INTP 2w3 (The Complete Guide)

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Ever heard a discussion about some of the rarest MBTI and enneagram combinations? If you have, the INTP 2w3 must be in that conversation. If it isn’t, you’re just getting started.

In this article, we’ll look at who the INTP 2w3 is and what you can expect from them.

Who is the INTP 2w3?

INTP 2w3s are helpful and logical people. They have managed to combine logic and the need to always be helpful. These people might know and clearly see the flaws of an argument or person and still help them anyway.

While being helpful is what they live for, they have their clearly planned out ambitions. Type 2 is one of the rarest enneagram types for INTP. INTPs usually identify with type 9, type 5, or even type 6. Thus, INTP 2w3s are very rare.

To make sure you haven’t mistyped yourself, take out time to read more about the INTP 8w9, INTP 5w6, and the ENTP 2w3.

For the INTP 2w3, the presence of type 2 and type 3 distorts the stereotypical traits of the INTP as we shall soon see. INTP 2w3 has an equal chance of being assertive and turbulent.

What is the Core Desire of the INTP 2w3?

The core desire of the INTP 2w3 is to be helpful. They want to help people in any way that they can. This is heightened when it concerns their loved ones.

INTP 2w3 can even put their personal ambitions to the side to help others.

What is the Core Fear of the INTP 2w3?

The core fear of the INTP 2w3 is to dispensable. They don’t want to be seen as a burden to others. This makes them feel useless or worthless.

To avoid this, INTP 2w3 might go to great lengths to remain relevant to others. Backed up by their logic, this is easier to achieve.

How the 2w3 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the INTP

1.   More Helpful

INTPs are not unhelpful. However, it’s not one of the things they are known for. INTP 2w3 is different. They will be more helpful towards others. This might mean teaching others or helping them financially.

The presence of their logic enhances this trait. Thus, this personality type uses logic to find new and innovative ways to solve people’s problems.

2.   A Bit More Ambitious

Because of their wing, INTP 2w3 might have an ambitious streak. They have big goals and plans. However, this will come second to helping and being useful.

Thus, expect them to put their own ambitions on the back burner when the chips are down. This is one of the main differences between an INTP 2w3 and an INTP 3w2. The level of ambition they possess depends on the strength of their wing.

3.   Enhanced Extroverted Feeling (Fe) Function

INTP’s last function is Fe. Thus, it’s usually underdeveloped. This means that they might be oblivious to the feelings of others. With the INTP 2w3, this function is enhanced.

So, this personality type will be more considerate of others. This will show in their remarks and their behavior towards others. They will also water down their feedback. Because of this, people will get along better with them.

4.   Better Work Ethic

INTPs are known for living in their heads. Therefore, they are not the most action-oriented personality type. However, this personality type is somewhat different. Type 2 wants to be useful to others. Type 3 is more ambitious.

You don’t get to help others by being in your head. You also can’t achieve your goals without effort.

INTP 2w3s are more action-oriented as a result of these traits. No living in their heads for this personality type.

5.   Less Independent

INTPs have a well-oiled system for filtering information. Because of this system, they are usually suspicious of people’s opinions.

While this is usually the case with this personality type, it’s much reduced. This personality type is willing to consider people’s opinions.

This is not because they think their opinions are right. They have just figured out that listening to these opinions makes others happy.

When people are happy, they are contented.

New Weaknesses of the INTP 2w3

1.   Moderate People-Pleasers

Type 2 cares a lot about people and what they think. The same thing applies to type 3. Thus, INTP 2w3 will want to please others.

However, INTP 2w3s are still INTPs. So, while this urge is present, it will be watered down. So, INTP 2w3s will be able to draw healthy boundaries in some areas of their life.

2.   The Need for External Validation

Type 3 cares a lot about their self-image. Type 2 wants to know that they are helpful or useful to others. To achieve this, external validation is a must. This also applies to INTP 2w3s.

They need that external acknowledgment that they are appreciated. If their wing is strong, they might need external recognition of their achievements.

If this recognition or appreciation is not forthcoming, it can make them feel ordinary or useless. INTP 2w3s need to understand that validation must come from within.

3.   Neglecting Those Closest to Them

Because of their need to help others, this personality type might spend a lot of time focusing on people’s problems. While this might earn them admiration externally, it can put a strain on their close relationships.

Their spouse and children might feel neglected. By the time they head home after helping everyone, they usually find out that they are too exhausted for their own families.

Knowing who comes first is the balancing act.

4.   Never Reaching their Full Potential

INTPs are usually smart. The same applies to INTP 2w3s. If their wing is especially strong, they will try to harness their abilities. The stumbling block here is type 2.

Because type 2 puts others first, it becomes difficult for this personality type to reach its potential.

Learning where to draw the line is key for INTP 2w3s.

INTP 2w3 in the Workplace

INTPs excel in careers that require problem-solving. They want a career path that offers flexibility and the chance to be creative. INTP 2w3s are similar.

They also want a career path that allows them to connect to others. If their wing is strong, they might find careers that offer opportunities to grow appealing.

To get the best out of the INTP 2w3s, make sure their role allows them to help others.

Best Careers for the INTP 2w3

  • HR Manager
  • Counselor
  • Psychologist
  • Software Engineer
  • Attorney
  • Director
  • Clergy
  • Receptionist
  • Blogger
  • Politician

Worst Careers for the INTP 2w3

  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Entrepreneur
  • Law Enforcement

Famous/Fictional Characters that are INTP 2w3

  • Klaud (Star wars)
  • Doorknob (Alice in wonderland)
  • Holly (Red Dwarf)
  • Moonracer (The transformers)
  • Saemon Kisaragi
  • Rhondi (over the garden wall)
  • Jill Chen (The Carrie Diaries)

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