INTP 6w5 (The Complete Guide)

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INTPs are analytical and great thinkers. They are always looking to analyze their situation and problems before taking action. One variant of this personality type that symbolizes this perfectly is the INTP 6w5. 

INTP 6w5s is the result of combining the MBTI and the enneagram type 6w5. So, what can you expect from an INTP 6w5?

Who is an INTP 6w5?

INTP 6w5s are reliable and honest people. They care a lot about stability and will do anything to maintain security in their lives. 

These INTPs are a shade different from the stereotypical INTPs. The bulk majority of the INTPs will identify as type 5s. Thus, we see some differences in this personality type. Because their wing is type 5, the shift or differences will not be as much as an INTP 6w7. 

INTP 6w5s are more likely to be assertive INTPs than turbulent INTPs

What is the Core Desire of an INTP 6w5?

The core desire of the INTP 6w5 is to be secure. They want to have a bit of security around them. To do this, this personality type will depend on their analytical mind to solve problems. 

It’s not a secret that most INTPs want to be self-sufficient. To INTP 6w5, this is the only way they can stay secure. 

What is the Core Fear of an INTP 6w5?

The core fear of the INTP 6w5 is to be insecure or unstable. This allows them to become dependent on another person or be harmed. 

These are things that this personality type dreads. Thus, they will often plan ahead to avoid a disaster or remain rooted in what gives them stability. 

How the 6w5 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the INTP

1. More Interested in Security

INTPs’ major desires usually revolve around finding the truth about the world, being independent, and focusing on their hobbies. 

With INTP 6w5s, things are a bit different. This personality type is more interested in securing their interests and those of their loved ones. 

This main goal cuts across all parts of their life. They are constantly searching for ways to make sure that they are more secure. 

They do this using pure logic. This makes it easier for them to achieve their goal. 

2. More Cautious

INTPs are perceivers. Thus, they are more excited about change and spontaneous activities. However, INTP 6w5s will be different. 

While the pull towards spontaneity will be present, type 6 will make them more cautious. They will often analyze the risks that are involved before leaping. 

This also means that they pay more attention to planning. Most INTP 6w5s are often mistyped as INTJs. 

Their cautiousness allows them to cut down on mistakes normal INTPs make.

3. More Extroverted

A significant number of INTPs are super introverts. However, INTP 6w5s are extroverted introverts. Because they are type 6s, they will be more interested in networking and forming relationships with others. 

Thus, they will be more outspoken in dealing with others. 

4. Calmer in Emergencies

INTPs are already one of the best types to approach when having a crisis. This variant is probably number 1 on that list. 

INTPs are the best when it comes to analysis because of the Ti-Ne combination. Add type 6’s need to know how to deal with emergencies and you have someone that isn’t fazed by anything. 

INTP 6w5s are calm during emergencies and will usually find a solution to the problem.

5. A balance between Theory and Implementation

One of the biggest criticisms that INTPs have is that they spend a lot of their time in their heads. This makes it impossible for them to implement their plans. 

However, INTP 6w5s seem to have cracked the code. They know how to deeply analyze a problem and put things into action. This also makes them very efficient workers. They have a good work ethic. 

That is always a prized asset. 

6. More Interested in Loyalty

While not in large portions, type 6’s loyalty to friends and loved ones is very evident here. They want their close friends to be happy. They are always willing to help if they can. 

New Weaknesses of the INTP 6w5

1. More Distrustful

Most of the fears of INTP 6w5s come from its dominant enneagram type. For example, INTP 6w5s find it difficult to trust others. 

They will take people’s words with a pinch of salt and never fully trust people. This can be a major weakness in a relationship. Their partners may feel that they can never be trusted.

2. Extremely Rational

Type 6 and type 5 are thinker types. INTPs already place a lot of emphasis on objective thinking. This just takes things to extreme levels. 

Thus, INTP 6w5s might be more insensitive than other INTPs. This can put a strain on their relationship with loved ones.

This personality type will find it harder to stay with a feeler type than a normal INTP. 

3. Pessimistic

INTPs are skeptics. They check every detail to make sure their theory is true. However, INTP 6w5s are more pessimistic. Even when their theory seems true, they are more likely to doubt themselves. 

This also extends to ideas and projects that they embark on. This personality type finds it hard to believe in things or ideas. 

This can hold them back in life or hinder their progress. 

4. Fearful and Paranoid

Type 5 and type 6 are two types that are in the fear triad. Thus, INTP 6w5s are very fearful people. How they react to this fear might differ. 

For some, they might simply run away from dangerous situations. For others, they might attack the problem out of fear. 

This is type 6’s main defense mechanism. Here’s an article that talks more about this. 

INTP 6w5 in the Workplace

INTPs are drawn to a flexible environment that allows them to bounce ideas off others. They want to work in a creative role that allows them to solve problems. 

INTP 6w5s are similar. However, they also desire a career that gives them stability and security. Any job that is high risk won’t be attractive to them. 

Unlike other INTPs who don’t do well with routine jobs, this personality type will not have a problem with it. 

To get the best out of the INTP 6w5, make sure their role involves innovations and offers them stability. 

Best Careers for the INTP 6w5

  • Lawyer
  • Paralegal
  • Economist
  • Financial Manager
  • Compliance Officer
  • Accountant
  • Software Engineer
  • Professor
  • Scientist
  • Medical Researcher

Worse Careers for the INTP 6w5

  • Entrepreneur
  • Freelancer
  • Rancher
  • Plumber
  • Carpenter
  • High school teacher

Famous/Fictional Characters that are INTP 6w5

  • Nick Miller (New Girl)
  • Woody Allen
  • Eugene Porter (the walking dead)
  • Alfred (Batman)
  • Columbus (Zombieland)
  • Elliot (The Umbrella Academy)
  • Jonathan Crane (Gotham)

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  1. This is off somewhat. I am an INTP 6w5. I am the turbulent type. For jobs, i am great at being an entrepreneur, carpenter, as well as being a teacher. I actually hate software engineering even though i have a bachelor in computer science.
    So, i do believe there are exceptions to the supposed distinctions even though much of your information is spot on. Thanks.

    • Hey Jim, I totally agree with you! The enneagram is not the only determinant for career choices. Your background and other factors also play a part.


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