Receiving Gifts Love Language- The Complete Guide


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The receiving gifts love language is an interesting and often misunderstood love language. That can make life extremely hard for an individual who prefers to receive love this way.

To feel the love you desperately need, you got to get the love language right. If this is the first time you’re hearing about love languages, this simply refers to the way you want to receive and give love.

There are five types of love languages. These are

What Does it Mean if your Love Language is Receiving Gifts?

It simply means that you feel loved when you receive an item or a gift. The item or gift is an expression of love. To the person whose love language is receiving gifts, it means that you are thinking of them.

That’s absolutely thrilling to them. The problem with receiving gifts is that people misunderstand it. They might term this love language as a sign of greed. However, they are missing the point.

The partner doesn’t actually care about how expensive the gift or item is. You might not even spend a dime getting it and it’ll still mean the world to them. It’s about the thoughtfulness behind it.

Here are some signs that should tell you if your love language is receiving gifts.

Signs Your Love Language is Receiving Gifts

1.      You Look forward to Gifts

This is the obvious sign. You want to receive gifts. The excitement and thrill you get from receiving gifts are amazing.

Nothing excites you more. You feel that receiving gifts gives you even more excitement than a night out with your partner or even intimacy.

2.      You Cherish Your Gifts

You often cherish the gifts you receive. You want them close to you. You take care of them. If the gifts are wearable, you wear them all the time.

To you, those gifts are expressions of love that can never be taken away from you.

3.      The Efforts and Thoughts are more important

While some people like to receive expensive gifts and frown at little gifts, you aren’t bothered by that. To you, the effort the person puts into getting the gifts is what counts.

The fact that the person thought of you also makes you smile. Whether the gift item is expensive or not is just an added bonus. It really isn’t important.

4.      Customized Gifts are the Bomb

While you like all types of gifts, you especially love gifts that are customized. They make it very personal and even more loving.

That singular act can make your heart melt with joy.

5.      You Like it when They Handle the Bills

When you’re out on a date, you appreciate it when your partner decides to split or pay the bill. This shows that they actually see you as someone important.

If they simply do not show any interest in paying the bill, you probably take this as a bad sign. The extent to which this applies will depend on your culture and background. In some cultures, it’s normal for males to pay the bill.

In others, a split bill or any partner paying is perfectly fine.

6.      You Find it Hard to Let Go of Old Gifts

You just cannot seem to let go of things that are very old because they were gifts. It reminds you of the love you felt. To lose it is like losing the memories of the person who gave you those gifts. It makes you nostalgic.

Letting them go can leave you feeling sad.

Is Receiving Gifts Love Language Materialistic?

The answer is a big fat NO. As earlier stated, the main message behind receiving gifts is expressing love. Most people who express or feel loved through this love language are more interested in the efforts of their partner.

Thus, they often have a sentimental attachment to their gifts. It’s really not about the money for them. Partners might even appreciate gifts that can be gotten without money.

For example, a teddy bear that a partner gets from playing games in an amusement park is just as special as an expensive car.

Receiving gifts is also a way they tend to gauge how much their partners are interested in them. It really isn’t attached to materialistic tendencies.

How Do You Express Your Love Through Receiving Gifts?

Looking for ideas on how to make your partner happy? Here are some ideas for a partner who prefers the receiving gifts love language.

·        Get them Something they Crave

This always works. Get your partner something they have always wanted. If you classify them as foodies, get them their favorite dish.

To get the best out of this idea, make sure that it’s a surprise. Watch their eyes light up when they realize what you have pulled off. It’ll be incredible.

·        Take them to their Favorite Restaurant

If you want to spice things up, you can take them to their favorite restaurant. You should remember that it’s not just about the most expensive restaurant. It’s about their favorite restaurant.

Make sure you pay the bills. Get them whatever they want on the menu. Trust me, they’ll remember this for a long time.

·        Get them Little Thoughtful Gifts

Sometimes, it doesn’t have to be grand. Little gifts make an even greater impact here. So, make sure you get them little gifts. It could be as little as getting their favorite flowers on your way from the office or getting their favorite chocolate bar.

Make this a regular thing. For the best effect, make sure you keep the gifts unpredictable. It might also work better if you pay attention to things they talk about.

·        Take Them Shopping

Shopping is always exciting for them. It’s something new, almost like a gift. So, take them shopping. It doesn’t have to be a bank-breaking shopping spree.

It can be as little as paying for the groceries or occasionally buying them clothes. It just tells them the spark or love you felt for them is still intact.

There are other things you can definitely do. This largely depends on your partner and their preferences.

What if You Suck at the Receiving Gifts Love Language?

What if you just have never been good at getting someone gifts? Here are a few pointers that will definitely help.

·        Ask Your Partner

An easy way to get started is by asking your partner if there’s anything they need. While this takes away some of the excitement, it certainly helps.

To make things a lot more fun, you can leave a gap between when you’re told and when you get the gift. Slowly, you’ll get an idea of what your partner likes.

·        Be More Attentive

Remember that you are not just getting any gift. You are getting a gift that your partner likes. So, a good way to start is by paying more attention to your partner. At some point, they’ll give you hints of what they really want.

The only way to get this hint is to be attentive. So, don’t mess it up.

What You Should Not Do if your Partner’s Love Language is Receiving Gifts

1.      Don’t Make them Look Materialistic

The worst thing you can do is to make your partner look materialistic. So, don’t even hint at it. If you do, your partner will reject your gifts. This has deeper consequences.

As this is the way they prefer to receive love, rejecting your gifts can equate to rejecting your love. Your relationship will slowly fade away.

2.      Forgetting to get them Gifts on Special Occasions

While they appreciate gifts as any time, special occasion carries bigger expectation. So, events like birthdays, anniversaries or other celebrations should not be ignored.

If you are especially forgetful, make sure you place a reminder on your calendar. Not getting them any gifts during these occasions can sting. So, don’t be that partner.

3.      Disregarding the Gifts they give you

Here’s another thing. People who love the receiving gifts love language also love giving gifts to their partners. This is their own way of showing love. So, if they do give you a gift, make sure that you cherish it.

Even if your love language is not receiving gifts, just make sure you handle the gifts with respect. Doing otherwise just won’t end well.

If you can master giving your partner gifts, your relationship will be a thrilling one.


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