ISTP MEMES- 40 of the Very Best

ISTP Memes

We love the ISTP for all they stand for. Their need for adventures and new challenges can be really admirable. So, to celebrate this MBTI type, I have compiled 40 of the very best ISTP memes I could find.

40 Funny ISTP Memes That Will Keep you Entertained

1 ISTP’s Brain is a Thing of Intrigue

Dig deep into the ISTP brain and all you’re going to find is their love for fast cars and motorcycles.

Oh, you thought you were going to find love in large quantities? Think again.

2. ISTP Always Rise to the Challenge

ISTPs love a good challenge. Thus, when they have a very terrible day, don’t be surprised if they rise to the challenge and win it.

They are simply like that. That’s one of the many reasons we love them.

3. ISTP Memes- Work Well Under Pressure

ISTP can be an absolute beast when they are under pressure. This might make them procrastinate a little bit.

However, they usually get the job done on time. So, who cares?

4. ISTPs Are Super Introverts

Even though ISTPs are adventurous and spontaneous people, they are usually super introverts.

Thus, they really value their alone time. So, when they have switched to this mode, it might be worth letting them be.

5 ISTP Memes

6. ISTP’s Rage Can Be Terrifying

If you are friends with an ISTP, you’ll definitely agree that seeing an ISTP angry is not for the faint hearted.

We absolutely hope that you are never in that position.

7 ISTP Death Stare

While the world is crazy about the INTJ death stare, the ISTP stare can also be really terrifying. Usually, it signifies that you are in a lot of trouble

8. ISTP Memes

9. ISTP Memes

10. ISTPs are Still Human

While ISTPs usually give off this awesome challenging spirit, it does not mean that they don’t face their own challenges. ISTPs go through depression and other problems just like every other one.

They are human.

11. ISTP Memes

12. ISTPs Come Alive When Facing Challenges

ISTPs are curious people who like to get to the root of the challenges they face.

If this means dismantling their brand new car just to figure out how a part works, then so be it.

13. ISTPs Have a Reputation of Being Blunt

ISTPs have often been described as being too blunt or harsh when talking to others.

If you are a thinker type, then you are going to love it. If you are a feeler type, you might have a problem adjusting.

14. ISTP Memes

15. ISTP Enjoy Their Alone Time

After facing the world and all the challenges that come with it, ISTP take time out to recharge.

For most ISTPs, this happens during the weekends. By Monday, they look themselves again.

It’s incredible.

16. ISTP Memes

17. ISTP Memes

18. ISTP Work Well With their Hands

ISTPs are great with their hands. Thus, they often make great engineers, chefs or mechanics.

However, you should note that if you aren’t great with your hands, it does not mean you are not an ISTP. ISTPs vary greatly and should not be put in a box.

19. Public Speaking Doesn’t Sit Right with ISTPs

ISTPs dread presentations. Usually, presentations often means ISTPs will have to talk in front of a large group of people.

This is certainly not what they bargained for.

20. Parties and Social Gatherings Are Not their Thing

21. ISTP Memes

22. ISTP Memes

23. ISTP Memes

24. ISTPs Don’t Exactly Welcome Mushy Thoughts

ISTPs do not like to see their emotions on full display. Thus, they might avoid it like the plague or feel irritated when others become too emotional.

It’s not how it is.


26. ISTPs are Passionate About Things They Love

ISTPs might be introverts. However, they come alive when it is something that they have an interest.

They can also come alive when they are with friends and family. For people who have not seen the ISTPs talk earlier, this can come as a surprise.




30. A sensor Who Does Not Really Like Norms

So, here’s a shocker. ISTPs are sensors who have a love-hate relationship with norms and traditions.

Thus, it’s quite easy for them to let go of all the societal norms and customs.






36. ISTPs Have a Weird way of showing their Love

ISTPs have a weird way of saying they love you. Thus, if you are expecting them to actually be romantic, this might be difficult for them to pull off.

However, their method is also quite interesting to say the least.



39 Putin is Rumored to be an ISTP

Although most celebrities have not taken a personality assessment before, Putin is often rumored to be either ISTP or an ISTJ.

Thus, if you want to get a good idea of how ISTP behaves, take a look at the Russian President.

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So here you go! Those are 40 really interesting ISTP memes I could find. Hope you had a blast!

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