INTP memes- 30+ Of the Very Best

INTP Memes

Are you an INTP or do you know one? Then, you will agree that INTPs are very brilliant and unique people. Their ability to filter out so much information to narrow down on the truth is unmatched in the MBTI world. Thus, we have decided to celebrate this type by giving you 30+ INTP memes we could find.

So here are 40 of the very best INTP memes out there right now.

INTP Memes- 30+ of the Very Best

1. INTPs are Great Writers

While some INTPs might struggle with public speaking, others excel at writing. This is because writing allows INTP to put their words down in a concise manner.

We are always amazed as to how it all turns out.



4. INTP Memes- Life Can Get Complicated

5. INTPs Prefers Alone Time

INTPs guard their alone time with everything they have. They want to be alone and too much socialization can be quite draining to the INTPs.

We got you INTP.


7. INTPs Love their Sleep

INTPs love their sleep. They also love their food. This can lead to a bit of a problem at home.


9. INTP’s Emotions are Confusing

INTPs are known for their love for logic. However, when it comes to really small things, things can get really weird with the INTP. That is something we folks will probably never understand about them

10. INTP Memes- Core Introverts

INTPs are core introverts. This means that they feel energized when they spend time alone. If you want to see some of the best introvert quotes, you can click that link.

11. INTP Children Are A Rare Breed

If you have an INTP child, then you have a real struggle on your hands. They are going to give you everything. From headaches to pride, the INTP child is the complete package.

12. INTPs Are Great At Non-Verbal Communication

INTPs are great communicators. However, they are just as good as non-verbal communication. Its always a delight to see the INTP in action.

13. INTPs Are Not the Best at Organizing Their Homes

Despite their undeniably brilliance, INTPs surprisingly have a problem keeping their homes in order.

It can be quite embarrassing sometimes.


15 INTPs are Sapiosexuals

If you want to keep an INTP hooked in a relationship, keep them aroused mentally.

They will keep coming back for more.


17. INTPs See Endless Possibilities

INTPs are good at seeing endless possibilities. They are also good at connecting these ideas together to form something truly beautiful.

The only other type that can match this is the ENTP. Click this link to see a comparison between the INTP and the ENTP

18. INTP Memes- INTPs Are Fine with being Weird

If you think the INTP did not like being called weird, think again. They see it as a compliment.




22. INTPs Are Brutally Honest

INTPs are known for hating sugarcoated words. This might lead to them telling other some hard truths when all they wanted was support.





27 INTPs Do Not Like to be Micromanaged

No matter what you do, do not put the INTPs under strict rules. It’s just not going to work anyway.



30 INTP Memes- The Quest for Knowledge

INTPs always want to know more about themselves. Thus, they will always be reading and understanding new theories and concepts.

This might make them look pretty smart to a lot of people.





35. INTP Can Get Overwhelmed by Feelers

INTPs do not like emotions very much. So feelers can really turn the INTP’s world upside down.

36. ENTP vs INTP

ENTPs are INTPs but with extroversion. This means that they know how to get along better with people. This might seem like a miracle to the INTP.


38. INTP Memes- Intuitives At Heart

INTPs are new intuitives at heart. This means that they are fascinated about abstract ideas and concepts.

If you want to know more about the differences between sensors and intuitives, you can click here.

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