INTP 6w7 (The Complete Guide)

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When the analysts become overly concerned about their security, things get interesting. The INTP 6w7 is a great example.

Want to know more? This article discusses the INTP 6w7 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the INTP 6w7?

INTP 6w7s are secure and cautious people. While true, they retain some adventurous spirit and impulsiveness because of their wing. This personality type always tries to make the right and safe choice.

Type 6 is a common type for all MBTI types. So, it’s not rare to see an INTP identify as one. While this is true, type 6 changes some natural tendencies of the INTP, as we shall soon see.

INTP 6w7 have an equal chance of being INTP-A and INTP-T.

What is the Core Desire of the INTP 6w7?

The core desire of the INTP 6w7 is to be secure. To achieve this, they use their introverted thinking (Ti) function to fashion out the best way forward in every situation.

What is the Core Fear of the INTP 6w7?

The core fear of the INTP 6w7 is to feel vulnerable or unsafe. This also extends to their loved ones. To avoid this fear, they try to be prepared for every situation.

How the 6w7 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the INTP

1.   More Cautious

INTPs are cautious, thanks to their Ti. However, because they are perceivers, their cautiousness is stunted.

This is different with INTP 6w7s. The presence of type 6s takes this careful nature to the next level. This personality type will check all loopholes and potential pitfalls before making plans.

They might also shy away from new experiences if they believe it unsafe.

2.   Less Impulsive

This follows the last point. INTP 6w7s will be less impulsive, thanks to their cautiousness. This new trait would show in their financial management skills, relationships and general outlook.

This has its advantages. They become more likely to follow through on their plans. INTP 6w7s are also more realistic than typical INTPs.

3.   Better Use of Fe

As you probably know, INTP’s inferior function is extroverted feeling (Fe). Most times, this function is underdeveloped and not used frequently.

With INTP 6w7s, things are different. Here’s why. INTP 6w7s use everything within their disposal to remain secure. This might include observing others to decipher their real intentions. This is where Fe comes into play.

This need allows them to develop their Si and Fe functions. The biggest advantage here is that they are the complete package.

4.   More Action-Oriented

Type 6 is action-oriented. INTPs are not. They prefer to live in their heads; analysis is their comfort zone. INTP 6w7s are different.

While analysis keeps them ticking, the action makes them feel safer. So, INTP 6w7s are quicker to act than most INTPs.

If they believe taking a step will make them safer, they’ll take it.

5.   Less Complacent

This follows the last point. Because they are quicker to act, they are naturally less complacent. Their major desire is to be safe. Taking control of the situation is a great way to remain safe.

While this is true, INTP 6w7s are still INTPs. So, their levels of discipline will never be at their highest.

6.   More Loyal

INTPs are fiercely independent. They are also generally more objective and place a normal emphasis on loyalty. With the INTP 6w7, everything is heightened.

They are more loyal to their loved ones. Their loyalty might show by their willingness to give advice or help them during emergencies.

7.   More Extroverted

Type 6 is not exactly introverted. Type 7s are usually super extroverts. This counteracts the introverted nature of the INTPs.

Thus, INTP 6w7s are more engaging and open. In a way, they become extroverted introverts.

While true, they will still crave alone time and might take breaks to recharge.

New Weaknesses of the INTP 6w7

1.   More Anxious

Like all type 6s, INTP 6w7s are very anxious people. This is what makes them more cautious and action-oriented.

While it may have its benefits, there are many drawbacks. Their anxious nature can affect their mental health. It may also make them miss out on realistic opportunities or adventures.

2.   Extremely Fearful

This follows the last point. Type 6 and type 7 are in the fear triad. This means they find it easier to access fear first in any situation.

So, while they might seem calculative or even adventurous, beneath beats a fearful heart. INTP 6w7s might run from problems or run toward problems because of their fear.

3.   More Pessimistic/Sarcastic

Their cautiousness can easily spill into pessimism. When this happens, INTP 6w7s will struggle to see any project or new idea as plausible. In a way, they might look like ISTJs because they need to stick with what works.

This might also lead to a spike in their sarcasm. This personality type might use sarcasm to criticise ideas they don’t believe in.

4.   Less Adventurous

As stated earlier, a need for cautiousness results in fewer adventures for this personality type. They are more likely to pick the safer option when possible.

This has its disadvantages. INTP 6w7s will lack the spontaneity that their counterparts have. This might make them seem too rigid.

5.   Wild Moments of Impulsiveness

Despite all the talk of cautiousness, INTP 6w7s will have moments of madness that might undo all their hard work.

This can be a moment of financial recklessness or a need to assert themselves. During this period, they might let loose and follow their instincts.

While it can be memorable, chaos usually follows.

INTP 6w7 in the Workplace

INTPs value innovation, creativity and challenge in the workplace. They come alive when they are solving an issue or analysing data.

INTP 6w7s are similar. However, stability and security play a bigger role. So, INTP 6w7s will want a career path that offers them stability and independence.

Ensure they have these two things to get the best out of them

Best Careers for the INTP 6w7

  • Writer
  • Professor
  • Scientist
  • Computer Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Architect
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Attorney
  • Mathematician

Worst Careers for the INTP 6w7

  • Plumber
  • Firefighter
  • Military officer
  • Carpenter
  • Law Enforcement

Famous People/Fictional/Anime Characters that are INTP 6w7

  • Aubrey Plaza
  • Lee Know
  • Gabbi Broussard (Do Revenge)
  • Eric Forman (That 70’s show)
  • Tyler Ledford (The Menu)
  • Magnus Chase (Camp Half-blood Chronicles)
  • Shawn (Total Drama Island)
  • Isen (Unordinary)

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