ISFJ 6w5- Here’s What You Should Expect

ISFJ 6w5

We all have some stereotypical beliefs about ISFJs. We believe they are sweet, kind, and friendly. However, that really is a stereotype. There are some ISFJs who behave differently. One subtype is the ISFJ 6w5. In fact, a significant number of ISFJs type themselves as enneagram 6.

So, we’re going to talk a bit about this interesting personality and what you can expect.

What Would an ISFJ 6w5 Look Like?

The need to be secure is very evident in this personality type. Unlike other ISFJs, these ISFJs can sacrifice their kind nature if it allows them to attain security.

Surprisingly, a large number of ISFJs actually identify as type 6s. This might be because of their introverted sensing function.

However, ISFJs are spread across the enneagram chart.

This means that the behavior of two ISFJs can be pretty much different. This might make identifying an ISFJ a tad difficult.

ISFJ 6w5 seeks security. They seek this in their homes, financial life, and for their loved ones.

What is the Basic Desire of the ISFJ 6w5?

The basic desire of the ISFJ 6w5 is to be secure. To achieve their aim, ISFJ 6w5s struggle to gather a lot of information.

They use this information to fix loopholes or fears they might have. Thus, expect ISFJ 6w5s to be updated on any issue they might fear. For example, ISFJ 6w5s might be very concerned about remaining healthy.

What is the Basic Fear of the ISFJ 6w5?

The basic fear of the ISFJ 6w5 is to be insecure and helpless. This feeling extends to those they love and what they love.

Thus, they try to protect the people they love in the best way possible.

How the 6w5 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ISFJ

While ISFJs might be guardians and sweet people, the ISFJ 6w5 is significantly different. Here are some things you should expect

1.      More Introverted

ISFJs are portrayed as extroverted introverts. In fact, they are often mistaken for extroverts.

However, ISFJ 6w5s are more introverted than their counterparts. They prefer to spend more time alone. This might make it hard to identify them as ISFJs. They might look and behave like the INTJ or the INFJ.

2.      Less of a People-Pleaser

ISFJs are often chronic people-pleasers. This is because of their need to see people happy. This personality type is different.

Because of their wing 5, they are more interested in being independent and self-sufficient. Thus, relying on people and trying to please them is not really something they are keen on.

While this is true, this does not necessarily mean that this personality type is harsh. They don’t just care as much.

3.      Research is appealing

ISFJ 6w5 will be more eager to learn new things. This does not necessarily have to do with academics. It can be about psychology or the entertainment world.

To this personality type, it’s all about what they are passionate about. They can spend hours researching things they find interesting.

4.      The Use of Introverted Sensing and Being a Sensor

ISFJ 6w5s might be sensors that use introverted sensing. However, the role these functions play in their lives is fundamentally different.

ISFJs usually use their Si and sensors to remember important norms and traditions. They also remember tiny details about their family and loved ones.

They use Si to navigate their future. For ISFJ 6w5s, this function helps them remain secure. They use Si to form a hub of knowledge.

This knowledge is drawn upon when important decisions about their life are made. This might include travel plans, health, and lifestyle amongst others.

5.      More Rational

While ISFJs are big feelers, this personality type is a bit different. Their two enneagram types are in the thinking triad.

This means that they are also deep thinkers. Thus, ISFJ 6w5s might have a lot of emotions but will always check to see if their decision is rational.

This fact also makes it more likely for them to accept challenging situations and move on faster.

New Weaknesses of the ISFJ 6w5

1.      More Fearful

ISFJ 6w5 are more fearful than their counterparts. They will be scared of their worst-case scenarios coming to pass.

Because they have a type 5 as a wing, they will also be concerned about not having enough for themselves and their family. They will also fear losing their loved ones in death.

This fear might stay with them throughout their lifetime.

2.      More Insecure and Anxious

ISFJ 6w5s get an extra dose of anxiety and insecurity. There are always worse-case scenarios playing in their head. This can easily lead to depression and paranoia.

While this is not exactly a good trait, it also means that they are more prepared for bad outcomes.

3.      More Isolated

While they might never reach the level of INFJ 4w5 or INFP 4w5, ISFJ 6w5 will be more isolated. This might make them intimidating or unapproachable.

If their wing 5 is especially strong, they might also be a bit detached from their families.

ISFJ 6w5 vs ISFJ 9w1

Wondering if you are an ISFJ 6w5 or 9w1? Here are some of their notable differences.

ISFJ 6w5ISFJ 9w1
Their core motivation is to be secureTheir core motivation is to remain in peace
More IntrovertedMore extroverted
ISFJ 6w5s are passionate about learning new thingsISFJ 9w1s have a perfectionistic streak

ISFJ 6w5 vs ISFJ 2w1

Wondering if you are an ISFJ 6w5 or 2w1? Here are some of their notable differences

ISFJ 6w5ISFJ 2w1
Their core motivation is to be secureTheir core motivation is to feel appreciated
More IntrovertedMore extroverted
Less likely to be people pleasersMore Likely to be People-pleasers
More RationalMore Emotional

ISFJ 6w5 and Career Options

ISFJ naturally excels in positions that offer them a sense of fulfillment. They also want a lot of security from the position.

Because they have a type 5 as their wing, ISFJ 6w5s might have an inclination to research and academic careers.

ISFJ 6w5s enjoy a position that allows them to have a good family life.

To get the best out of the ISFJ 6w5, put them in a position that is secure and serves a unique purpose.

Best Career Options for ISFJ 6w5

  • Government Officer
  • Lecturer
  • High school teacher
  • Counselor
  • Psychologist
  • HR manager
  • Blogger
  • Auditor
  • Medical Researcher

Careers ISFJ 6w5 Should Avoid

  • Lawyer
  • Sales Representative
  • Political Scientist
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering

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