Surviving a Narcissist Neighbor: Tips and Strategies to Minimize Conflict

Narcissist Neighbor

Living close to a narcissist neighbor is such a terrible experience. They act very entitled, lack empathy, and feel an intense need to be admired. Their behavior is typically antagonistic and extremely inconsiderate.

So, you’ve seen a befitting house in a nice neighborhood and have moved in. But your neighbor seems to get on your nerves simply to attract attention and manipulate situations for their interest.

How do you manage this situation? Do you move out? Should you argue with them to fight for your right of way? Let’s find out.

Who is a Narcissist Neighbor?

A narcissist neighbor lives close to you and shows signs of narcissism. 

People with the Narcissistic Personality Disorder have a mental health condition that makes them feel more important than other people. They genuinely believe that other people are trash compared to them, so they should surrender their desires to please them.

Narcissists can go the extra mile to receive external validation and admiration because they are insecure and sensitive. They are so arrogant and selfish, which forces everybody to do whatever they want.

Some people think that narcissism is excessive self-love and vanity because that’s what celebrity culture and the media are telling them, but that’s true. It’s only a part. Narcissists are who they are because they’re extremely arrogant and selfish, and they feel overconfident, even when they don’t have the credentials to back it up.

The worst part? They refuse to take accountability for their actions, even if it’s costing them genuine relationships.

A narcissist neighbor will most likely violate boundaries and property rules. Since they lack empathy, they will often play loud noises or host parties to disturb the entire neighborhood and gather attention. 

How to Spot a Narcissist Neighbor

Not every nosy and annoying neighbor is narcissistic. Here’s how to identify them with ease:

1.   Constantly Seeking Attention

The first sign of a narcissist neighbor is constant attention seeking. They will go any length to attract the neighborhood’s attention and admiration.

For instance, they could host large, expensive parties and play insanely loud music. They could also boast of their achievements and rub their accolades in people’s faces.

2.   They Lack Empathy

The typical narcissist neighbor lacks empathy and is highly inconsiderate, so it’s hard for them to develop genuine relationships in the neighborhood.

For instance, they could ignore complaints about their misdemeanor and continue them anyway. If you have a personal crisis, your narcissist neighbor won’t bat an eyelid.

3.   Extremely Entitled

Narcissist neighbors act privileged and disregard rules that everyone else abides by. The goal is to place themselves above the law and become the focal point of every decision taken in that neighborhood.

For instance, the narcissist neighbor can encroach into a shared parking space or commandeer shared spaces like gyms for personal use.

4.   Exploitative

It’s normal for narcissist neighbors to take advantage of everyone in the neighborhood for personal gain, but never extend that same helping hand to others. In most cases, they use manipulative tactics to guilt-trip you into going the extra mile for them.

A typical scenario is asking for annoying favors like babysitting or doing yard work. Sometimes, your narcissist neighbor can borrow tools and not return them.

5.   Exaggerated Sense of Self-Importance

Every narcissist acts like they are more special than others, and as such, deserves privileged treatment.

It’s typical for your narcissist neighbor to make condescending remarks about other people and ignore community rules. In most cases, they will even demand priority service when others need that thing, too.

6.   Arrogant and Haughty

If your neighbor acts all proud and arrogant and looks down on everybody, he/she is probably narcissistic. These neighbors can display “righteous” behaviors to judge you about your lifestyle, parenting choices, or even cleanliness.

A typical narcissist can even borrow money to dress ostentatiously to increase their self-perception.

7.   Never Takes Accountability

Narcissistic neighbors can never admit they’re wrong, even if it’s costing them the goodwill of everyone in that hospital.

Their ego won’t allow them to apologize. A typical narcissist neighbor will even shift the blame to other neighbors and call them oversensitive or dishonest. If confronted with multiple pieces of evidence, they will dismiss it as “a mistake”.

Dealing With a Narcissist Neighbor: 8 Tips to Remember

How do you manage living with a narcissist neighbor? Let’s find out.

1.   Gray Rock Method

When dealing with a narcissist neighbor, the easiest way to protect your peace is to employ the gray rock method. This method involves making yourself unreactive or unresponsive to the narcissist’s actions.

Narcissists thrive on drama, so don’t give them that satisfaction. Never give them prolonged responses. Let your words be brief and factual with zero form of emotional investment. That way, you’re starving the narcissist of their fuel: attention. 

2.   Security Camera Installation

You may need to set up security cameras around your property when living close to a narcissist for two reasons. Firstly, the cameras will give you undeniable evidence of any property violation or inappropriate behavior, so that the narcissist won’t have any chance to lie against you.

Secondly, if narcissists know you set up security cameras around your house, it will deter them from causing trouble because they can’t lie their way out of it or gaslight you.

3.   Set Appropriate Property Boundary

Marking your property boundary when dealing with a narcissist is vital. Narcissists hate boundaries, so they will try to cross them and violate your personal space to push a response. In this case, the narcissist may try to encroach on your property or claim some parts of your land if there are no well-defined boundary lines. 

You can create a fence, wall, or anything that can make your borders super clear, and let everyone know that you’ve made these borders in case the narcissist wants to play games.

4.   Join Forces With Other Neighbors

This strategy is powerful, especially when other neighbors have been abused by the same narcissist. Building a united front with other neighbors protects everybody from facing consistent harassment. If several people call out the narcissist’s misdemeanor, it will prevent them from singling out one person to abuse.

Also, it will prevent the narcissist from pitting people against each other because they thrive in divided spaces. Finally, it challenges the narcissist’s sense of superiority because everybody can see through the grandiose acts.

5.   Engage in Mediation

If you already have an issue with the narcissist, try engaging in mediation. You can ask around your neighborhood if they have local conflict resolution services or reach out to someone you know the narcissist respects (which is rare) to speak to them.

Using a third party usually works because narcissists typically don’t listen to people they consider enemies. Let the third party be neutral and have no benefits from either party. Preferably, the mediator should be a professional that can resolve the conflict without allowing the narcissist to dominate the conversation.

6.   Keep Clean Records

Nothing is better than keeping clean records when dealing with the narcissist, because it robs them of anything they can use to gaslight or manipulate you. Keep thorough documentation of every violated rule, harassment, or property breach the narcissist has ever committed. This paperwork will help in legal paperwork or vindicate you when accused.

Also, ensure that you keep clean records in your home. For instance, ensure you pay your bills on time and contribute to every essential levies in the neighborhood.

7.   Silent Treatment

Nothing annoys and destabilizes the narcissist more than the silent treatment.

Ironically, the silent treatment is a powerful tool narcissists use to manipulate victims, especially when they make them accountable for their actions. But they hate when someone else does it to them because they know it stings.

Ignoring the narcissist behavior starves them of validation, removes the incoming drama, and gives you peace. They may even go as far as insulting, harassing, and threatening you, but pay them no mind.

8.   Seek Legal Counsel

If you’ve tried every strategy and the narcissist neighbor doesn’t want to back down, it’s time for you to seek legal counsel.

You can consult an attorney and find out more information about things like property line disputes or filing restraining orders. A good lawyer will advise you on the best route to take and the kind of evidence you need to build a case.

Final Words

Have you struggled to deal with a narcissist neighbor?You must be traumatized at this point, especially when the person has vowed to make your life miserable?

But with these strategies, you can protect yourself and stop the narcissist from messing up with your mind and life.

Remember that the narcissist’s intense desire for attention and control has nothing to do with you. They are just deeply insecure. Don’t allow their narcissistic actions to rob you of your peace of mind.

All you have to do is set the right boundaries, have the right people that want your safety without you, and consult a lawyer if the narcissist won’t stop getting on your nerves.


Here are some commonly asked questions

Who is a Narcissist Neighbor?

A narcissist neighbor lives close to you and shows signs of narcissism.

Who Can Endure a Narcissist?

Anybody that endures narcissism often lacks awareness, are narcissistic enablers, or benefit from the narcissist’s wealth.

How Can One Annoy a Narcissist?

Starve them of attention. That’s all it takes. Act like they don’t exist and ignore whatever drama they create.

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