ISTJ Memes- 40 of the Very Best

ISTJ memes

Dutiful and responsible. These are the words often used to describe the ISTJ. these are however just the tip of all the things that the ISTJ stands for. For all the work and obligations ISTJ takes up for themselves, we have decided to celebrate them with the best 40 ISTJ memes we could find.

So here are 40 of the very best ISTJ memes out there.

40 ISTJ Memes to Get You Smiling

1. ISTJs Get a lot of Stick

ISTJs get a lot of stick from people for being boring. Do you know the interesting part? Most people can say it to their face. Yes, the ISTJ can be that intimidating.

2. ISTJ Memes- The Model Citizen

ISTJs are big on traditions. They want a home and family. ISTJs also want to obey all the laws and norms of society.

They also do not want you to disobey the laws. If you want to upset the ISTJ, do just that.

3. ISTJ Loves the Rules

Regarding of where they find themselves, ISTJs want the rules to be followed. This often means that they are the ones who enforce it.

So, think twice before you do something wrong when you’re with an ISTJ.

4. ISTJs are Hard-Working

ISTJs are very hard-working and reliable. This can be taken to an extreme. ISTJs might start looking at others that don’t put in the same effort as being lazy or unreliable.

Don’t take it too personally. They are simply being ISTJs.

5. ISTJ Memes- Very Private

ISTJs are extremely private. Thus, most of their conversations are based on small talks. Throw in their need to avoid emotional discussions and you’d understand their love for small talks.

6. Low-Key People’s Pleasers

ISTJs can seem very intimidating to others. However, to those they love, they can do whatever it takes to make them happy. This might see the ISTJ neglect their own needs just to make others happy.

7. The ISTJ Stare

This is different from the INTJ death stare. However, the stare of an ISTJ makes you feel like they are unexcited or unimpressed by your actions. Actually, this is simply their default look.

If you don’t know them very well, this can seem a bit unsettlingly.

8. Intimidating Look

If you know an ISTJ from afar, chances are that you think they are unfriendly and always unhappy. This is all down to their default look.

They just can’t help it.

9. ISTJ Memes

10. ISTJ Wants Nothing to Do with Emotions

ISTJ wants absolutely nothing to do with emotions. They are the complete opposite of ENFPs both in letters and in approach to life.

While the ENFP thrives on emotions and feelings, ISTJs completely avoid it. If you want to see a bit of drama, put an ISTJ and ENFP in the same room.

11. ISTJ Memes

12. ISTJs Like their Alone Time

ISTJs are introverts. Thus, they absolutely love their alone time. Don’t be surprised if they don’t want to hang out sometimes.

They simply don’t roll that way.


14. ISTJs Can Be Ruthless

Here’s a general principle. Never mess with an ISTJ. ISTJs can be ruthless when you disobey the law, mess with their family or mess with them.

The consequences can be very unpleasant.



17. ISTJ Memes- Perfectionists

ISTJs can be big perfectionists. They want things to look a certain way and usually don’t believe others can pull it off.

So, they rather do all the work themselves even though it takes a toll on their mental health.

18. ISTJs are Big Sensors

ISTJs are sensors. This often means that they rely on routine and things that are constant.

Thus, big changes can turn their world on its head. ISTJs will need time to adjust to the new situation.










28. ISTJs Love Their Patterns

ISTJs love order. Its not a surprise then that they want things to be in a particular order. This obsession can take over their homes, lives and their workplace.

Things are just not right if they are not in a particular pattern.

29. ISTJs are Very Knowledgable

ISTJs are like walking dictionaries. They have a wealth of knowledge in their heads. When they want, they can use this knowledge to prove pretty much anything they want.

It’s not surprising that ISTJs can make pretty awesome attorneys.


31. ISTJ Memes- Coffee and Everything Nice




35. ISTJ Memes- Routine is Life

ISTJs are big fans of routine. Thus, they incorporate this into pretty much anything they do. This even includes their own meals.






So there you have it! ISTJ are incredible people. You are blessed if you have one in your family.

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