INTJ 2w1 (The Complete Guide)

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INTJ 2w1 is not the most popular combo out there. Yet, they certainly exist. Are you an INTJ 2w1? If you are, here’s some good news.

This article discusses the INTJ 2w1 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the INTJ 2w1?

INTJ 2w1s are helpful people who yearn to do what’s right. This personality type uses quick thinking and analytical skills to ensure everyone remains happy. While this is true, this does not extend to what they believe is wrong.

Because of their wing, INTJ 2w1s have pretty high standards. However, having these standards and meeting them are two different things.

Type 2 is not the most common enneagram type for INTJs. That title goes to type 5. Hence the presence of type 2 changes some typical traits of the INTJ, as we shall soon see.

INTJ 2w1s are more likely to be assertive than turbulent.

What is the Core Desire of the INTJ 2w1?

The core desire of the INTJ 2w1 is to be useful. They want to help those around them in any way they can.

What is the Core Fear of the INTJ 2w1?

The core fear of the INTJ 2w1 is to be seen as dispensable. They want to be important to their friends and loved ones.

To achieve this, this personality type will be extra nice to others.

How the 2w1 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the INTJ

1.   More Tactful

INTJs love to communicate directly and bluntly. Thus, they often hurt people’s feelings. Most times, they don’t really care about this outcome.

INTJ 2w1s are different. They care more about people’s reactions to their words. With the INTJ 2w1, their Fi mimics the Fe in many ways.

This makes them more tactful. People often get along with them.

2.   More Extroverted

INTJs are super introverts. This changes with the INTJ 2w1. They become more like extroverted introverts.

This means that while they value their time alone, they also want to interact with others. This is important as interaction is vital to staying relevant in people’s lives.

INTJ 2w1s has no chance but to talk.

3.   More Generous

Type 2 is always willing to help and can be extremely generous. INTJ 2w1s are the same. They want to help in any way they can.

Because they are INTJs, they try to help by offering up logical suggestions. They are generous with their time and resources.

While this is true, they can often burn themselves out while trying to help others.

4.   More Ethical

Because of their wing, INTJ 2w1 will be a bit more ethical than typical INTJs. Being ethical might not necessarily mean being more religious.

They simply want to do what’s right and have higher moral standards. However, this personality type will struggle to live up to these high moral standards.

5.   More Focused on Humanitarian Activities

INTJs are not extremely interested in humanitarian activities. They want to be independent and pick careers that challenges them intellectually.

This personality type is different. They will love activities that allow them to give back to society. This might include volunteering, charity events, or religious activities.

Doing these things gives them a sense of usefulness or satisfaction.

6.   Kinder

INTJ 2w1s will be generally kinder. This is down to their need to draw others to them. They need to be deemed helpful or important. So, what better way than to help others become better versions of themselves?

While this is true, INTJ 2w1s are still INTJs. Thus, they might still have boundaries that stop them from being pushovers.

New Weaknesses of the INTJ 2w1

1.   Moderate People-Pleasers

Just like most type 2s, INTJ 2w1s will find it difficult to say no. Saying no goes against their desire to be helpful. Thus, they can easily become people-pleasers.

However, because they are INTJs, they will only be moderate people-pleasers. Being a people-pleaser has some drawbacks. First, it means INTJ 2w1s will pay less attention to their needs.

It also means they might neglect those who are important to them.

2.   More Interested in External Recognition

As earlier stated, type 2 wants to be helpful. They also want to be recognized for their helpfulness. This is the same with INTJ 2w1.

The problem starts when this external recognition doesn’t come. INTJ 2w1s might become resentful. Backed by their logical minds, they can become very manipulative.

3.   Less Independent

This follows the point of people-pleasing. Because they want to please others, they become less independent. Despite their Fi, they usually go with the flow even when it’s not what they really want.

While this is true, it’s not as bad as an INFJ 2w1 who is a true user of the extroverted feeling function.

4.   A Bit More Self-Critical

Because they have type 1 as their wing, they are also perfectionists. Backed by their judging function, they want things to match up with their high standards and plans.

When this does not happen, INTJ 2w1s might become sad or self-critical. This can take a toll on their self-esteem.

INTJ 2w1 vs INTJ 1w2- What’s the Difference?

Wondering if you’re an INTJ 2w1 or INTJ 1w2? Here are some of their common differences.

INTJ 2w1INTJ 1w2
Basic desire is to be helpfulBasic desire is to be perfect or good
Moderate people-pleasersMild people-pleasers
More interested in recognition for their helpful natureMore Interested in being seen as morally good
High moral standards, more likely to fall way short of itHigh moral standards, more likely to uphold such standards

Click that link for an in-depth description of the INTJ 1w2.

INTJ 2w1 in the Workplace

INTJs look for analytical challenges when seeking a career. They want to find an innovative way of solving problems.

This is similar to INTJ 2w1s. However, they want jobs that allow them to serve others. They want to interact with others and see a harmonious workplace as a key facet of their career.

To get the best out of the INTJ 2w1, ensure their role allows them to be helpful.

Best Careers for the INTJ 2w1

  • Missionary
  • Clergy
  • HR manager
  • Attorney
  • Paralegal
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Freelancer
  • Medical Researcher
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • High school teacher
  • Chef

Worst Careers for the INTJ 2w1

  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Bartender
  • Pilot

Famous/Fictional/Anime Characters that Might Be INTJ 2w1

  • Fiona Shaw
  • Annis (Merlin)
  • Manet (Vanitas no Carte)
  • Makima (chainsaw man)
  • Junho Ko (Chasing Tails)
  • Marlene Alraune (Marvel)
  • Principal Gutierrrez (High School Musicals)
  • Invader Spleen (Invader Zim)
  • Dexter Colt (The Simpsons)
  • Lee Subamara (Kuutei Dragons)
  • Zhuo Jue (Idol Infinity)

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