INTJ 5w4 (The Complete Guide)

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Problem solvers and thinkers. Those are fitting words to describe INTJs. When compared with the enneagram of personality, a lot of INTJs identify as INTJ 5w4.

So, what can we expect from the INTJ 5w4?

Who is the INTJ 5w4?

INTJ 5w4s are deep intellectual people. They have an incredible curiosity for the world around them. This often makes them passionate readers and researchers.

INTJs blend really well with type 5. However, the presence of type 4 as their wing is sure to alter some known traits of the INTJ.

INTJ 5w4 will also love aesthetics and will have an eye for taste and fashion. INTJ 5w4 are more likely to be INTJ-Ts. However, a small proportion of them can still be INTJ-As.

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What is the Core Desire of the INTJ 5w4?

The core desire of the INTJ 5w4 is to be independent and self-sufficient. They want to be themselves and make their own decisions.

To do this, this personality type realizes early enough that they need to have certain tools at their disposal.

Thus, a lot of time is spent researching things relating to their career paths or interests.

What is the Core Fear of the INTJ 5w4?

The core fear of the INTJ 5w4 is to become a burden or be incompetent. To avoid this fear, this personality type is not afraid to put in the work needed to succeed.

How the 5w4 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the INTJ

1.      More Emotional

INTJs can be clueless with emotions. Heck, I even said that at the beginning of the article. However, INTJ 5w4s will be slightly different. They are more emotional and warm towards people.

This might not be as pronounced as an extrovert but you’ll sense the warmth in this INTJ. INTJ 5w4s look a bit like the INFJ/INFP when it comes to expressing emotions.

How strong their emotions are will be determined by the strength of their wing.

2.      The Need to Be Different

INTJs are already different in terms of value and behavior. However, the need to be different will be stronger here. The difference is that INTJ 5w4 will be aware of this need to stand out and possibly crave for it.

Again, this is one of the core desires of their wing. Thus, the extent to which they strive to be unique will depend on their wing’s strength.

3.      Clueless with Romance? Nah

INTJs get a lot of stick for how they handle romance. With the INTJ 5w4 comes a little twist.

While they are still not the best at expressing their emotions, they do a better job at this.

They are expressive about what they want in a relationship. This helps to define their relationship early on.

4.      They might have an artistic streak

INTJ 5w4s might have an artistic streak. This might be with painting, musical instruments, or something else. Thus, this personality type can be extremely talented.

While this is true, this might simply be a hobby to them. INTJ 5w4s might never focus on their talents long enough to develop them fully. Instead, most of their time might be spent on type 5’s interests.

5.      Emotions and Logic in the Balance

Unlike the INTJ 5w6 who simply loves to focus on logic, INTJ 5w4 sees things a bit differently. They take people’s emotions into account and are a bit more sensitive to how they feel.

Thus, an INTJ 5w4 gets the best of both worlds just like an INFJ 4w5 would. The greatest winners here are those who are close to them.

Those who love the INTJ are unaware of how much the INTJ cares about them. INTJ 5w4 leaves them in no doubt.

New Weaknesses of the INTJ 5w4

1.      Complacent

INTJ 5w4s have a lot going on. Their imagination is as rich as it can get. They love to think things over and get lost in their heads.

While this might sound cool, it can also be a big problem. Because this personality type spends so much time in their heads, they might never get themselves together.

This might lead to them neglecting important and basic things. When this happens, they look unreliable and inefficient.

2.      Stubborn

With the introduction of wing 4, INTJs will have stronger values. These values or beliefs might not even be backed with logic. But, they will be there with a twist.

INTJ 5w4s will be extremely reluctant to accept that these values or beliefs have flaws. Thus, they can stubbornly hold onto them even when letting go is the more logical thing to do.

This can be annoying and can even lead to strained relationships.

3.      Self-Absorbed

One of the top problems of type 4s is likely to rear its head here. This personality type will battle with the problem of being self-absorbed.

Part of it will be because of how they see themselves. Their self-absorbed nature can make them detached from others. They might also focus on their own interests and neglect those they love.

In worst-case scenarios, INTJ 5w4s might even think the world is against them.

INTJ 5w4 vs INTJ 5w6

INTJ 5w4INTJ 5w6
They want to be uniqueThey want security
May look and behave like an INFP/INFJMay look and behave like an ISTJ/INTP
Can become self-absorbedProne to anxiety and paranoia

INTJ 5w4 Female- Elegance Personified

INTJ 5w4 females are in a league of their own. Their aura is mysterious and unique. This is their strongest selling point.

Here are some traits that are peculiar to the INTJ 5w4.

1.   A Bit Socially Awkward

INTJs are not the most expressive personality type out there. It’s further evident with the INTJ 5w4 female. They might be clumsy or awkward in social gatherings.

While this is true, it’s not easily noticeable because they are females. It is more noticeable with INTJ 5w4 males, who usually have to initiate more conversations. For example, when talking to someone they find attractive.

2.   Extremely Creative

INTJ 5w4 females are creative people. They balance type 5’s analytical skills with their pure creative ability. The result is someone who can perform most creative roles.

This has its advantages. INTJ 5w4 females can work in a large array of professions because of their double dose of creativity.

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3.   Love for Comfy Clothes

INTJ 5w4 females will have a sense of fashion. However, they will always choose comfy clothes over stylish clothes. To them, being comfortable is better than looking dashing.

Their brain, attitude, and analytical skills are what stand out in INTJ 5w4 females. In a way, you can call them as sapiosexuals.

4.   Even More Introverted

This applies to most INTJ 5w4 males and females. INTJs are super introverts. Type 5 and 4 are also introverted types.

Thus, INTJ 5w4 will crave alone time. They will have really short social batteries and will struggle in social gatherings.

Their favorite hobbies will usually be activities that can be pursued alone.

INTJ 5w4 in Love/Relationships

1.   Compatibility

INTJ’s natural partners are the ENTP and ENFP. Type 5’s natural partners are types 8, 5, 2, and 9.

Thus, INTJ 5w4s can get along with ENTP types 8, 5, 2, and 9. The same applies to ENFP. However, remember that any two mature people can get along.

Do not make permanent decisions on your relationships based on your MBTI and enneagram type.

2.   Straight Talkers

INTJ 5w4s are direct with communication, and this extends to their relationships. They know exactly what they want and go for it.

Thus, they want their partners to be as direct as possible. Dribbling them or trying to gaslight them will end in disaster.

One of the consequences of this trait is that this personality type can be too blunt with feedback. This can be a challenge if their partner is a feeler.

3.   Tendency to Be More Talkative When Relaxed

Remember how we said INTJ 5w4s are super introverts? That sort of changes when they are in a relationship. They can spend hours talking to their partner. This is especially true if their partners are good conversationalists.

It also depends on whether the partner can match their love for abstract discussions. This is probably one of the struggles INTJ 5w4s might face if they are with a sensor.

4.   Genuine, But Calculative

If an INTJ 5w4 enters a relationship, you can trust they really want that relationship. They are not the type to play around. t’s not worth their energy.

You always know where you stand with them. Regardless of their genuine nature, INTJ 5w4s are extremely calculating. This makes it harder to manipulate or take advantage of them in a relationship.

5.   Commitment

This follows the last point. Because of how genuine they are, INTJ 5w4s will commit to relationships easily. The problem lies in picking a partner. As mentioned earlier, they are usually sapiosexuals. This means that an INTJ 5w4 wants to be mentally stimulated by their partners.

This is not a test most people pass.

INTJ 5w4 in the Work Place

INTJs are problem solvers by heart. Thus, they want to be in an environment where they can solve problems. This is the same with the INTJ 5w4s.

They also like a role that allows them to be creative. Structure and hierarchy are also important to them. They want to work in a well-structured environment with defined roles.

Like all INTJs, they don’t mind working alone. However, they also excel when placed in small groups.

To get the best out of the INTJ 5w4, make sure that their role requires problem-solving and a dose of creativity.

Best Careers for the INTJ 5w4

  • Economist
  • Social Worker
  • Counselor
  • Graphic Designer
  • Top Executive
  • Photographer
  • Physician
  • Pharmacist
  • Scientist
  • Computer Scientist
  • Software Developer
  • Writer
  • Editor

Worse Careers for the INTJ 5w4

  • Law Clerk
  • Paralegal
  • Secretary
  • Hotel Receptionist
  • Bartender

Famous or Fictional Characters that are INTJ 5w4

  • Nikola Tesla
  • Jane Austen
  • Varg Vikernes (Criminals)
  • Raven (Teen Titans)
  • Hugo Strange (Gotham)
  • Odin

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