INTP and ENTJ Relationship- Emotions in a World of Logic

INTP and ENTJ relationship

The INTP and ENTJ relationship is an intriguing one. If this is something you’re interested in, this article is for you.

This article discusses the initial spark between both types and the strengths/weaknesses of the relationship.

Why The INTP And ENTJ Will Initially Be Attracted to Each Other

First, here’s why the INTP will be attracted to the ENTJ.

Why do INTPs Like ENTJ?

1.    Their Take-Charge Attitude

ENTJs never leave you guessing what they want. They take charge and are decisive. INTPs find this fascinating because the ENTJ reacts even before they are done thinking.

They also find their outspokenness appealing.

2.    Conversations

Both types are intuitive. So, INTPs enjoy talking with the ENTJ. Because ENTJ uses Ni while they use Ne, the conversation brings together different perspectives.

The INTP might feel the ENTJ is their equal or even their superior. For that reason alone, they find this type intriguing.

3.    Their Logic

INTP is a logical type. They base their decisions on logic and are surprised when people get emotional. So, meeting someone who gets their logic and is less emotional is amazing.

Add this to their wonderful conversational skills, and you’ll leave the INTP in awe.

4.    Charisma and Confidence

ENTJs ooze confidence and charisma. People usually feel inspired by them or their actions. This charisma or confidence does not go unnoticed by the INTP.

This is one of the reasons why they are initially drawn to them. It’s just magnetic.

5.    Their Ambition

ENTJs are go-getters. They are ambitious and work really hard to achieve their goals. While the INTP is a good thinker or strategist, they usually don’t have the discipline to carry out their plans.

So, when they see someone who can, they find it appealing.

Why do ENTJs Like INTP?

1.    A Different Perspective

ENTJs are used to being right in most conversations. The INTP brings a refreshing perspective to any argument or discussion.

This makes the ENTJ intrigued. The fact that someone can bring up a point that they haven’t thought about is enough to attract them.

2.    Their Loyalty

INTPs are loyal to those they care about. In a world where the ENTJ is constantly trying to get ahead, this is the trait they value the most.

INTPs have this in abundance when they love someone. It’s a no-brainer for the ENTJ.

3.    Introverted Nature

ENTJs are introverted extroverts. INTPs are super introverts. ENTJs find this more appealing than dating a super extrovert. Their energy levels in this regard are similar.

Nobody’s social batteries will quickly run out.

4.    Their Independence

INTPs are very independent. They want to live life on their terms and handle their business without interference.

The ENTJ loves this. They want a partner who is not a people-pleaser and who challenges them. At first sight, most INTPs tick all the boxes.

5.    They are not Controlling

A fair chunk of ENTJs are type 8 in the enneagram of personality. So, they avoid people who try to control them.

The INTP does not do that. Instead, they crave space in their relationship. ENTJs will find this knowledge delightful.

Strengths of the INTP and ENTJ Relationship

1.   Shared Love Languages

Love language simply refers to how you prefer to receive and give love. ENTJs and INTPs both have quality time and physical touch among their top three languages.

So, showing and receiving love shouldn’t be a problem. They fit each other perfectly.

2.   Great Conversations

Both types like abstract or intellectual conversations. So, conversing will be a blast. As earlier stated, their difference in intuition means that both types have different angles of looking at issues.

Both types are also interested in the big picture and are future-oriented. So, their conversations will always border on similar topics. They won’t feel drained by their discussions. It’ll be pure bliss.

3.   Both Question Tradition

Both the INTP and ENTJ are not big fans of tradition. They enjoy questioning the norms and being independent.

Thus, none of them will feel pressured by the other to fit in with societal norms. This might include observing holidays and other family traditions.

Everything will be genuine.

4.   Shared Logical Approach

Both types are thinkers. So, the way they handle conflicts will be different. It’ll be easier to talk through conflicts. Both types will also handle criticisms or constructive feedback better.

This will further strengthen the relationship.

5.   Relationship Roles are Balanced

The INTP and ENTJ relationship is one of the most balanced with respect to roles. The INTP will have no problems with the ENTJ taking charge as long as they are not controlled.

The ENTJ will see the advice of the INTP as smart and will confide in them. Provided both types are unhealthy, there should be no problems.

Weaknesses of the ENTJ and INTP Relationship

1.   The difference in Energy Levels

While both types will have no problems with their social batteries, their approach to life is different. INTPs are more laid back and chill. Some might even say they are a bit complacent or lax.

On the other hand, ENTJs have high energy levels. They also have a great work ethic. Unconsciously, they might want their partners to be like them.

The INTP will resist this and see it as a way to restrict their independence. The ENTJ will think the INTP is silly to think that way.

All hell will break loose.

2.   Structure vs Chaos

ENTJs are very structured. They are usually punctual and have a good grasp on how they want their day to pan out.

INTPs are more spontaneous and scattered. Both types will find the other type’s way of doing things annoying.

In worst-case scenarios, this problem can become intolerable.

3.   Leaving Out the Fine Details

As earlier stated, both types are big picture enthusiasts. While this might look good on paper, it has its implications. None of them will pay attention to the small details.

Thus, a project that had all the bright ideas might never work because of this issue. This might make it harder for them to get things done at home.

When this happens, both types might blame each other. That can be the start of a serious crisis.

4.   When Conversations Take a Dark Turn

While their conversations might be great, they can easily go sour when there’s a quarrel. Both types know how to be sarcastic.

Because they are also blunt, they can be especially hard on each other. While the ENTJ and INTP pride themselves on being logical, sarcastic words will hurt.

It can get so bad that resentment might start to build.

How to Make the INTP and ENTJ Relationship Work

Be Ready to Improve

Your relationship is a work in progress. So, always make sure you are ready to improve. You and your partner should be fine if you keep an open mind.

Accept Your Partner

While we won’t advise you to accept toxicity, try to accept your partner’s quirks. There are some things that they just won’t be great at.

So, ignore their weaknesses and focus on their strengths.

Avoid Hurtful Words

Finally, both types should always use loving words. When hurtful words are constantly used, it can slowly trigger resentment. When this happens, forgiveness becomes harder.

Frequently Asked Questions About the INTP and ENTJ Relationship

Are the INTP and ENTJ a Good Match?

Yes, the INTP and ENTJ are a good match. However, just like all relationships, work and effort is needed to make it succeed.

Do ENTJ and INTPs Have Chemistry?

Yes, ENTJ and INTPs have incredible chemistry. This is spurred on by their magical conversations and similar love languages.

INTP and ENTJ in Bed- How Does that End?

Both types enjoy physical touch. They are also willing to experiment. So, intimacy is nothing short of magical. The bedroom is where they fully let go.

Can an ENTJ Male and INTP Female Work?

Yes, an ENTJ male and an INTP female can work. Because of their similarities, it takes less work and effort. This is true as long as both types are healthy.


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