INTP 5w6 (The Complete Guide)

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INTPs are the thinkers of the MBTI typology. Their analytical and creative minds often set them apart from others. When this personality type is compared with the enneagram of personality, they are usually typed as type 5 (5w4 or 5w6). INTP 5w6 is less popular than INTP 5w4. However, this only increases the intrigue surrounding them.

So what can you can expect from an INTP 5w6?

What would an INTP 5w6 look like?

Just like core type 5s, INTP 5w6s want to be seen as sufficient. However, this is because they want to feel secure. They possess most of the qualities that type 5 comes with.

However, this type is more likely to be motivated by the fear of not having enough or being secured. INTP 5w6s are very analytical. Because they have a type 6 as a wing, they are also great problem solvers.

They can see the loopholes in every situation and attack it successfully. They can also solve serious crises or other problems effectively.

While type 5 perfectly aligns with the tendencies of the INTPs, type 6 brings a new angle to this personality.

However, just like the INTP 5w4, the extent to which this happens depends on the strength of its wing. Overall, INTP 5w6s are analytical, creative, and always ready for an emergency.

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What is the Basic Fear of the INTP 5w6?

The basic fear of the INTP 5w6 is being incompetent. To them, being incompetent often leads to insecurity.

Thus, they try to fight this fear by gathering as much information as they can about their line of profession.

What is the Basic Desire of the INTP 5w6?

The basic desire of the INTP 5w6 is to be competent. To them, once they can attain a high level of competency, this brings with it sufficiency and security.

INTP 5w6s use their analytical mind to achieve their goals.

How 5w6 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the INTP

As earlier stated, type 5 aligns with important traits of the INTP. One of them is introverted thinking (Ti) which is their leading function.

Thus, there won’t be major changes in the INTP 5w6. However, their wing 6 can alter how they behave slightly.

1.      Financial Security

Type 5s are big on sufficiency. Thus, they have an inclination towards saving. However, type 6s are motivated to save by their fear of insecurity.

Thus, INTP 5w6s are big on saving money for a rainy day. They might also be less inclined to take financial risks when compared to other INTPs.

To them, they prefer to protect what they have acquired first.

2.      More Cautious

INTPs are known to analyze data to figure out how things work perfectly. While this is true, they can still be quite spontaneous. However, an INTP 5w6 will be much more cautious.

This personality type will spend more time mulling over a decision or the data presented before making a decision. They will take note of all the risks and potential pitfalls.

It is not surprising then that most INTP 5w6s look a lot like and are mistyped as INTJs.

3.      Survival is for the Smart

To most INTP 5w6s, the best way to survive in this world is to be smart. Thus, this personality type will depend on the information gathered to survive in what they think is a dangerous world.

While the natural INTP might seek out information to know the truth, INTP 5w6s are motivated by something different.

4.      Extroverted Introverts

Type 5s are notorious for being introverts. However, 5w6s might be described as extroverted introverts. This personality type naturally has more friends and is people-oriented.

While this is true, they still crave their alone time and can take the necessary steps to get it when needed.

5.      More Curious and Logical

INTP 5w6s are more logical than all subtypes of INTPs. They think critically and clearly before making a decision.

When compared to the INTP 5w6, they do not place as much importance on emotions as this type. They are also very curious people.

They want to know how the world ticks and are excited about the endless possibilities the world seems to possess.

6.      Prepared for Emergencies

INTP 5w6s are great problem solvers. They can work under pressure and can handle crisis mode effectively. This is because of their wing.

Type 6s are notorious for always thinking about the worst-case scenario. INTP 5w6s have both the analytical mind and sense of danger to effectively handle most problems.

New Weaknesses of the INTP 5w6

1.      Less Sensitive

INTPs, in general, are known for placing little importance on emotions. For the INTP 5w6, this gets even worse.

Because they are more logical, they will often ignore the emotions of others. Thus, INTP 5w6s will base most, if not all decisions on logic.

People might see this personality type as harsh and unemotional.

2.      More Fearful

This type is a blend of two enneagram types in the fear triad. Thus, most of their actions will be motivated by their fears.

This type will take little or no risks and will always seek to play it safe. While this might be good in some situations, it can make them completely miss out on golden opportunities.

3.      More Likely to Deal with Depression and Anxiety

INTP 5w6s are more likely to deal with anxiety and depression. When they are unhealthy, they might also experience a level of paranoia.

If you find yourself in this situation, you should seek out a therapist as soon as you can. You can also get to know yourself better by reading more about the INTP.

4.      Less Trusting

INTP 5w6s are also very distrusting. Thus, it can take a long time to earn their trust. INTP 5w6s might ruin their relationships by reading too much into their partner’s actions.

This can lead to significant problems if allowed to fester.

INTP 5w6 vs INTP 5w4

Wondering if you are an INTP 5w6 or an INTP 5w4? Here are some of the common differences.

INTP 5w4INTP 5w6
They have more interest in Arts or musicThey have more interest in being secured
They are more likely to take risks to achieve their goalsThey are less likely to take risks in life
INTP 5w4 are more sensitive. They can be mistaken for INFPsINTP 5w6s are more rational. They can be mistaken for INTJs

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Best Careers for INTP 5w6

INTP 5w6s excel in career paths that allow them to use their creativity to solve problems. They want to work in an area that requires innovation and little structure.

This allows them to flex their analytical mind properly. Anything short of this just won’t do.

Here are good career options for the INTP 5w6

  • Lawyer
  • Financial Analyst
  • SEO Manager
  • Software Developer
  • Economist
  • Software Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Data Science Analyst
  • Police Detective
  • Accountant

Worst Careers for INTP 5w6

  • Receptionist
  • Paralegal
  • Nurse
  • Preschool Teacher

Fictional and Famous Characters who were INTP 5w6

  • Galileo Galilee
  • Bill Gates
  • Archimedes
  • Marie Curie


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