INTJ 2w3 (The Complete Guide)

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We love INTJs for their logic, intellectual, and composure. INTJ 2w3 is a variation that doesn’t necessarily focus on the traits we just mentioned. In other words, they are not your stereotypical INTJ.

This article discusses the INTJ 2w3 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the INTJ 2w3?

INTJ 2w3s are balanced people. They have the right blend of logic, warmth, extroversion/introversion, and ambition. This is possible because this combination seemingly encompasses all in one.

However, on meeting an INTJ 2w3, what will stand out immediately is their willingness to help. Like all type 2s, they can be generous with their time and resources. Because of their wing, they retain a clear view of their interests.

Type 2 is rare for INTJs. This is because the traits of a type 2 go against a handful of what INTJs stand for. Nevertheless, all MBTI and enneagram combinations are possible. Of course, the presence of 2w3 changes the typical traits of the INTJ, as we shall soon see.

INTJ 2w3 is more likely to be assertive than turbulent.

What is the Core Desire of the INTJ 2w3?

The core desire of the INTJ 2w3 is to be helpful. They do this through problem-solving, analyzing situations, or being generous.

What is the Core Fear of the INTJ 2w3?

The core fear of the INTJ 2w3 is to be abandoned or rejected by those they love. This fear messes with the INTJ’s normal traits and creates a hybrid personality in the process.

How the 2w3 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the INTJ

1.   More Helpful

INTJs are not known for their generous spirit. This doesn’t mean they aren’t generous. However, it’s not a main trait. With INTJ 2w3, this changes.

Generosity is at the forefront of who they are. While they might not approach this the same way as other types, it’s evident, nevertheless.

INTJ 2w3s will help with their problem-solving skills and time. They’ll get down and do the dirty work if it matters.

2.   More Tactful

As thinkers, it’s harder for INTJs to be tactful. Being blunt comes easy to them. INTJ 2w3s are different. They do not want to be abandoned by those they love.

So they’re more likely to be tactful when speaking. This also applies when they meet people they want to form connections with. This personality type will listen more and be slow to speak.

This changes when they do not have any ties with a person. They become full-blown INTJs.

3.   More Emotional

The last word you can use to describe a typical INTJ is emotional. They are proud of their logic and try to avoid being emotional. INTJ 2w3s are similar but vary slightly.

They are tolerant of emotions and tend to be more understanding. This has its pros. It allows them to be more approachable and friendly.

4.   More Extroverted/People-Oriented

INTJs are super introverts. This means that they need lots of time alone to recharge. Not this INTJ. INTJ 2w3s are more extroverted. While they are still introverts, they have a much higher ceiling for interactions.

This makes them more people-oriented. They are possibly one of the most liked INTJ. After all, no one will even believe they are INTJs in the first place.

5.   More Family Oriented

INTJs are conventional. While they love their family, they are always on their own adventure. They want to stay autonomous. INTJ 2w3s are different.

Their family is a big part of who they are. They also look forward to family events and holidays. Family comes first. Autonomy is sacrificed to an extent.

6.   More Selfless

This follows the point on helpfulness. Their helpfulness and willingness to be more tactful make them more selfless.

INTJ 2w3s think more about others than themselves. This is true even when they have their own deadlines or targets.

New Weaknesses of the INTJ 2w3

1.   Shame Triad

Type 2 and type 3 are both in the shame triad. Thus, the first emotion that these types access is shame. While this is true, they react differently to it. Type 3 will try to deny this emotion exists, while type 2 confronts it by working even harder to get people’s approval.

Thus, INTJ 2w3s are constantly caught in a loop. Their first instinct is to confront these feelings by trying harder to please others. If their wing is strong, they might deny that they feel any embarrassment.

You can click this link if you want to learn more about the Enneagram triads.

2.   The Problem of External Validation

Type 2 wants others to stay in their relationship. So, they need and appreciate when others tell affirm their hard work.

INTJ 2w3s might not show this because they are INTJs, but they want it, nevertheless. When no one seems to appreciate the work they do, it can negatively affect them.

This can lead to other issues, such as a strained relationship with others.

3.   A Forever War in Their Heads and Minds

As mentioned earlier, the traits of the INTJ and type 2 are so different. So, this creates an eternal struggle within this personality type. Should they go out and socialize or stay in and read that book? Should they be even more tactful or just go full-blown blunt?

INTJ 2w3s will constantly need to make these decisions in every interaction. The mental stress can take its toll.

4.   Moderate People-Pleasing Issues

It simply follows that their need for external validation will make them people-pleasers. INTJ 2w3s will care about what others think of them. While this is true, INTJ 2w3s are still INTJs.

So, it will not be bad as it should be. The need for autonomy will still be in their hearts. However, as earlier mentioned, the forever war will continue even between autonomy and external validation.

INTJ 2w3 in the Workplace

INTJs look for a challenge when choosing their career path. They want to find joy in the work they do. This personality type can work alone or within a group. Having a structure with well-defined roles also appeals to them.

INTJ 2w3s are similar. In addition, a career path that helps others will also work. Because of their wing, career progression is also super important to them.

Ensure their role allows them to challenge themselves to get the best out of the INTJ 2w3.

Best Careers for INTJ 2w3

  • Psychologist
  • Counselor
  • Social Worker
  • Financial Analyst
  • Politician
  • Attorney
  • Writer
  • Freelancer
  • Professor
  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Administrative Staff
  • Customer Service Representative

Worst Careers for INTJ 2w3

  • Compliance Officer
  • Carpenter
  • Plumber
  • Mechanic

Famous People/Fictional/Anime Characters That Might Be INTJ 2w3

  • Klaud (Star Wars)
  • Teddy Price  (Daisy Jones & the Six)
  • Miang (Xenogears)
  • Hallucination Joe (Your Turn to Die)
  • Dinos
  • Ergo Glast (Warframe)
  • Amy Abbott (Everwood)
  • Admetus
  • Ghanchul (Boss! It’s not a spa salon)

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  1. Great, now all you need is INTJ 7w6, INTJ 2w1 and you’ll have full INTJ and enneagram combination. Like some 18 shades of INTJ.


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