ISFP Memes- 40 of the Very Best

ISFP Memes

ISFPs are the adventurers of the MBTI typology. They love to see the world and all the adventures it comes with. It’s not surprising to us that some ISFPs type as enneagram 7. To celebrate this awesome MBTI type, we have gathered the best ISFP memes we could find.

So, here are 40 of the very best ISFP memes around.

40 Best ISFP Memes That Will Leave you Laughing

1. ISFP Memes- Talking Might Not Be Their Desire

ISFPs love adventures. However, they are still introverts at their core. This means that they love their alone time. They also use this time to recharge and just be themselves.

So, when someone tries to take this away from them, it never ends well.

2. ISFP Often have a lot of explaining to do

ISFPs genuinely loves their close friends and family. However, they also want to spend a lot of time alone. This might not go down well with them. Good luck!

3. ISFP Memes- Who are ISFPs?

If you are wondering what you can expect from an ISFP, this explains it in the simplest terms possible. However, if they are unhealthy, things might be a lot more different.

4. ISFP and the Romance Conflict

ISFPs really want to find love and commit. However, once they are in a relationship, they suddenly wish they can be independent again.

This often makes them seem flighty and can lead to several failed relationships. Oh well.


6. ISFPs Are Extroverted Introverts

While ISFPs are extroverted introverts, this does not mean that they behave like full-blown extroverts.

Thus, after a lot of talking and interaction, you might not see the ISFP for a long time.

7. ISFP Love Animals

If there is one thing we can be sure of, ISFPs absolutely adore animals. However, we cannot say the same for humans.


10 ISFP Memes- To Say Or Not to Say

ISFPs are often caught between not saying anything about their lives and blabbing away. While this might be confusing to people outside, it is quite frustrating to the ISFP.

They simply cannot make up their mind.



12. ISFP Memes- Feelers

ISFPs feel things very deeply. In fact, most ISFPs understand what it means to be sad on very deep levels. They are very similar to the INFPs in the way they handle their emotions.


14 ISFP Paradox

ISFPs are often caught between wanting to be a child and making rash decisions. This can be insanely frustrating to the ISFP.

It’s almost like they can get a break.



17. ISFP 2and Overthinking

Just like the INFP and ENFP, ISFP are big over thinkers. Once they get into that mode, it can be incredibly hard to get them functioning the way they should.

Overthinking can often lead to paranoia for the ISFP.




21. ISFP Memes- Extremely Shy

Here’s something you probably never knew about the ISFP. They are extremely shy people. I once had this friend who couldn’t eat in public places because she was extremely shy.

She is an ISFP.




25. ISFP Can Be Quite Awkward

ISFPs often struggle with being awkward. A perfect example of this is saying more than they should in public.

It’s often a source of embarrassment for them.


27. ISFP Memes- Insomnia is your friend

ISFPs can often stay awake for long hours. Most to these time is spent on spontaneous new projects or things their minds made up.

That must be a lot of fun.





32- ISFP Memes- Fashionable

ISFPs are cool people. They can pull off a lot of things seamlessly. You’ll probably notice how fashionable they are at first glance.



35. ISFP Memes- The More You Look, the Less You See

ISFPs on the internet and in reality are two different people. ISFPs on social media might seem extremely jovial and all fun.

However, in reality, the ISFP just wants to stay at home.

36 ISFPs Don’t Do Well With Deadlines

ISFPs don’t do that well when under pressure or when facing deadlines. Thus, most of them prefer to practice and be ready a long time before the deadline.

Of course, wanting that and pulling it off are two different things.


38- ISFJ And ISFP are Close Kins

ISFJ and ISFP might seem extremely similar in person. However, they are quite different if you dig deep into their cognitive functions.

However, its still surprising how they often share similar values.



iSFPs are simply wonderful people to be around. We simply love them for that.

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