INTJ 4w5 (The Complete Guide)

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Often nicknamed the architects, INTJs are an important part of our society. Yet, INTJs are not all the same. A very intriguing breed is the INTJ 4w5.

Here, we’ll consider everything about the INTJ 4w5 and what you can expect.

Who is the INTJ 4w5?

INTJ 4w5s are super creative. They are analytical and have a lot of flair for arts, music, and things like that. They are curious and passionate about their interests.

Because they are predominantly type 4, they are nothing like the stereotypical INTJ. Their enneagram type changes important traits of this personality type as we shall soon see. This MBTI+enneagram type is very rare.

According to research done by Heidi Priebe, INTJs who are type 4 make up just 3% of the INTJ population. While this is not conclusive evidence, it gives you an idea of just how rare they are.

INTJ 4w5s are more likely to be INTJ-As than INTJ-Ts. 

What is the Core Desire of the INTJ 4w5?

The core desire of the INTJ 4w5 is to be unique. They try to achieve this by standing out through their abilities.

By honing their skills, INTJ 4w5s hope they can remain true to themselves. Because of their need to be unique, they might be on a self-identity quest throughout their lives.

What is the Core Fear of the INTJ 4w5?

The core fear of the INTJ 4w5 is to be seen as ordinary or nothing special. To avoid this, this personality type is willing to work on their abilities and hone them to perfection.

How the 4w5 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the INTJ

1.    More Introverted

INTJs are introverts. This means they get energized by spending time alone. INTJ 4w5s take this to new levels. Type 4 is largely known to be the most introverted of all enneagram types followed closely by type 5.

The combination of these enneagram types just adds to this trait. Thus, INTJ 4w5s might not be people-oriented or will struggle with small talk. It just doesn’t appeal to them.

2.    More Considerate

Type 4 has a lot of warmth and sensitivity. While INTJs are logical thinkers, the presence of this enneagram type changes things. They become more sympathetic towards others.

This is likely because their introverted feeling (Fi) function is more developed. Thus, INTJ 4w5s are not as blunt as a typical INTJ.

It’s not a surprise then that this enneagram can easily be mistyped as an INFJ.

3.    A Better Balance of Logic and Emotions

This follows the last point. INTJs are thinkers and love logic. Not this INTJ. This personality type has a good balance of logic and emotions.

Thus, while they know how to throw on their thinking cap immediately, they also know how to put themselves in people’s shoes. What you get from this is a well-rounded person who is soft-spoken and is rarely offensive.

That’s an unbelievable feat for a typical INTJ.

4.    More Creative

INTJs are creative in their own right. INTJ 4w5s take it up a notch. While typical INTJs get their creativity from analyzing and thinking, this personality type gets theirs from warmth and sensitivity.

Thus, their work carries emotions and is more appealing. This extends to whatever they are doing. Again, this is another area where they can be mistaken for INFJs.

5.    More Self-Conscious

As explained earlier, INTJ 4w5 are on a quest to know their true selves. Thus, it’s not a surprise then that they are more self-aware and conscious about themselves than most people.

They know their strengths, flaws, and so much more. This self-consciousness allows them to take on just the right amount of work and to know their core values.

It’s a level that most people might not reach throughout their lives.

6.    More Romantic

If you’re a big fan of the MBTI, you’ve probably heard about how INTJs can be clueless in romance. Well, that’s a stereotype. INTJ 4w5s are way different. While they don’t go crazy with expressions of love, they are well-acquainted with romance.

They know how to express themselves using their love languages. If you’re with this INTJ, you won’t be in doubt as to how much they care for you.

7.    Better Fashion Sense

INTJ 4w5s have better fashion sense than your average INTJ. This is probably because of their enneagram type. They will dress more elegantly. You might also notice that their dressing is a bit unique.

Because they have type 5 as their wing, their dressing will also be simple. It’s just very appealing to the eyes if you ask me.

New Weaknesses of the INTJ 4w5

1.    More Emotional/Defensive

While adding a bit of emotion certainly helps, it causes other problems for the INTJ 4w5. Top of that list is being defensive or emotional.

This is different from a typical INTJ who understands constructive feedback. INTJ 4w5 will get defensive and emotional when their flaws are logically challenged. You might even get an angry outburst.

It certainly isn’t pleasant.

2.    More Stubborn

The flaws of type 4 rear its head here again. INTJ 4w5s will have strong opinions and values. Thus, giving up those values even when proved wrong will be difficult for them.

This stubbornness might hinder them from developing themselves quickly. However, if their wing is strong, this problem might be reduced.

3.    More Self-Absorbed

INTJ 4w5 will struggle with being self-absorbed. The feeling that the world revolves around them and their problems will stick with them throughout their lives.

This might be more complicated as INTJs also struggle with arrogance. Combine this with being self-absorbed, things can get ugly pretty fast.

4.    More Complacent

Type 4 and type 5 are both guilty of living inside their heads. They have vivid imaginations and like to spend time alone.

Thus, INTJ 4w5 might be less action-oriented than other INTJs. In worst-case scenarios, they might even become complacent.

If this happens, it can be a struggle to implement the many wonderful ideas that they have.

INTJ 4w5 in the Workplace

INTJs enjoy a workplace that allows them to solve problems. They also like a place that is structured with well-defined roles.

This is also what an INTJ 4w5 will want. In addition, they will want a workplace that promotes creativity. Because they are super introverts, they will also prefer working alone. If they work in groups, they need teammates who understand how they operate.

The easiest way to disrupt an INTJ 4w5 is to pair them with someone that can’t stop talking. To get the best out of the INTJ 4w5, make sure their roles are structured and allow for creativity.

Best Careers for the INTJ 4w5

  • Writer
  • Blogger
  • Fashion Designer
  • Musician
  • Actor/Actress
  • Software Developer
  • Photographer
  • Therapist
  • Tailor
  • Barber

Worse Careers for the INTJ 4w5

  • Paralegal
  • Secretary
  • Personal Assistant
  • Rancher
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter

Famous/Fictional Characters that are INTJ 4w5

  • Hamlet (Hamlet)
  • Severus Snape (Harry Potter)
  • Chris Cornell
  • Evanna Lynch
  • Elijah Price (Unbreakable)
  • Adam (Only Lovers left alive)
  • Gatsby Welles (A rainy day in New York)


  1. With your knowledge and experience about INTJs, could you tell me, who (in your opinion) is more introverted – INTJ 5w4 or INTJ 4w5 and why?

    • Hey there,
      Definitely the INTJ 4w5. Type 5s are more outspoken than type 4s. They can get excited when their hobbies or passion is on display and talk your ears off. They also come alive when they are with like-minded people. This is not the case with type 4. While they have interests, they do not come alive by excessively talking about those interests to the same extent. However, they may come alive with creativity towards those interests.

      So, in my opinion, an INTJ 5w4 is more extroverted than an INTJ 4w5.

  2. Ejike,

    Wonderful article on the Enneagram 45w INTJ- which are my types. The interaction between these and the synergies both positive and negative were very telling and spoke true to me. I am not too familiar with works that combine the MBTI and Enneagram yet so this was quite incredible. Thank you
    Therapist, acupuncturist, who likes creating things and learning about personal growth and mysticism.

  3. É realmente possível ser INTJ 4W5? Pesquisei a respeito e as respostas que obtive foram que não é muito provável, estou confusa e depois de tantos testes e pesquisas sinto que não estou certa

    • Hola Stefane,
      es posible ser un INTJ 4w5. El eneagrama y el MBTI son de diferentes fuentes. El eneagrama considera tu trauma infantil y cómo afecta tus deseos en la vida, mientras que el MBTI analiza tus funciones cognitivas. Entonces, sí es posible.


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