ISFJ 2w3 (The Complete Guide)

ISFJ 2w3

When people think of ISFJs, they think of someone who’s caring and nurturing. Well, a more interesting ISFJ will be someone who does all this and still strives to achieve their goals. That is a short summary of the ISFJ 2w3. Yet, there’s more.

This article discusses the ISFJ 2w3 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the ISFJ 2w3?

ISFJ 2w3s are kind people with a truckload of ambition. They are often sweet, mild-mannered, and slow to anger. Because of their wing, they will have a track record as an achiever.

The difference between ISFJ 2w3s and ISFJ 3w2s is priority. ISFJ 2w3s will always put emotions and their loved ones first. It gives them balance and allows them to live fulfilling lives.

Type 2 is a fairly common type for ISFJs. This is because it complements the guardian nature of their MBTI type. Thus, there are a lot of similarities. Nevertheless, the presence of their wing changes some typical traits of the ISFJ, as we shall soon see.

ISFJ 2w3s have an equal chance of being assertive and turbulent.

What is the Core Desire of the ISFJ 2w3?

The core desire of the ISFJ 2w3 is to be helpful. They want others to appreciate and see them as indispensable.

What is the Core Fear of the ISFJ 2w3?

The core fear of the ISFJ 2w3 is to be abandoned. They don’t want to lose their friends or loved ones. To prevent this, ISFJ 2w3 tries to be everything to everyone.

How the 2w3 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ISFJ

1.   More Outgoing

ISFJs are introverts. Thus, they gain energy when they are alone. This changes slightly with the ISFJ 2w3s.

They are generally more outgoing than typical ISFJs. This makes it easier for them to make friends. It also means they might also face issues. For example, they are often actively involved in gossip mills.

2.   Even More Helpful

ISFJs are the guardians of the MBTI. So, being helpful comes naturally to them. ISFJ 2w3s take this to another level.

They are extremely nice, even to strangers. Helpful to them involves any way they can make the other person’s life easier. For example, ISFJ 2w3s often make excellent teachers. They find new tools that make difficult concepts easier to understand.

3.   More Loyal

It’s easy to see why ISFJ 2w3s are more loyal than typical ISFJs. Type 2 builds their entire personality on being indispensable. Loyalty is one way to achieve this.

While this is true, the presence of their wing ensures that there’s always a part of the ISFJ 2w3s that can be manipulative and deceitful.

4.   More Ambitious

Type 3 is the most ambitious type in the Enneagram. Thus, ISFJ 2w3s will be goal-oriented. They’ll strive for success and perfection in whatever they do.

Because type 3 is just their wing, they will never hit the same heights as a core type 3. The level of determination and success will depend on the strength of their wing.

5.   Better Fashion Sense

The presence of type 3 also means that ISFJ 2w3s are more concerned about their appearance. This naturally translates to a better fashion sense.

ISFJ 2w3s will often match their dresses with accessories to perfection. The extent to which this applies depends on the strength of their wings.

6.   Higher Energy Levels

As mentioned earlier, ISFJs are introverts. This has a direct hit on their energy levels. ISFJ 2w3s defy this trait. Type 2 realizes the need to be more action-oriented since they have to help others and themselves.

Thus, ISFJ 2w3s are more active and efficient. They tend to be hard-working and reliable.

New Weaknesses of the ISFJ 2w3

1.   People-Pleasing Problems

Like most type 2s, ISFJ 2w3 struggles with people-pleasing tendencies. They face a real struggle to say no, even when things are bad for them.

Their people-pleasing tendencies have several cons. For instance, ISFJ 2w3s might experience burnout from not resting enough. They might also be taken for granted by others or seen as pushovers.

2.   Need for External Validation

This follows the last point. ISFJ 2w3s enjoy helping others. Things get worse when they are appreciated. With time, they start to depend on the validation they get from helping others.

When this doesn’t come for a prolonged period, they can get hurt or angry. Their need for external validation can easily damage their self-confidence.

3.   Self-Neglect

As mentioned earlier, ISFJ 2w3s can easily face burnout. When this happens, they start neglecting their own goals or needs and use their diminishing strength on others.

For example, ISFJ 2w3s might miss deadlines, become less organized, or do poorly in school. This will hurt them both in the short and long term.

4.   The Need to Avoid Shame

Types 2 and 3 are in the shame triad. While this is true, they both handle shame differently. Type 3 tries to deny it, while type 2 represses it.

Thus, you get a person who avoids or denies how they truly feel. The con here is that it can easily lead to an emotional breakdown.

That’s never a good thing.

ISFJ 2w3 in Love/Compatibility

Are you married or dating an ISFJ 2w3? Here are some things you should know.

1.   Help Them Set Healthy Boundaries

If you’re with an ISFJ 2w3, you’ll quickly realize that they struggle to say no. To help, you can encourage them to set healthy boundaries.

This is easier said than done. ISFJ 2w3s are very sensitive. Thus, being tactful when talking about this issue is crucial. It’s also important to be patient, as implementing your suggestions can be challenging.

2.   Encourage Them to Focus on their Goals

ISFJ 2w3s have a lot of secondary personal goals. If you’re with them, encourage them to pursue their goals.

They’ll need this encouragement in a world where people just want to use them. By doing this, your bond will grow stronger.

3.   Compatibility

ISFJ’s natural partners are the ESTP and ESFP. In Socionics, they are most compatible with ENTP. Type 2 is compatible with all Enneagram types.

Thus, ISFP 2w3s have a lot of options. Regardless, any two mature persons can make a relationship grow.

4.   Love Languages

This refers to how people prefer to give and receive love. ISFJ 2w3s have words of affirmation and quality time among their top three love languages.

This makes sense, as ISFJ 2w3s require a lot of validation. If it comes from someone who genuinely cares, even better.

ISFJ 2w3 in the Workplace

ISFJs want a workplace that is structured and focuses on helping others. This is the same with the ISFJ 2w3s.

In addition, they want a career that involves human interaction. They want to work for a higher purpose. If the job comes with career progression, even better.

Ensure their role comes with stability to get the best out of the ISFJ 2w3.

Best Careers for the ISFJ 2w3

  • HR Manager
  • High School Teacher
  • Professor
  • Counsel
  • Arbitrator
  • Attorney
  • Nurse
  • Doctor
  • Activist
  • Receptionist
  • Chef
  • Mechanic
  • Clergy
  • Writer
  • Freelancer
  • Librarian

Worst Careers for the ISFJ 2w3

  • Judge
  • Market Researcher
  • Economist
  • Financial Analyst

Famous People/Fictional/Anime Characters That Might Be ISFJ 2w3

  • Luisa Madrigal (Encanto)
  • Jaemin (Kpop)
  • Cho Minjae (Bad Thinking Diary)
  • Mxmtoon
  • Jessica (Rick and Morty)
  • Roger Federer
  • Chota Segawa (Alice in Borderland)
  • Mia Winters (Resident Evil)
  • Edwina Sharma (The Bridgertons)
  • Carol Willick (Friends)
  • Martin Blackwood (The Magnus Archives)
  • Clark Kent (Smallville)

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