INTP 9w1 (The Complete Guide)

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INTPs are logical and analytical. When compared with the enneagram of personality, some of them will identify as an INTP 9w1.

In this article, we’ll consider who the INTP 9w1 is and what you can expect from them.

Who is the INTP 9w1?

This personality type defies the stereotypical traits of INTPs. While they are still curious about abstract concepts, their approach to them is different. They also have different approaches to a conversation and the people around them.

Type 9 is not the most common enneagram type for INTPs. That title goes to type 5. Thus, this enneagram type changes some traits of the INTP as we shall soon see. The presence of type 1 as their wing compounds this situation.

INTP 9w1s are more likely to be INTP-T than INTP-A.

What is the Core Desire of the INTP 9w1?

The core desire of the INTP 9w1 is to be at peace or in harmony. They want to be left alone to enjoy their hobbies and life.

To do this, INTP 9w1 will try to avoid conflict whenever they can.

What is the Core Fear of the INTP 9w1?

The core fear of the INTP 9w1 is a disruption of their peace. To avoid this, this personality type tries to be as tactful as possible.

By doing so, they hope they are never drawn into any conflict.

How the 9w1 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the INTP

1.   More Tactful

INTPs are not known for being tactful. Just like most NT types, they are blunt and straight to the point. However, INTP 9w1s will be different.

They will be tactful and aware of people’s reactions and nuances. This is down to two factors. The first is type 9 who wants to avoid conflict with others. The second is the strong extroverted feeling (Fe) function present.

This creates someone who is extremely polite and tactful.

2.   Less Assertive

INTPs go big on their truth. However, this personality type will be different. INTP 9w1s will have their opinions but will be less assertive about it.

They are also less likely to offer unsolicited advice. Their less assertive nature allows them to accommodate people. Other types might see them as easygoing and nice.

On the surface, it’s really hard to believe that they are INTPs.

3.   More Sensitive

With a stronger Fe and a dominant type 9, you can expect this type to be more sensitive. However, not in the way you think.

They will be sensitive to people’s values and their behaviors. This sensitivity is part of the big plan never to be in conflict.

If they ever get offended, you’re unlikely to know as type 9 is known for repressing their emotions.

4.   More Diplomatic

Type 9s are known as mediators. This is because of their ability to see different perspectives. INTP 9w1s will be similar. Backed by logic and objective reasoning, it’s easy for them to see the different reasons behind people’s actions. Their Fe further heightens this ability.

Thus, INTP 9w1s are great diplomats. They know how to find a common ground in conflicts. This might make careers relating to conflict resolution appealing.

5.   More Ethical

Type 1 wants to be good and upright. Thus, they are obsessed with being ethical or upright. This also applies to INTP 9w1 in smaller levels. INTP 9w1s will have strong values and beliefs.

Unlike other thinker types, the majority might be drawn towards religion or spirituality. The extent to which this applies will depend on their wing.

However, they will never be as ethical as a core type 1.

New Weaknesses of the INTP 9w1

1.   Analysis Paralysis

Analysis paralysis is really indecisiveness. Most NTs have analysis paralysis issues. However, INTP 9w1s will have it for different reasons.

They want to find the best decision with less conflict. In some situations, this is not possible. Thus, INTP 9w1s might spend hours or days analyzing various scenarios in their head.

This can make them seem unreliable and indecisive.

2.   Self Doubt

Type 1’s inclination to self-criticize and doubt themselves might be on full display. INTP 9w1s might doubt their abilities and thinking process. This might contribute to their analysis paralysis. It might also affect their self-confidence.

However, the extent to which this applies will depend on their wing.

3.   Anger Issues

Type 1 and type 9 are both in the anger triad. Type 9 tries to repress their anger while type 1 internalizes it. Thus, INTP 9w1s are almost always angry.

When this anger builds up, it can lead to a big explosion. People who see this explosion will not understand where it is coming from.

The once calm INTP 9w1 will look unrecognizable. People might start seeing them as unpredictable.

4.   Complacency

Type 9 is known for their inclination towards complacency. They know that they can get the work done. However, they just don’t. This is the same problem INTP 9w1s face. They will procrastinate on their projects or chores.

When this is done to the extreme, it can cost them. However, if their wing is strong, the effect of complacency might be reduced.

INTP 9w1 in the Workplace

INTPs are drawn towards creative jobs or careers. They also like a lot of flexibility in their work hours. This is also true with INTP 9w1s. This personality type will want jobs that allow them to interact with others.

They might also be drawn to careers that promote access to justice if their wing is strong. To get the best out of the INTP 9w1, make sure that their role offers creativity and harmony.

Best Careers for INTP 9w1

  • Mediator
  • Arbitrator
  • Diplomat
  • Ambassador
  • Writer
  • Nurse
  • Human Rights Lawyer
  • Economist
  • Pharmacist
  • Public Health Officer

Worst Careers for INTP 9w1

  • Farmer
  • Mechanic
  • Carpenter
  • Electrician
  • Plumber

Famous/Fictional Characters that are INTP 9w1

  • Bruce Banner (Marvel)
  • Dr. Randy Mindy (Don’t Look Up)
  • Amanda Seyfried
  • Gale Boetticher (Breaking bad)
  • Fabiola Torres (Never have I ever)
  • Freddy Highmore
  • Gary Johnson (Politician)

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  1. Thank you for this information!. I’ve been analyzing what INTP enneagram I am this past week and I’m very related to 9w1!.

  2. Lol, I’ve been frustrated lately because of my enneagram results because others says that 5w4 are the most common for INTP thus I keep questioning myself if I’m even an Intp or what(Do you understand me?💀) I’m too lazy to learn about enneagrams and stuff that’s why I searched this instead. Lol, this is very informative, I really relate to this. Thank youu

  3. This is an excellent article! I determined I was a 9w1 as opposed to type 5 a few months ago (they are about equal on tests) and finding an article for a relatively uncommon mbti type (3-5% of the population) AND an enneagram that is less then 30% of that type (let alone the specific wing) has been difficult but this does an excellent job of defining how INTP 9w1s differentiate from other INTPs. Other then the whole part about anger “Thus, INTP 9w1s are almost always angry.” this will be really nice to send in addition to general INTP descriptions to help someone better understand me (should I finally bring up mbti that is). Thank you

    • Hello Jeffrey,

      I’m glad it helped! You should totally show them this description should you ever bring it up

  4. I have been an INFP, ENTJ, ENFJ, and now an INTP. Gone through a lot of traumatic experiences in my life that have pushed me into different perspectives. It’s amazing how variable a person’s personality can be.

    I find this article on INTP 9w1 personality types to be shockingly accurate. The only difference I have is that I do not hold on to anger. Hardly at all. This is just based on my experiences, Christian values, and therapy that have collectively guided me into being forgiving, gracious, and merciful. It starts with yourself. If you can forgive yourself, be gracious to yourself, be merciful to yourself, it’s a lot easier to be forgiving, gracious, and merciful to others. This attitude (not a feeling, but a conscious choice/approach to life) will bring you greater peace in yourself and harmony with others.


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