INTJ Dark Side- Here’s What You Should Know


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INTJs are the problem solvers of the MBTI. They are very creative and logical people. However, just like any other type of MBTI type, the INTJ also has its dark side. If you are an INTJ, then hearing about the INTJ dark side will definitely not come as a surprise.

Chances are that you have already experienced some dark side traits at least once in your lifetime. So, let’s get right down into it.

What is the INTJ Dark Side?

This simply means that the INTJ is unhealthy. An INTJ can turn to the other side when they are faced with several situations. This might include constant failures, bad decisions, or betrayal.

Another factor that can influence how often the INTJ can become healthy is their enneagram type. If the INTJ is a type 6, then they will naturally have more problems with depression, anxiety, and overthinking.

Signs that the INTJ Dark Side is Upon Us

Here are some of the telling signs that you probably are going through this dark phase right now.

1.      Overthinking

The INTJ is a powerhouse when it comes to logic. Usually, this logic allows them to solve some of the most complex issues. 16personalities calls them the architect. This is because of their ability to plan effectively.

The INTJ dark side will however twist this good ability into something else. INTJs will start overthinking and might even become paranoid. Because they naturally think a lot, this can overwhelm the INTJ very quickly if not resolved.

2.      Depression

When the INTJ dark side is present, the INTJ is going to live in isolation. INTJs are core introverts by their very nature. However, this is going to be worse.

They will cut themselves off from friends and family. The extent to which they do this will depend on how deep they are.

The end result is usually depression and suicidal thoughts.

3.      The Knowledge Dip

INTJs are very curious people by nature. However, when they are overwhelmed, they might become knowledge-hungry.

This can see them immerse themselves in their pet projects. They will be less accessible and will spend so much time alone.

By doing so, they neglect others and even their own needs.

4.      Hedonism

INTJs when stressed will usually become hedonistic. This is one of their many ways of staying sane. They will prioritize pleasures and happiness over anything.

This will make them neglect important events or anything they think is stressful. If this isn’t handled, INTJs might find themselves in a sea of problems.

At that stage, it’s easier to allow yourself to drown than get back up. Here’s an article from psychology today that talks more about the problem of hedonism.

5.      Ruthless and Cruel

INTJs are deep thinkers. However, they are not cruel or unkind. They simply have their own thought process. The INTJ’s dark side might turn that on its head.

Here, the INTJ might become more interested in taking revenge or harming others who offend them. At this stage, the INTJ death stare might be a sign of things to come.

Their ruthlessness backed up with logic can be a very scary prospect.

6.      Extremely Doubtful

If they are unhealthy, INTJs can become extremely doubtful in their abilities and in the future. They will mull over easy decisions and be incapable of thinking positively.

They also lose their creativity. This can also happen when the INTJ is in their stress grip. Psychology Junkie writes an interesting article about the stress grip of MBTI types. You should check that out.

7.      Procrastination

A healthy INTJ is very reliable and hardworking. You can also count on them to get their own side of the work done and on time.

When an INTJ becomes unhealthy, they might start to procrastinate. They will also lose interest in their goals and aspirations.

If you knew the INTJ before, you will be shocked by this transformation.

8.      Recklessness at its peak

INTJs are naturally good planners. They also have a good handle on their finances and other areas of their life.

However, when the INTJ dark side takes over, the INTJ loses all bearings. They can become reckless and impulsive.

This often leads to bad financial choices and strained relationships. So, if you noticed a streak of impulsive behavior as an INTJ, you might want to take it more seriously.

How to get out of the INTJ Dark Side

If you are currently an unhealthy INTJ, several things can definitely help you get better. Here are some of them.

·         Read More about the INTJ Personality Type

The first thing you can do is to read more about the INTJ personality type. They are many resources that can help you do that.

You could also get a more in-depth description of the INTJ type and how you can do better. The more you get to know yourself, the better you will be at handling the INTJ dark side.

As an INTJ, learning new things won’t be a problem.

·         Talk to Someone

Find someone you trust and talk to them. INTJs especially do well with ENTPs and ENFPs. So, if you have family or friends that fall into this category, they might be a solid option.

If you don’t, you can reach out to anyone you trust. Make sure you say as much as you need to. You’ll feel so much better when you do.

·         See a Therapist

If things are not getting better, then you might want to see a therapist. They are trained and licensed to handle issues like this. Online-Therapy is a good place to start.

Seeing a therapist can allow you to put things into perspective and become so much better.  


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