ISFJ memes- 35 of the Very Best

ISFJ Memes

ISFJs are the guardians of the MBTI typology. They are known for their modest and sweet nature. They are also one of the personality types that value traditions and family. These types are introverts by nature and value peace. To celebrate this type, we have gathered the best 35 ISFJ memes we could find.

So here are 35 of the very best.

35 ISFJ Memes to Start Your Day

1. ISFJ Memes- The Struggle to Say No

ISFJs are big people pleasers. Thus, it’s often an eternal struggle to say no to people. Because of this problem, ISFJs might find themselves weighed down with so much work.

This can leave them stressed and exhausted.

2. ISFJs Want to Be The Best Companions

ISFJs want to be the best companions or friends. Thus, they are always ready to listen to what their friends or partners have to say. This can be a bit overwhelming.

3. ISFJ And Depression

ISFJ and INFJs are some of the types that are vulnerable to sadness or depression. If this is how you feel, then you should probably see a therapist. I recommend Online Therapy. If you are ready, you should probably check them out.

4. ISFJ Value Complete Honesty

For ISFJs, you have to be completely honest. Anything gotten through dishonesty will definitely not go down well with them.

Honesty often forms their core values.


6. ISFJ Memes- The Perfect Student

ISFJs always want to play by the rules. This often means that they turn out to be the perfect student. They want to obey the rules and teachers love them for that.

Well, that’s definitely not the same for the ENTPs and ESTPs.


8. ISFJ Memes- Incredibly Loyal

ISFJs are very loyal people. It’s not surprising that a lot of ISFJs identify or type themselves as enneagram 6. This often means that the ISFJs take any insults to their friends or family really personal.

So, don’t do that.

9. ISFJs are Still Introverts

While ISFJs belong to the extroverted introverts category, they are still introverts at heart. This means that too much interaction might be terrible for them.

This usually happens during the festive period.


11. ISFJs and Assumptions

One of the biggest problems that ISFJs have is making assumptions. Thus, the ISFJ might be very quick to jump into conclusions before having the whole picture.

This can be a big problem.



14. ISFJ Paradox

ISFJs are some of the largest procrastinators in this planet. When paired with the enneagram 9, this can be somewhat more pronounced. However, they always manage to get the job done well and on time.

15. ISFJ Memes- The Power of Introverted Sensing

ISFJ lead with introverted sensing. This allows them to draw on past experiences to make present day decisions. While this can be quite reliable, it can also lead to a number of problems.

16. ISFJs Like Their Alone Time

ISFJs are introverts. Thus, they often need time alone to recharge. It also means that they will choose staying indoors to going out when making a decision.


18. ISFJs Love Traditions

ISFJs love traditions and norms. Thus, they hardly go against them. ISFJs are one of the most likely types to stay in a family religion.

This also means that they stay closer to family.




21 ISFJ Memes- Always Willing to Help

ISFJs are always willing to help. Thus, they can even make sacrifices that adversely affect them to see others happy. This is one reason why we love the ISFJs. They have a tremendous self-sacrificing spirit.


23 ISFJs Want to Settle Down

ISFJs like the idea of marriage. Thus, once they find someone they love, that is their full expectation. It’s really rare to see ISFJs who are simply interested in casual flings.



26. ISFJs Hate Breakups

ISFJs are often really committed to their relationships. Thus, they suffer hard when they go through breakups.

ISFJs prefer to stay in toxic relationships than go through breakups.


28. Protective of those they love

ISFJs are fiercely protective of those they love. Most times, this includes their family. This shows in everything that they do.




32. ISFJ Memes- Good with the Details

ISFJs want to know everything. Thus, they often ask for all the tiny details just to make sure they have the complete pictures.

This might be annoying to some MBTI types who simply do not have the patience to answer a lot of questions.

33. ISFJ And Emotions

ISFJs suppress a lot of their emotions. Thus, it can be difficult getting to know the real ISFJ. However, once you do, you create an everlasting bond.



So there you have it! ISFJs make the world go round. Without them, the world will be a little more aggressive.

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