INTP 8w7 (The Complete Guide)


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Is the INTP 8w7 even possible? 8w7 and INTP are as different as light and day. So, is this combination really possible? The answer is yes.

So, in this article, we’ll talk about who the INTP 8w7 is and what you can expect from them.

Who is the INTP 8w7?

INTP 8w7s are confident and charismatic people. They have the right blend of introversion and extroversion. This personality type is usually highly opinionated and has a lot of determination.

INTP usually correlates with type 5 or type 9. Thus, an INTP 8w7 is very rare. If you get this in a test, you should also check out the ENTP 8w7 just to make sure you are not mistyped. INTP 8w7s are bold and are not afraid of confrontation.

Their second function is the extroverted intuition (Ne). This plays a bigger role and is much more enhanced. The presence of type 8 and type 7 will distort a lot of the typical traits of the INTP as we shall soon see.

INTP 8w7s are more likely to be INTP-As.

What is the Core Desire of the INTP 8w7?

The core desire of the INTP 8w7 is to be in control. They want to control their lives and space. Unlike the ENTJ 8w7 who want to manage people or control others, INTP 8w7s are more concerned about controlling their own lives.

What is the Core Fear of the INTP 8w7?

The core fear of the INTP 8w7 is to be controlled or manipulated. In their view, this leaves them more vulnerable.

To avoid this, they will try to gather the right resources. This will usually include money.

How the 8w7 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the INTP

1.   More Extroverted

INTPs are super introverts. Their alone time allows them to recharge and be better persons. With the INTP 8w7, you get something slightly different.

While they are still introverts, INTP 8w7s are less drained by social interactions. This is especially true when it doesn’t involve small talk.

Thus, they might engage in longer conversations. They will also be very opinionated about their views and might argue like an ENTP.

2.   More Aggressive

INTPs are not known for being aggressive or intimidating. This includes physically and otherwise. However, INTP 8w7 is different.

On some level, they will intimidate those around them with their aggressiveness. This might be how they argue their points or how they chase their goals. Their aggressiveness will be undeniable.

3.   More Spontaneous

INTPs lead with introverted thinking (Ti). This trait usually counterbalances their spontaneous nature. Thus, they are naturally more cautious. This personality type will be different.

Because of their wing, they will take more risks and be more adventurous. This has its pros and cons. However, what’s certain is that it deviates from typical INTPs.

4.   Better Work Ethic

Work ethic is integral to the way type 8s relate. Thus, INTP 8w7s are hard workers. They are efficient at what they do and usually put in the required effort.

Unlike other INTPs who are usually lost in their minds, this personality type is more action-oriented. If they have an issue or a target to meet, they will do everything they can to meet them.

5.   More Optimistic

INTPs are not pessimists. However, they aren’t optimists too. They are more realistic. However, INTP 8w7s tilt towards being optimists. This is probably because of their wing.

This personality type is quietly confident of their goals and targets. They back themselves to succeed against all odds.

The extent to which this applies depends on their wing.

6.   Greater Ne Presence

As earlier stated, their Ne function is more enhanced. This means that INTP 8w7s will be more expressive about their thinking and logic.

They might be more inclined to share them even before they are fully baked. This characteristic will make them appear witty to most types. While this is true, their primary cognitive function will remain Ti.

New Weaknesses of the INTP 8w7

1.   More Reckless

The presence of type 7 as a wing will combine with their perceiving function to create mayhem. So, expect the INTP 8w7 to be more impulsive, reckless, and rash.

When unhealthy, this can lead to serious mistakes that they will struggle to come back from. The extent to which this is true depends on the strength of their wing.

2.   Weaker Introverted Thinking (Ti)

The enhancement of the Ne will also lead to a weakening of their Ti to the point that they will almost be on equal footing.

Thus, INTP’s legendary filtering process might not be effective. This will be replaced with a higher level of assertiveness and bravado.

3.   Anger Issues

Type 8 is the anger triad. They access their emotions through anger and choose to handle it through confrontations. Thus, this personality type will have explosive anger. This might not be noticeable because of their introverted nature.

However, they can always unleash within a second’s notice. The presence of type 7 also means they are anxious and fearful people.

Thus, the confident and charismatic person you know might have serious fears and anxieties. However, to avoid looking vulnerable, they will hardly open up.

4.   Problem Managing Finances

INTP 8w7s are great at making money. This is down to their grit and ambition. However, managing the money or their finances is a different story.

Type 7’s love for the good things of life combined with their inclination toward impulsive behavior can wreak havoc on their finances.

The good thing here is that type 8 will never allow it to get so bad. Thus, the INTP 8w7 might never be in debt. They just won’t meet achieve their potential.

ENTP 8w7 vs INTP 8w7

Wondering if you’re an INTP 8w7 or ENTP 8w7? Here are some of their common differences.

INTP 8w7ENTP 8w7
More IntrovertedMore Extroverted
Ti and Ne are close to equal footingNe is the dominant cognitive function
Desires control over their spaceDesires freedom to make their own decisions and choices

INTP 8w7 in the Workplace

INTPs love a flexible workplace that allows them to express their creativity. They want to be challenged on their terms. INTP 8w7s are similar. Their career is a big part of who they are.

INTP 8w7s do well in leadership and managerial roles. They also work well alone and in groups. They also will not do well with tight and rigid schedules.

To get the best out of the INTP 8w7, make sure their role involves a ton of creativity and freedom.

Best Careers for the INTP 8w7

  • Entrepreneur
  • Software engineer
  • Lawyer
  • CEO
  • Director
  • HR manager
  • Financial Manager
  • Politician
  • Data Analyst
  • Freelancer

Worst Careers for the INTP 8w7

  • Paralegal
  • Bartender
  • Social worker
  • Clergy
  • Counselor
  • Psychologist
  • Farmer
  • Civil engineer

Famous/Fictional Characters that are INTP 8w7

  • TJ Kirk
  • Amren (A court of thorns and roses)
  • William Friedkin
  • The Riddler (Batman)
  • Subway Ghost (Ghose)
  • Harry Dresden (Dresden)
  • Portia (Merchant of Venice)
  • Ava Cunningham (Choices)


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