INTP 4w5 (The Complete Guide)

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When you talk about the INTP, the last thing that comes to your mind is emotions or being sensitive. It’s easy to understand why. INTPs are natural thinkers and hardly give a thought to sensitivity. Well, at least that’s what we’ve been told. It doesn’t get more different than the INTP 4w5. 

When compared with the enneagram of personality, a smaller number will identify as 4w5. So, what can you expect from the INTP 4w5?

Who is the INTP 4w5?

These are really well-balanced people. They give off a lot of warmth and can be very considerate. While this is true, they also are natural thinkers. So, they weigh the cost of their actions before taking a step. 

As earlier stated, INTPs are not ones to be overly considerate or warm. INTP 4w5s seem to have a very well-developed extroverted feeling (Fe) function. Being type 4 significantly alters some of their traits. 

INTP 4w5s are more likely to be turbulent INTPs. However, they can also easily be INTP-A. A big factor here is the strength of their wing. 

What is the Core Desire of the INTP 4w5?

The core desire of the INTP 4w5 is to be unique. They want to stand out for this fact and this fact alone. 

To achieve this, INTP 4w5s focus on what makes them unique. They also try to continually improve themselves to stay unique. 

What is the Core Fear of the INTP 4w5?

The core fear of the INTP 4w5 is to be ordinary. They don’t want to be the next average Tom. Instead, they want to make a difference in their own way. 

They also want self-sufficiency while they try to achieve their targets. 

How the 4w5 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the INTP

1. More Considerate

INTPs are blunt and straightforward. In the process, they might hurt people’s feelings and have no care in the world. 

INTP 4w5s are different. While they have no problems saying things how they are, they are also more considerate. 

They take people’s emotions into consideration and show more tact when dealing with others. This change in the INTP makes people feel like they can depend on them emotionally. 

This is one of the many reasons why INTP 4w5 might mistype themselves as INFJs or INFPs. 

2. More Introverted

INTPs are super introverts. INTP 4w5 takes this to another level. Type 4 and type 5 are both introverted types. However, type 4 is more introverted. Because type 4 is their dominant Enneagram type, they will be more introverted. 

This simply means that they will value their alone time much more. They will also be energized when they spend time alone. 

3. More Drawn to Literature and the Arts

Type 4 is a sucker for literature and other creative fields. Hence, it won’t be a surprise that this personality type will be drawn to them as well. 

While INTPs write really well, they mostly write factual works. This is where their strength is. INTP 4w5 will be able to write based on their emotions. Because they are thinkers, they’ll have more precision and better accuracy. 

INTP 4w5 will also be drawn to the arts and music. Needless to say, their creative world is well-developed. 

4. Need to be Unique

Most INTPs usually crave two things. First, they want to be independent and control their lives. They also want to be self-sufficient. By doing so, they don’t have to depend on anyone. 

These are all present in INTP 4w5s. However, their main motivation shifts from being self-sufficient to being unique. 

They will try to use their uniqueness to get self-sufficiency. If they work really hard at it, they’re bound to succeed. 

5. Balance Between Logic and Emotions

Because they are type 4s and still INTPs, they are blessed with a balance of logic and emotions. This allows them to choose more freely. 

While this is true, INTPs are still natural thinkers. When it’s time to make the big decisions, logic will always prevail. 

There’s no competition at that moment.

New Weaknesses of the INTP 4w5

1. More Sensitive

One of the biggest changes in this personality type starts from their emotions. They are much more sensitive to criticisms and emotional pain. 

Thus, you might see emotional outbursts or burning long-term resentment with this type. They might also take a lot of things personally. 

It’s something they’ll have to deal with in the long term. 

2. More Self-Absorbed

Type 4’s flaw of being self-absorbed is also on display here. INTP 4w5s might think a lot about themselves and the problems they face. 

They will feel no one has it as bad as them and no one is as unique as them. It’s also very easy for them to get wrapped up in their own bubble and forget that their friends and loved ones are also facing a lot of issues. 

This problem will be present even if their wing is especially strong. 

3. More Sentimental

INTPs pride themselves on being objective in their research and dealings. However, INTP 4w5s will be different. They will have more biases and will be sentimental about certain issues. 

Their subjectivity might mean they are less likely to let go of wrong thoughts and values when they have been proved wrong. 

4. More Complacent

Type 4 and type 5 have one thing in common. They love to stay in their heads. While type 4 imagines a lot, type 5 thinks a lot. Thus, INTP 4w5 might spend a lot of time imagining and thinking about ideas and concepts. 

Here’s the problem. This personality type might spend so much time on it that they do not have time to take action. They are less action-oriented and might struggle with complacency. 

As they’ll tell you, they just don’t have the energy for it. 

INTP 5w4 vs INTP 4w5

Wondering if you’re an INTP 5w4 or INTP 4w5? Here are some of their common differences

1.   Dominant vs Balanced Logic

One big difference is how they use logic. With INTP 4w5, it’s more balanced and measured. They are able to use logic and emotions in different situations accurately.

INTP 5w4s, on the other hand, are more logic-dominant. This is because type 5 and INTPs are the two dominant forces. So, logic will always take center stage in their lives. Emotions will always be an afterthought.

2.   Energy levels

INTP 5w4s have a slightly higher energy level than INTP 4w5s. This is because type 5s are usually a bit more action-oriented than type 4. Also, type 5 becomes a type 8 when they are healthy.

It’s just a little higher than type 4 in most situations.

3.   Integration and Disintegration

This follows the last point. When INTP 4w5s are healthy, they look and behave like a 1w9. When unhealthy, they look and behave like a 2w3.

When INTP 5w4s are healthy, they look and behave like an 8w9. When unhealthy, they look and behave like 7w6s.

4.   Approach to Romance

Their approach to romance is also different. INTP 4w5s are generally more expressive and romantic than their INTP 5w4 counterparts. Again, this is down to the position of the enneagram types.

INTP 4w5 in the Workplace

INTPs value a career that gives them flexibility, space to express their creativity, and an innovative challenge. INTP 4w5s are exactly the same. They’ll also love creative jobs and might choose that over more well-paying jobs. 

This type will not do well with a rigid structure or employers that criticize their staff a lot. To get the best out of the INTP 4w5, make sure their role is a creative one. 

Best Careers for the INTP 4w5

  • Writer
  • Scientist
  • Professor
  • Artist
  • Musician
  • Software developer
  • Poet
  • Actor/Actress
  • Lawyer

Worse Careers for the INTP 4w5

  • Carpenter
  • Plumber
  • Rancher
  • Paralegal 
  • Public Health Officer

Famous/Fictional Characters that are INTP 4w5

  • Osamu Dazai
  • Jughead Jones (Riverdale)
  • Violet Harmon (American horror story)
  • Tyler Down (13 reasons why)
  • Martin Freeman
  • Frank Millers
  • Agent 4 (Splatoon)


  1. Well damn! This is the only personality type description that describes me PERFECTLY. I have struggled with finding my type between INTP and INFP
    as long as I have tried to find my personality type so once I found out my enneatype is 4w5, being an INTP 4w5 completely solves that problem!

    I love this, this is so accurate that it’s scary

  2. I’m really struggling identifying which enneagram I am. I resonate with both type 4 and 5. I took a test and found out I was 5w4 but I don’t know if I’m leaning more on 4w5 after research.

    • Hello Ezra,

      To figure out what enneagram type is your primary type, think about what matters most to you. Are you more worried about being self-sufficient, or are you more interested in being independent or different?

      Truly reflecting on what’s important to you will help you figure it out.

  3. When it comes to personality profile, this describes me to a tee, the fictional examples, however… Dazai Osamu, from Bungou Stray Dogs, is quite blatantly an ENTP. Even more blatantly so, if you compare him with Edogawa Rampo in the same series, who is, in fact, an INTP.

    • Hello Cass, I would give little attention to that section as people have different opinions on fictional characters. None of them have actually taken either tests or are created based on the test.

      If the personality profile is great, that’s the most important thing. I will still go over the fictional characters and make any needed adjustments!

  4. As an INTP 4w5, I’m sorry but I disagree. Making being “unique” the core of our personality is an unhealthy Type 4. We don’t try to be unique, we are unique. We pride ourselves in individuality which is not the same thing as being unique for unique’s sake. It’s about being able to think for yourself and to think logically, a quality of an INTP. We question authority and our reality all the time because we value the truth!! And due to social rejection, an unhealthy Type 4 will indeed become purposefully unique just to have something they know they can identify with since they can’t seem to identify with anything else.


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