The Choleric Personality Type- Strengths, Weaknesses, Careers, and Fictional Characters


The choleric personality type is just one of the four temperaments outlined by Tim Lahaye. This temperament type is nevertheless quite intriguing.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about cholerics.

What is a Choleric Personality?

Cholerics are intense and passionate people. They are assertive and can be very ambitious. Their ambition allows them to pursue their goals headlong. When they are in this mood, they are almost unstoppable.

When considered on the introversion/extroversion spectrum, cholerics are extroverts, but only just. This personality type is assertive when they need to be and is not as outspoken as sanguines.

If you are around cholerics, you’ll quickly notice just how practical and realistic they are. This trait or quality allows them to maintain their self-discipline. Having self-discipline, in turn, allows them to meet their many targets.

Because of the level of self-discipline they possess, they have well-defined priorities. Thus, their focus is never aimless.

As earlier stated, cholerics have an intensity that only a few can match. This generally translates to a good work ethic. Thus, expect them to be hard and efficient workers. While this has some downsides, it also means that they are also very reliable.

Their reliability is also seen in how they deal with pressure. The choleric personality does not fall apart under pressure. Rather, they thrive under it.

When compared with other personality concepts, such as the MBTI and the enneagram, there’s often a clear correlation.

Cholerics are usually associated with MBTI types with the thinking (T) and judging (J) functions. For example, ENTJ. When compared with the enneagrams, cholerics are usually type 8s. While this is true, a combination of the MBTI and enneagram type can also produce a choleric.

For example, an ESTP 8w7 can easily be a choleric. A good example of this is Donald Trump.

Strengths of the Choleric Personality

1.   Confident

Confidence comes naturally to cholerics. This temperament knows their abilities and worth. Thus, they approach most situations with confidence.

The benefits of this are immense. Their self-confidence levels boost their self-esteem. It also makes them more attractive. When it comes to career progression, confidence allows them to negotiate better salary conditions.

2.   Bold and Daring

This follows the last point. Cholerics are bold and daring. They take risks and approach their problems with determination.

Their bold and daring nature also makes them more assertive. They are not afraid to say how they feel or express themselves.

Cholerics can go up against authority figures without fear.

3.   Disciplined

The choleric personality is the most disciplined among the four temperaments. When they plan or set targets, they have the follow through to make it happen.

Thus, complacency has no place in their daily routine. In fact, they loathe people they consider lazy.

Their self-discipline contributes to the success they achieve in their careers.

4.   Independent

As you probably guessed, the choleric personality is fiercely independent. They have their opinions, their needs, and wants.

They do not want to depend on others for important things such as money. Their need for independence has its own downsides.

Cholerics might resist asking for help even when they need it.

5.   Ambitious

Ambition runs in their veins. Cholerics are not afraid to go after what they want. What they desire are usually big and intimidating.

However, their willpower and doggedness allow them to succeed where others have failed.

6.   Resourceful

This follows the last point. One of the reasons why they succeed is because of how resourceful they are. The choleric personality finds a way to adapt to changing circumstances.

This allows them to find a way even when their initial plans fail. Their resourcefulness gives them an edge in the business world.

7.   Protective

Just like type 8s of the enneagram, cholerics are super protective of those they love. They want them to be safe and be the best version of themselves.

Sometimes, their protectiveness might show in how strict they are. Other times, it could show by how much effort they put into making their families more comfortable.

8.   Hardly People Pleasers

As earlier stated, the choleric personality is independent. Thus, people-pleasers are not one of the things that appeal to them.

Cholerics are assertive and outspoken about their opinions. This leaves no one in doubt about what they think about an issue. They will say their thoughts even when others find them harsh or insensitive.

9.   Realistic and Pragmatic

Cholerics are probably the most realistic temperament. They understand that things do not always go as planned. So, they always prepare for adjustments.

Thus, being idealistic around a choleric might seem foolish to them. They are under no illusions as to the state of the world.

10.                Objective/Logical

This follows the last point. One of the main reasons why this temperament is realistic is because of how logical they are.

This means they make decisions based on logic. This shows in their attitudes, career choices, and even romantic relationships.

Weaknesses of the Choleric Personality

1.   Domineering

One of the major flaws of the choleric personality is their domineering tendencies. As you already know, cholerics live for intensity.

When overcooked, this can easily lead to aggressiveness and wanting to control others. This makes them intimidating and very possessive.

Their domineering attitude can easily make them bullies.

2.   Hot Temper

With domineering tendencies comes a hot temper. Cholerics can get really angry when things don’t go their way or when they fail. They can also let loose when trying to protect others.

Their hot temper is usually swift, loud, and confrontational. In some situations, it can be followed by burning resentment.

3.   Insensitive

As earlier stated, cholerics are logical people. However, this can easily become problematic when they lean too much on logic.

They lose all forms of consideration for others and their feelings. They are also quick to dismiss emotional demands as irrelevant.

This can have immense implications for their relationship with their partners and their children. It also creates unnecessary enmity or grudges.

4.   The Need to Be Right

Cholerics want to be right. It doesn’t matter the activity or the time. They derive joy when they win debates or discussions.

This is not surprising because they are opinionated. The need to be right can make people withdraw from them. Their partner might also avoid expressing themselves for fear of being ripped apart in an argument.

5.   Argumentative

This follows the last point. Because they always want to be right, this temperament is very argumentative. While arguments have their place, not everything needs to be argued.

Plus, Cholerics can get really loud when embroiled in a heated argument. This can seem to be too much conflict for other temperaments, such as the phlegmatic.

6.   Hates any form of Vulnerability

Cholerics thrive on being strong and assertive. Thus, appearing weak or not in control is horrifying.

So they avoid showing any form of weakness. Crying or even apologizing can be quite difficult for them.

Their refusal to show vulnerability can cost them in a romantic relationship.

7.   Impatient

Because of their tendency towards anger, Cholerics have little or no patience when dealing with others. This becomes more obvious when they are dealing with a temperament with lower energy levels.

When their patience runs out, they can act brash or cranky. This might seem harsh or uncalled for to other temperaments.

Cholerics and Love

Are you dating or married to a choleric? If you are, here are some things you should know about them.

1.   Love Languages

Love languages simply refer to how a choleric prefers to receive and show love. Cholerics prefer physical touch and quality time. They want their partners to be intimate with them. Time is precious. Cholerics understand this and want to be part of their partners’ lives.

They are more likely to show love through gifts and words of affirmation.

2.   Communication Style

Cholerics’ communication style is direct and straightforward. They prefer to just approach issues directly without beating around the bush.

They might get angry or impatient when their partner tries to avoid a discussion. In worst-case scenarios, this can affect their trust in their partner.

3.   Loyalty is Important to Them

Cholerics are incredibly loyal. Thus, they expect their partners to be the same. They expect their partners to support them through thick and thin.

When this doesn’t come, cholerics might feel unloved or alone. This might put a strain on the relationship.

4.   Commitment

This follows the last point. Because they are so loyal, dedication and commitment come easily to them. So, they also expect the same level of commitment from their partners.

A small trace of doubt or rejection from their partners can be devastating. If you’re dating a choleric, make sure you assure them of your dedication to the relationship.

5.   Generous

If you’re with a choleric, you’ll quickly notice how generous they are. They will give all they can to make and keep their partner happy.

If your choleric are generous with their time and finances, you can be sure of their love.

The Choleric Personality and Handling Money

Cholerics like to spend money on what they deem necessary. Because they might also be generous, they might be a bit impulsive with their spending.

However, how much they spend will depend on what choleric variant they are. Nevertheless, as a rule of thumb, cholerics are usually in control of their finances. They almost never become bankrupt.

Not having enough money or resources means becoming vulnerable. That’s something they do not want.

Variants of the Choleric Personality


The presence of phlegmatic directly counteracts the main traits of the choleric personality. Thus, this variant is more balanced and subtle. They are also less harsh and more laid back.

Chlor-phlegs are more cautious and find it easier to suppress their anger.


This variant is much more outspoken. Unlike typical cholerics, that might seem emotionless, chlor-sans find it easier to be friendly and show a lot of emotions.

The downside is that their anger is much more explosive.


This variant is more introverted. They are usually more emotional. However, chlor-mels are more likely to hold on to resentment longer than the typical Cholerics.

They are also more likely to slip into depression or experience other mental health issues.

Best Careers for the Choleric Personality

  • Lawyer
  • Professor
  • Economist
  • Politician
  • Military officer
  • Law enforcement
  • Economist
  • Financial Manager
  • Entrepreneur
  • Director/Executive

Worst Careers for the Choleric Personality

  • Paralegal
  • Secretary
  • Bartender
  • Waiter
  • HR Manager (Except Chlorsans)

Fictional/Famous/Anime Characters that are Cholerics

  • Donald Trump
  • Joseph Stalin
  • Samson (The Bible)
  • Steve Jobs
  • Eminem
  • Halsey
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Athena (Greco-Roman)
  • Mike Tyson
  • Christian Bale
  • Augustus
  • Bernie Sanders
  • Bill Gates
  • Queen Elizabeth
  • Drake
  • Kris Jenner
  • Bruce Lee
  • Kourney Kardashian
  • Jay-Z
  • Benjamin Franklin

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