INTJ memes- 40 of the Very Best

INTJ Memes

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INTJ are the logisticians of the MBTI type. They are known to be deeply logical and fiercely independent. In fact, the INTJ female is considered to be the rarest sub-type in the MBTI. In this article, we want to sit back and enjoy some INTJ memes. That is our way of celebrating this rare but brilliant personality type.

So here are 40 of the very best memes out there right now.

Enjoying 40 INTJ Memes Right Now

1. INTJs Are Simply Classic

INTJs are simply one of a kind. They combine intelligence and an awkward coolness to create a fantastic personality. That is why we absolutely love the INTJ.

2. Go Straight to the Point

If you want to be close to the INTJ, then you have to learn to communicate in the right way. If you don’t, the INTJ is just going to zone out.

3. INTJ Memes- Small Talk Kills Them

If you want to impress an INTJ, stay clear away from small talks. If you don’t, then you are going to face something like this.





8. The Brilliance of the INTJ

Remember we told you that the INTJ is rare? Combine that with their intelligence and you have a truly unique MBTI type.

9. Their Mind is the Most Powerful Force

For the INTJ, their mind can be their best friend and their worst enemy. This is because they are so creative. This can also lead to other problems such as anxiety issues.

10. Small Talk is Like Killing Them

Just like we said for, keep the small talk away from the INTJ.


12. INTJs have their own issues

While the world would like to think that INTJs are invincible, the truth is that INTJs have big problems of their own. So, be there for your INTJ sometimes.

13- INTJ Memes- Paradox

INTJ are a moving paradox. They can be so confident and independent. Yet, they can also be filled with self-doubt. This can be nerve-racking for the INTJ. It’s a big burden to carry.

14. INTJs and MisTrust

Just like most thinker types, INTJ are extremely distrustful of people they meet. This is because they know betrayal is fear and people can do that in a heartbeat.


16. INTJ Couples

If an INTJ is dating an INTJ, then you have a super cool combination. It’ll simply be awesome.


18. Not Big On Emotions

While everyone needs love, professing your love for the INTJ or the INTP will just make them feel weird.

19. INTJ Memes- INTJs just need to keep improving

Even though that they prefer to just live in peace, there’s this constant urge and craving to keep improving their lives. The INTJ are simply unable to resist this urge.

20. INTJs Can See All Loopholes

If you want to see the loopholes and problems in your project, all you have to do is to call an INTJ. Watch them dismantle your entire process.



23. People Drain The INTJ

Don’t get us wrong. The INTJ enjoys a good conversation. However, too much interaction can be very draining on the INTJ.

24. They Are Fiercely Independent

The INTJ are fiercely independent. This means that they will resist any attempt to influence their lives. So, good luck trying!

25. INTJ Memes- Overthinking is what the INTJ does

INTJ’s prize for having such an awesome brain is having overthinking problems. It’s something that just won’t go away.

26- Aroused by Mental Stimulating

Do you want to date an INTJ? Then you have to mentally stimulate them. Trust me, that is the most attractive thing to an INTJ.

27. INTJs are Sweet to those Close to Them

If you probably think that the INTJ is heartless, then you aren’t really close to them. The INTJ is sweet to those they care about.

28. INTJ vs ENTJ

Here is the number one difference between the INTJ and ENTJ


30- INTJ Memes- Dealing with Problems

The INTJ are known to be great advisers. However, when it comes to dealing with their problems, things get a little more difficult.



33- The Assassin Face

INTJs are known for their assassin face. This face is constant regardless of what emotions they are feeling. It can be crazy to see sometimes.


35. Creativity at its Best

INTJ are extremely creative. If they could speak up just a bit more, they can change the world in many ways.






We love the INTJ for everything they bring to the table. Just keep being you.


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