ISTP 6w5 (The Complete Guide)

ISTP 6w5

When we think of ISTPs, cars and other fun adventures probably cross our minds. Yet, there’s so much more to this personality type. For example, ISTP 6w5 is as different as it gets from the stereotypical ISTP. 

So, what can you expect from the ISTP 6w5?

Who is the ISTP 6w5?

ISTP 6w5s are very strong and driven people. They are driven and crave self-sufficiency while remaining secure in their position. 

Their need to be secure counteracts ISTP’s love for adventures in many ways. Type 6 is known for their need to be secure while type 5 is known to love independence. 

Thus, you get a person who needs to be independent even when part of a close-knit group. A large portion of ISTPs identifies as type 5 or type 9. This means that this personality type is in the minority. 

As you can already see, a lot of their traits are altered by their enneagram type. ISTP 6w5s are more likely to be assertive ISTPs. 

However, they can also be ISTP-Ts. 

What is the Core Desire of the ISTP 6w5?

The core desire of the ISTP 6w5 is to be secure. To achieve this, they use their many incredible skills to forge out a path for themselves. 

They also do the needed research to figure out what to expect. With the ISTP 6w5, safety always comes first. 

What is the Core Fear of the ISTP 6w5

The core fear of the ISTP 6w5 is to be insecure or vulnerable. They fear not being able to protect themselves or those they love. 

To avoid this fear from becoming a reality, ISTP 6w5s will use aggression, analysis, and research to stay ahead in the game. 

How the 6w5 Changes the Natural Tendencies of the ISTP

1. More Cautious

While they are introverts, ISTPs have a reputation for being more impulsive. This is probably down to their perceiving function. While this is still present, it’s much reduced with the ISTP 6w5. 

They will generally be more cautious. Their adherence to caution will show when they make decisions or in how they manage finances. 

It also means they are more likely to stay away from risky situations. 

2. More Analytical

ISTPs are sensors. While we are all analytical, ISTPs are more popular for being detail-oriented and practical people. ISTP 6w5s will be a bit different. 

While they are detail-oriented, their wing will give them amazing analytical skills. They will be able to analyze information and situations efficiently. 

This is further enhanced by the presence of type 6. They need to know how safe a situation is. Being analytical remains mightily important. 

3. More Loyal

Type 6s are known as loyal skeptics. This is because they value loyalty. ISTP 6w5s are similar. They are very loyal to those they love. 

While this is true, this doesn’t mean that they let people they care about run them over. It just means that if there is an emergency, they will always be there when needed. 

This personality type also expects the same from those they care about. 

4. More Logical

ISTPs are thinkers by their very nature. This means they use logic to solve their daily problems. Logic is often regarded as superior to emotions by ISTPs. ISTP 6w5s take this even further. 

Type 6 and type 5 are two enneagram types in the thinking triad. So, emotions and sensitivity are often overlooked. They want to make decisions based on the facts and not how they feel. 

Thus, ISTP 6w5s are less sensitive to criticism. In fact, they value constructive feedback as they see it as a way of improving. 

5. Less Adventurous

ISTPs along with the ISFPs are usually described as the most adventurous introverts. They love the thrill of good adventures and don’t mind the risks that come with them. 

However, ISTP 6w5s are different. While the thrill of adventures still appeals to them, their worry about security is also present. 

Thus, ISTP 6w5s feel more comfortable going on adventures that are planned carefully and are risk-free. 

While this takes away some of the fun, it also means more security. That is really the dream of the enneagram 6 wing 5. 

6. More Independent

ISTPs crave independence. They want to make their own decisions and be free as the wind. ISTP 6w5s take this even further. The need to make and take their own decision is strengthened by their need to avoid unnecessary risks. 

Thus, this personality type is less likely to make decisions or take actions just to please others. To avoid the snare of people-pleasing, they ensure that they are as self-sufficient as possible. 

That’s a good plan if you ask me. 

New Weaknesses of the ISTP 6w5

1. More Fearful

Type 6 and type 5 have one thing in common. They have a fearful heart. Thus, most of their actions are controlled by fear. 

For type 6, it’s the fear of not being able to protect themselves or be secure. For type 5, it’s the fear of being a burden to others. 

Fear is also the first emotion either type accesses in any situation. Thus, ISTP 6w5s can be very fearful people. 

The good news is that they hide it so well. So, you probably won’t notice. 

2. More Skeptical

Type 6s are pessimists. Thus, it’s not really a surprise that ISTP 6w5s are more doubtful or skeptical than your average ISTP. 

They take more time to digest new projects and want to know the drawbacks in each situation. There’s a fine line between pessimism and being realistic. 

ISTP 6w5s should ensure they don’t stray too far from that line. 

3. More Detached

Type 5 is infamous for their ability to detach themselves from their environment. Because ISTPs are already introverts, this becomes a problem for them too. 

In very unhealthy situations, this can be a hindrance in building a good relationship with their loved ones. 

ISTP 6w5 and the Workplace

ISTPs value creativity and physically challenging workplaces. They love the thrill of solving problems and want a career that offers them that option. 

ISTP 6w5s are similar. The only difference is the new desire to be secure. This reduces the need for extremely challenging situations. They also value a lot of stability in the job they choose. 

To get the best out of this personality type, make sure their role is stable and innovative. 

Best Careers for the ISTP 6w5

  • Chef
  • High school teacher
  • Photographer
  • Firefighter
  • Professor
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • Electrical Engineer
  • Carpenter
  • Plumber
  • Software Developer

Worse Careers for the ISTP 6w5

  • Stock Broker
  • Entrepreneur
  • Clergy
  • Journalist
  • Actor

Famous/Fictional Characters that are ISTP 6w5

  • Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)
  • Eminem
  • Black Widow (Marvel)
  • Kristen Stewart
  • Raya (Raya and the last Dragon)
  • John Wick (John Wick)
  • Melanie Trump
  • Thomas (The Maze Runner)

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