ISTJ 9w8 (The Complete Guide)

ISTJ 9w8

When people think of ISTJs, ruthless and organized often come to mind. With ISTJ 9w8, things are not as straightforward.

Are you looking to learn more about the ISTJ 9w8? If you are, you’ve come to the right place. This article discusses the ISTJ 9w8 and what to expect from them.

Who is the ISTJ 9w8?

ISTJ 9w8s are calm people with a chunk of cold steel. They are laid-back people who prefer to go with the flow with a caveat; their values should not be violated. Values here might include how people treat their loved ones. This also includes the rules that guide their lives.

With this personality type, there’s an “emotional feel” about them. They try to avoid conflict when they can. This means that they are generally more tactful than typical ISTJs.

Type 9 is not the most common type for ISTJs. Thus, its presence changes some of the typical traits of an ISTJ, as we shall soon see.

ISTJ 9w8 is slightly more likely to be turbulent than assertive.

What is the Core Desire of the ISTJ 9w8?

The core desire of the ISTJ 9w8 is to maintain their inner harmony. To achieve this, they try to be as tolerant as possible. However, unlike other type 9s, their tolerance has a limit.

What is the Core Fear of the ISTJ 9w8?

The core fear of the ISTJ 9w8 is to be in constant conflict. To prevent this, they try to reach compromises. If they can’t, they are more likely to cut people off to maintain their peace.

How the 9w8 Changes Some of the Natural Tendencies of the ISTJ

1.   More Outgoing

ISTJs are super introverts. This changes in the ISTJ 9w8. They become more extroverted. This means they have better-lasting social batteries. They can interact more and are generally adept with small talk.

Now, this does not mean they enjoy it. They do it because it’s rude to ignore people, and can lead to conflict.

ISTJ 9w8, in their truest form, prefers to be left alone.

2.   More Tactful

ISTJs are not the most discreet bunch. Once the facts are clear to them, they can be blunt and even harsh with the truth. ISTJ 9w8s are different.

While they retain this capacity, they are more likely to be more tactful or diplomatic in their approach. This has its pros. ISTJ 9w8s are generally easier to get along with. They also have higher tolerance levels.

3.   Less Insensitive

This follows the last point. Because they are more tactful, they are generally more aware of people’s emotions and feelings. While this does not mean they are more emotional, they are just more likely to resist rubbing salt to injury.

Again, this new adjustment allows ISTJ 9w8s to be more popular and likable.

4.   Adaptable, But with Healthy Boundaries

ISTJs are notorious for having rigid standards. This also applies to ISTJ 9w8s with a twist. They are more rigid about their core values but adaptable with minor issues.

Thus, this personality type can accommodate others as long as their core values are respected. This allows them to be kind and flexible without descending into people-pleasing problems.

5.   More Laid-Back

Like most type 9s, ISTJ 9w8s go with the vibe. They are calm and do not go searching for trouble. People often feel comfortable around them.

Their laid-back nature can also have some cons, as we shall soon see.

6.   Less Assertive

Assertiveness is normal with the ISTJs. However, ISTJ 9w8s are slightly less assertive. This is understandable as they are more tactful and less eager to handle conflict.

This comes with some pros. People feel more respected around them. It also makes them good mediators and diplomats.

New Weaknesses of the ISTJ 9w8

1.   Slightly Less Efficient

The laid-back nature of the ISTJ 9w8s leads to other problems. Chief among them is the problem of complacency. While ISTJs are often super organized, ISTJ 9w8s will have bouts of laziness.

During this period, they might neglect themselves and their environment. While this is true, ISTJ 9w8s are still ISTJs. Thus, things usually don’t go overboard.

2.   Anger Issues

Types 9 and 8 are in the anger triad. This means that anger is usually the first emotion that pops up in any negative situation. However, the way both types choose to handle anger is different. Type 9 prefers to suppress this anger/deny it exists, whereas type 8 prefers to confront it.

Thus, ISTJ 9w8 will first try to suppress their anger. However, when they are pushed to the wall, they’ll confront any situation.

In other words, they are not afraid of conflict. They avoid it to preserve their inner harmony.

3.   A Tad More Indecisive

Type 9 is famous for their indecisiveness. This is also present in the ISTJ 9w8. Thus, there will be times when they doubt themselves or hesitate when making big decisions.

One reason why might be the need to make a choice that keeps everyone happy. Sometimes, they might not have all the facts. So, ISTJ 9w8s will take longer to make a decision.

This can have disastrous consequences for their careers or personal relationships.

4.   More Stubborn

As mentioned earlier, type 9 prefers to suppress their anger. However, no one can fully suppress anger. Thus, it seeps out in the form of passive-aggressiveness or stubbornness.

This is the same with ISTJ 9w8. They can be an immovable mountain when they want to be. Trying to move them will only make them dig into their heels.

ISTJ 9w8 in Love/Compatibility

Are you dating or in love with an ISTJ 9w8? Here are some things you can expect.

1.   Love Languages

This refers to the way people prefer to give or receive love. Physical touch and words of affirmation are among ISTJ 9w1’s top three love languages.

So, don’t be afraid to soothe them with supportive words or be intimate.

They’ll love you even more.

2.   Compatibility

ISTJ’s natural partners in the MBTI are ESFP and ESTP. In Socionics, this is the ENFP. Type 9 is popular with all Enneagram types.

Thus, ISTJ 9w8s have a lot of options on the table. While this is true, any two mature persons can make a relationship work.

3.   Share/Respect their Values

ISTJ 9w8s have strong values and are even more dogged about them than ISTJ 9w1. If you are dating an ISTJ 9w8, make sure you support their values. If you don’t share in them, make sure you respect them.

However, the ideal situation should be sharing their values. Things are just easier that way.

4.   Cheer/Encourage

ISTJ 9w8s will have different phases in their life or day. Sometimes, they’ll be efficient and super-motivated. Other times, they’ll might doubt themselves or worry about making the right decision.

You have to be ready to cheer or encourage them, depending on the circumstances. Be their rock, and your bond will grow.

ISTJ 9w8 in the Workplace

ISTJs are monstrous workers. They put in a shift when needed and are very reliable. They prefer career paths that allow for immediate concrete results for their efforts.

ISTJ 9w8s have a lot of monstrous intensity, thanks to their wing. They can also deal with human interaction effectively. This makes them the complete package.

ISTJ 9w8s usually prefer a hybrid work environment.

Best Careers for the ISTJ 9w8

  • Military
  • Law Enforcement
  • Arbitrator
  • Diplomat
  • Mediator
  • Executive
  • Financial Manager
  • HR Manager
  • Mechanic
  • Carpenter
  • Plumber
  • Electrician

Worst Careers for the ISTJ 9w8

  • Actor
  • Entertainer
  • Journalist
  • Pre-school Teacher

Famous People/Fictional/Anime Characters That Might be ISTJ 9w8

  • Mike Ehrmantraut (Breaking Bad)
  • Queen Maeve (The Boys)
  • Bertram Winkle (Jessie)
  • Liam Hemsworth
  • Carl Carlson (The Simpsons)
  • Lee Min-Ho
  • Vanderwood (Mystic Messenger)
  • Do Kyung Seok (My ID is Gangnam Beauty)
  • Cliff Stanfield (Black Mirror)
  • Stilgar (Dune)
  • He Cheng (19 Days)

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