ISTP Male- Here’s What You Can Expect


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ISTPs are the craftsmen of the MBTI typology. Their love for new challenges makes them stand out. The ISTP male is especially interesting.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at the ISTP male and what you can expect.

Quick Facts About the ISTP Male

1.    Intuitive Sensor

ISTPs are sensors by their very nature. This means that they are usually more conventional and practical. However, ISTPs are also very curious and intuitive.

They can also look at the bigger picture while maintaining their practical nature. This makes the ISTP male one of the most intuitive sensor types.

It’s the best of both worlds for this type.

2.    Enneagram Type

According to Thought Catalog, when compared with the enneagram, the majority of ISTPs will be type 5. This is followed by type 9, type 6, and type 7.

This makes sense as ISTP males are naturally curious people. They want to know how the world ticks and find solutions to problems they might face.

It is also natural for them to be type 9 as they usually are calmer than their ESTP counterparts.

3.    Love for Logic

ISTPs are thinkers. This also extends to the ISTP males. They prefer and value logic over emotion. This has several implications.

First, the ISTP male will be blunt and straightforward when addressing issues or problems. They will also be less vulnerable to criticism and take it as a chance to improve.

This might be a problem when dealing with feeler types. They might consider the ISTP man to be cold and insensitive. As with most things in life, the key is finding a balance.

4.    Ruthless When Necessary

This follows their love for logic. When the chips are down, the ISTP male is ready to make the hard decision.

This is true even when the decision is not a great one. Their objective nature makes them very ruthless. Just like their love for logic, this might not sit well with more emotional types.

5.    Charismatic

ISTP males are very charismatic. They have a unique sense of who they are. They are also very calm and can sieve through the negatives when looking for a solution.

To the ISTP man, this is pretty normal. To an outsider or an onlooker, it’s pretty awesome.

6.    Their Love for Fresh Challenges

ISTPs love new challenges. They want their world and knowledge to be constantly tested by innovations and problems.

Usually, they prefer these challenges to be more hands-on. This does not mean they do not enjoy a mental challenge. They just come alive when they find themselves in this situation.

7.    Spontaneous

Finally, the ISTP male is still a perceiver. This means that they are spontaneous and impulsive.

This has its pros and cons. The ISTP male will be able to take action or make decisions quickly and when necessary. They will also be able to let loose when necessary.

However, just like all perceivers, the ISTP male is vulnerable to making rash or impulsive decisions.

ISTP Male and Career Options

As earlier stated, ISTP males are very curious. However, unlike their N counterparts, they are more interested in the technical world.

They love to use their hands and physicality in their careers. Solving technical problems is what they live for. It’s not a surprise that they are usually drawn to cars and automation.

ISTP males also want to work in a spontaneous environment that allows for creativity. Keeping the ISTP male behind a desk or in an office doesn’t appeal to them.

They need to be taking action. That is when they come alive.

Best Careers for the ISTP Male

●       Mechanic

Mechanics embody everything the ISTP male stands for. This career path involves using their hands and is very physical.

It also requires innovation and is mainly concerned with solving problems in machines or automobiles.

ISTPs will love the nature of this work. Excelling in this career will be a breeze for them.

●       Military Officer

ISTPs also make great military officers. The physical aspect of this path will make it appealing. Despite being more of a rebel sensor, ISTP males will find it easy to fit into the strict rules that come with military service.

Using tools available to military men might also be attractive to them.

Here are other career options that ISTP males might find interesting.

  • Firefighter
  • Chef
  • Photographer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Electrical engineer
  • Civil engineer
  • System Analyst
  • Paralegal
  • Carpenter
  • Surveyor

Careers ISTP Males Should Avoid

  • Journalist
  • Actor/Entertainer
  • Dentist
  • Nurse
  • Writer

The ISTP Male in Relationships

Dating or married to an ISTP male? Here are some things you should know.

ISTP Male and Compatibility

ISTP males are usually attracted to ENTJ females or ESTJ females. While this is true, relationships with other types can still work.

ISTP males usually look for qualities such as confidence and industriousness when looking for a partner.

Love Languages

Most ISTPs will have physical touch in their top two love languages. This is not surprising as they are the physical type.

So, if you are dating an ISTP, intimacy is very important to them. While this is true, you should make sure you understand the type of intimacy your ISTP might need.

The best way of knowing your partner’s love language is by making them take the official love language test.

The Problem of Settling Down

ISTPs are often accused of not settling down early. ISTP males are not big fans of flirting. However, finding the right person might be a problem. Like all perceivers, they love exploring. Settling down can seem like a trap if they are with the wrong person.

Because of this, they might hold off settling down with one partner. However, this personality type knows exactly what they want and usually does not want to settle for less.

Direct and Honest

As you know already, ISTP males are thinkers. This transcends to their romantic relationships. They are direct in their style of communication and prefer to deal with matters bluntly.

With their directness comes a lot of honesty. If you are dating an ISTP male, you’ll earn their respect if you are direct when communicating with them.

Difficulty Expressing their Emotions

ISTP males are not big on emotions. This includes expressing these emotions. If you’re someone who loves words of affirmation, it can be a struggle.

You have to give them time. You should also discuss how you feel about such issues with them. If there’s anything they love, it’s making improvements in their life.

The ISTP male is an interesting personality. They play their role in society perfectly.


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