ISFJ 9w1 (The Complete Guide)

ISFJ 9w1

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ISFJs are the guardians of the MBTI typology. When compared to the enneagram of personality, a decent portion identifies as ISFJ 9w1. 

So what can you expect from an ISFJ 9w1?

Who is an ISFJ 9w1?

ISFJ 9w1s are calm and easy-going people. They simply want to float through life without too many problems and issues. 

They are natural mediators who want to see everyone happy and living in harmony. ISFJ 9w1s are warm and sensitive people. Some might refer to this personality type as “too nice”. 

ISFJ 9w1s are more likely to be turbulent ISFJs. This makes sense as they simply do not like to assert themselves in conflicts except when necessary. 

The presence of their Enneagram type alters some of the traits of the ISFJ as we shall soon see.

What is the Core Desire of the ISFJ 9w1?

The core desire of the ISFJ 9w1 is to be at peace. They want to live calm and stable lives. To achieve this, they try to be at peace with everyone even when upset. 

This is a struggle that most ISFJ 9w1s face throughout their lives. 

What is the Core Fear of the ISFJ 9w1?

The core fear of the ISFJ 9w1 is to be abandoned or to be in continuous conflict. They dread conflicts and will try to avoid them when necessary. 

To achieve this, they only express themselves in situations where there is little chance for conflict. 

How the 9w1 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ISFJ 

1. Mediators

If you do a quick search about the MBTI types, you’ll realize that INFPs are called mediators. ISFJ 9w1s are also worthy of this title. 

They have this unique gift of being able to see the perspectives of everyone. Thus, they understand where everyone is coming from. 

They are often the best people to act as mediators when there is an issue. People also seem to like this type a lot. It can also be a great career path for them. 

2. Unconditional Love

Selflessness and unconditional love are really rare these days. However, ISFJ 9w1s give it in great abundance. They truly want to help people and see them happy. Thus, they devote their time to other people. 

So don’t be surprised if you meet this personality type taking on other people’s tasks. They are really the sweethearts of the personality world. 

3. More Generous

This follows their unconditional love. ISFJ 9w1s can be extremely generous. Their generosity is more than their finances. 

They can give you their time and wealth of experience if it is desperately needed. If there is one personality type you can depend on when you have problems, it’s this one. 

People often feel blessed to have them around. 

4. Ethical Values 

ISFJs are traditionalists. They care a lot about the norms and values of society. ISFJ 9w1s take this a notch higher. 

Because they have type 1 as their wing, they can have really strong moral values. These values have an influence on their lives. They also try their best to live by these values and standards. 

Any deviation can disrupt the harmony of this personality type. We all know how much they like their inner peace. 

5. Great Mentors

There are very few types that can match their skills as mentors and counselors. Here’s why. ISFJ 9w1s are naturally nice people who want to help you. 

So, if you come to them with a problem, they are delighted that you actually trust them with your problem. Thus, they put in their best to make sure they don’t disappoint you. 

Their fear of disappointment is probably really high because of their wing. They have perfectionistic tendencies. So, they really want to do well when given a task.

6. More Detail-Oriented

ISFJs are sensors. So, it’s natural that they are good with details. This is probably more pronounced with this type. 

They can spot errors and flaws a mile away. This might be the effect of having type 1 as their wing. 

This has its benefits. ISFJ 9w1s can be invaluable members of a team. They can act as the last hurdle before proceeding with a project or gig. 

They make excellent editors and writers. 

New Weaknesses of the ISFJ 9w1

1. Complacency

Perhaps the biggest weakness for this personality type is their tendency to be complacent. They spend a lot of time in their head thinking about what they need to do. 

However, they never actually get around to doing them. This is caused by a lack of drive. ISFJ 9w1s want to safeguard their inner peace. 

A push to achieve more things or pursue goals threaten that peace. Subconsciously, this personality type will continuously make excuses to avoid getting things done. 

The drawbacks here are obvious. They might never make enough progress despite their best intentions. 

To overcome this problem, they will need to rely on their wing or develop their less dominant wing, type 8.

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2. Repressed Anger

Type 9s are in the gut or anger triad. However, unlike type 8 who prefers to show and express their anger, type 9s prefer to repress it. 

This tendency is quite dangerous. Because they repress their anger, ISFJ 9w1s might never show how angry they are about a situation. 

However, when they are fed up with a situation, they can suddenly explode to the surprise of those around them. 

In the process, they might say things they don’t mean. This leaves them with a lot of regrets. 

3. Chronic People-Pleasers

This follows their need to be liked and their tendency to repress their anger. ISFJ 9w1s will go out of their way just to ensure they make others happy. 

They do this even when this is bad for them. They might neglect their own duties and targets in the process. 

ISFJ 9w1s need to learn how to say no to people. If you are struggling with this problem, here’s an article that might help.

4. Mirroring The Feelings of Others

This personality type might have problems creating their own identity. Thus, they might be getting older and suddenly realize they don’t really know their own values or what they want. 

This is because they spend their lives trying to look like and compare themselves to their friends and family. So, if the person closest to them was a doctor or had a lot of drive, they’ll want to be just like that.

To get around this problem, ISFJ 9w1s need to figure out what their values are and what they want from life.

They have to do this on their own without any interference. Things will certainly become clearer once they do.

ISFJ 9w1 in the Workplace

ISFJs want a workplace that is structured and focuses on helping others. This is the same with the ISFJ 9w1s. 

This personality type also wants a harmonious workplace where they get along with others just fine. If they have issues with people they work with, they’ll never get anything done. 

They also love interacting with people. So, if the job allows them to do this, even better! To get the best out of the ISFJ 9w1, place them in a role that encourages harmony.

Best Careers for the ISFJ 9w1

  • Social worker
  • Chef
  • Counselor
  • Therapist
  • Psychologist
  • Arbitrator
  • Mediator
  • Professor
  • Nurse
  • Physician
  • Dentist
  • Pharmacist
  • High school Teacher
  • Preschool teacher
  • Missionary
  • Clergy
  • Editor
  • Writer

Worse Careers for the ISFJ 9w1

  • Lawyer
  • Paralegal
  • Farmer
  • Mechanic Engineer
  • Rancher

Famous/Fictional Characters Who are ISFJ 9w1

  • Neville Longbottom (Harry Potter Series)
  • Selena Gomez
  • Edwin Jarvis (Agent Carter)
  • Ricardo (Lost)
  • Pam Fields (Pretty Little Liars)
  • Jimmy Carter (Former President of the United States)
  • Cinderella



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