INTP Girlfriend- Relearning the Art of Love

INTP girlfriend

An INTP girlfriend can rock your world or be incredibly frustrating, depending on your type. Regardless, you can work around your issues or strengthen your bond.

This article discusses what to expect in a relationship with an INTP female.

How Does Dating an INTP Woman Feel?

Dating an INTP female is a slow burn. They might seem introverted and perhaps a bit isolated when you first meet them. Two months into the relationship and things will have dramatically changed. They’ll talk more, especially if your interests align.

INTP females are spontaneous and want to experience that in their relationships. So, while dating an INTP girl won’t be as dramatic as dating an ENTP, it’ll have similar vibes.

It’s important to remember that no two INTPs can be the same. The most important thing is how your INTP girlfriend feels. So, make sure to check in with her while reading this article. It’ll put things in perspective.

What to Expect in a Relationship with an INTP Girlfriend

1.   Sapiosexuals

INTPs live in their heads. Thus, you need to invade their thoughts to stir their interests. The same applies to your INTP girlfriend. They are mentally wired. So, having meaningful conversations and offering unique ideas will blow their minds.

Keep this going, and your relationship will only grow stronger.

2.   Logical Thinking

INTPs are thinkers. So, it shouldn’t surprise you that your INTP girlfriend is logical. This means they make decisions based on logic and are less sensitive. This can go both ways.

If you’re also a thinker, this is perfectly fine. You’ll both understand each other and won’t take things that seriously. If you’re emotional, this can be a problem, as your INTP partner might hurt your feelings with their blunt remarks.

3.   Love Languages

Love languages refer to how each person prefers to receive and give love. Quality time and physical touch come easily to the INTP. Acts of service is a close third. This means they prefer to spend time with their partners discussing or simply hanging out.

They also don’t mind having intimate sessions too.

Truity has a new love test that divides the love languages into 7. Intellectual, physical, and practical styles seem to be the top love languages for INTP. Truity charges a small fee for a comprehensive report on your love languages. It’s quite detailed and might be worth a look. You can click this link if you want to take the test.

You can learn more about INTP’s sexual preferences by clicking that link.

4.   Independence

If you’ve read the article on INTP females, you’ll know they’re extremely independent. They want to be self-sufficient and achieve their targets. This usually means they need a lot of space.

They also usually have their own circle of friends. If you’re dating an INTP female, understanding this will be crucial. They’ll always return to you when you give them enough space.

5.   Curiosity/Adventure

INTPs are very curious people. They want to learn more about life and their hobbies. This means your relationships will be filled with so much adventure.

INTPs also have a tendency to be temporarily obsessed with new concepts. So, it might be worth remembering that. Their curiosity extends to the bedroom. So, if you like to experiment, that might be great for your relationship.

6.   Communication Style

INTPs are really blunt. They also prefer to live in the future. They are big-picture people who get excited when talking about the future.

This has two implications. First, if you are someone who’s sensitive to constructive feedback, it can be a problem. Secondly, there will be a conflict if you enjoy small talk or focus on the present.

7.   Difficulty Expressing Their Emotions

INTPs are not big on expressing their emotions. When they talk, it’s usually analytical. This can cause problems if your love language or attachment style needs some reassurance.

Your INTP girlfriend might prefer to show her affection through actions rather than words. Of course, as with most things, a compromise can be reached.

Getting the Best Out of the Relationship

1.   Compromises and More Compromises

This follows the last point. If you have differences with your INTP girlfriend, both parties must come to a compromise. Understanding that a particular idea or action makes your partner happy can be the motivating factor.

Remember that reaching compromises does not mean giving up your core values.

2.   Be Ready to Explore

INTPs want to explore with their partners. This is the same for the INTP females. So, if you’re dating an INTP, prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. The adventure need not be physical. It might be going to parties, playing video games, or something else.

The bottom line is that sharing their interests is a great way to bond.

3.   Accept Their Needs

As you have probably noticed, INTPs feel a certain way about almost everything. If you have an INTP girlfriend, you have to accept her for who she is. Trying to change her will only lead to more issues.

Now, this doesn’t mean you should tolerate toxicity or unhealthiness. It just means you should accept the quirks that define them.

4.   Intellectual Stimulation

Finally, bring your intellectual A-game to the party. Make sure you keep up with them mentally. This will allow you to have long conversations with your girlfriend. To her, it’s like she’s connected to you during those conversations.

It’s the best feeling ever.

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