ISTP 3w2 (The Complete Guide)

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We love ISTPs for their practicality and independence. When compared with the enneagram of personality, some identify as the ISTP 3w2.

This article talks about the ISTP 3w2 and what you can expect from them.

Who is the ISTP 3w2?

ISTP 3w2s are goal-oriented people with a touch of style. They combine the ISTP’s curiosity with type 3’s desire to win. They are industrious and usually determined.

Because of their wing, they might also enjoy teaching and interacting with others. Type 3 is not the most popular enneagram type for ISTP. That title goes to type 5. However, ISTP 3w2s are not rare.

The presence of type 3 amplifies some of the traits of the ISTP, while type 2 distorts other traits. ISTP 3w2s are more likely to be assertive than turbulent.

What is the Core Desire of the ISTP 3w2?

The core desire of the ISTP 3w2 is to be successful. They won’t also mind appearing successful. Success in their opinion is judged by people’s opinions about them.

What is the Core Fear of the ISTP 3w2?

The core fear of the ISTP 3w2 is to be a failure. They also don’t want to appear a failure when they are not successful.

How the 3w2 Changes The Natural Tendencies of the ISTP

1.   More Extroverted

ISTPs are super introverts. This means they are energized when they spend time alone. While ISTP 3w2s are also introverts, it’s to a lesser degree. Here’s why.

Type 3 is interested in climbing the corporate ladder or succeeding in whatever they do. To do that, they need to talk and network with others.

ISTP 3w2s cannot do this if they are constantly alone. Thus, expect them to put themselves out there. It becomes easier for them if they are good at something such as a sport. They can easily become very popular.

2.   More Ambitious

As earlier stated, ISTP 3w2s care a lot about success. To achieve this, they set goals or targets for themselves.

This need pushes them to become very ambitious. Their ambition allows them to succeed where most fail. It also improves their willpower.

3.   More Action-Oriented

With ambition comes the need to be decisive. ISTP 3w2s are very action-oriented. This is further heightened by their extroverted sensing (Se) function.

This allows them to make quick decisions. Because of their enneagram type, they usually pull it off. This differs from typical ISTPs, who might be more analytical.

4.   More Helpful

Type 2 is known for their desire to help others. Depending on how strong their wing is, ISTP 3w2s will have this trait.

Thus, they might be more generous with their time or finances. They might also be open to teaching others and are friendly.

Even if their wing is weak, ISTP 3w2s might still appear this way. However, their motive for helping will be questionable.

5.   Higher Energy Levels

As stated earlier, ISTPs are introverts. This also comes with other implications. For example, typical ISTPs are more likely to have lower energy levels.

They might prefer to analyze and troubleshoot problems in the comfort of their room or offices. This is true even though they love to work with their hands.

However, ISTP 3w2s are more proactive. It is not surprising that they are often mistyped as ESTPs.

6.   Career Options

Because of their willingness to interact more, ISTP 3w2s will fair better in more career paths than typical ISTPs.

Thus, they might make great entrepreneurs, politicians, or executives. Type 3’s ability to adapt is a key factor here.

New Weaknesses of the ISTP 3w2

1.   Competitive Streak

Type 3s want to be the best in whatever they do. Hence, they can be super competitive. ISTP 3w2s are the same.

Thus, they enjoy competing with others for the top spot. To them, nothing else matters. This can have some drawbacks.

First, this personality type might struggle to deal with failure. This can lead to shame or anger. They might also find it difficult to relax and have fun.

2.   External Validation

ISTPs are independent. However, the presence of 3w2 changes this to some extent. They become more focused on people’s recognition.

Because of this, they base a good chunk of their self-esteem on people’s opinions. The problem with this is that things don’t always go their way.

Thus, when the going gets tough and people’s opinions change, this can affect their self-confidence.

3.   Mild to Moderate People-Pleasers

This follows the last point. Because of their need to rise to the top and get external validation, ISTP 3w2s can become people-pleasers.

Thus, ISTP 3w2s might break some of their values just to be liked by the right people. In worst-case scenarios, this can make them lose their identity.

4.   Constantly Comparing themselves to Others

Type 3 often falls into the habit of comparing themselves to others. This is present in ISTP 3w2s. It might not be evident since they are introverts.

The need to compare themselves with other people can have some cons. First, they will not be happy with their lives. They will also downplay their achievements and feel inadequate.

5.   Financial Troubles

With type 3 and the perceiving function comes a lot of impulsive behavior. The presence of Se heightens this.

Thus, ISTP 3w2s will struggle with their finances. They might splash the cash on expensive cars and gadgets for various reasons. For some, having such things is satisfying. For others, it is a sign of success.

The bottom line is ISTP 3w2s need to watch their spending.

ISTP 3w2 in the Workplace

ISTPs look for tangible results when working. Thus, technical and analytical jobs appeal to them. They are also good with their hands. ISTPs can work both remotely or 9-5 easily.

ISTP 3w2s are similar. However, this personality type also wants a career that offers success and career progression. They want to stand out and often do well in leadership positions. A job that allows them to interact with others will appeal to them but is not their priority.

To get the best out of the ISTP 3w2, ensure their role provides career progression and matches their ambition.

Best Careers for the ISTP 3w2

  • Entrepreneur
  • Executive
  • CEO
  • Civil Engineer
  • Mechanical Engineer
  • Chef
  • Professor
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Attorney
  • Doctor
  • Dentist
  • Pilot
  • Military Officer
  • Athlete

Worst Careers for the ISTP 3w2

  • Paralegal
  • Judge
  • Writer
  • Journalist
  • Nurse

Famous/Fictional/Anime Characters that Might Be ISTP 3w2

  • Sylvester Stallone
  • Tiger woods
  • Jon Kortajarena
  • Lita
  • Jefferson (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • Eric Trump
  • Handy Smurf (Smurfs)
  • Ryu Choi-Hui (Tomorrow)

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