzzfeed

17. Insomnia Memes- The Shadows Are Out to Get You

You haven’t slept in over a week. Suddenly, the shadows are carrying shovels and axes and are hurting you now.

To survive, you just got to keep your eyes open, perhaps forever!

Insomnia memes


can't sleep memes

19. Insomnia Memes When you realize that there’s no saving you

You finally realized that there is no saving you. You are stuck with insomnia and it’s looking like there is simply no way out. Perhaps you should simply become sarcastic and contented with the lot you have chosen in life.

can't sleep memes


can't sleep memes

21. Insomnia Memes are a Life-saver

You suddenly realize by 3am that you should probably check out some can’t sleep memes. You suddenly realize that you are definitely not alone in your struggle. So, you embrace it as a way of life.

can't sleep memes

22. Can’t Sleep Memes- Overthinking becomes even worse

If you were a chronic overthinker, well congratulations! Things are about to get way worse. You are going to remember all the sad things that ever happened in your life.

Oh and did you forget to put off your gas cooker?

23. Can’t Sleep Memes- You now got hours of sleep per week

You suddenly realize that counting hours per the number of days is no longer feasible. Not to worry! You found a better way of making things work!


25. Insomnia Memes- It’s Like a Curse

You feel sleepy all day long. It just won’t go away. However, once you actually decide to get some sleep, this happens.




29. Insomnia Memes- Things are getting a bit Frisky

You try to think back to the time where you probably had a good night rest. You simply can’t remember. All you can remember is seeing morning come with you searching for memes on your phone.



32. Please Stop Dreaming About me

Now, I know you love us very much but this is getting really ridiculous now. We simply need to sleep. So, could you all stop dreaming?




36. Insomnia Memes- The Brain Always wins

So here’s something you should probably know about your brain and insomnia. Your brain is always going to pick their side. Guess what? They will win all the time!




40. The Unending Struggle

You were always bad at maths. So why do you remember maths questions when it’s time to go to bed? The biggest struggle ever

Insomnia memes are always here to keep company. If you are awake by 5am and frustrated, have a good laugh with our insomnia memes. You’ll try again tomorrow!

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