The Depressed INFP- Winning the Struggle

Depressed INFP

INFPs have a lot going on in their head and lives. They have a rich internal world that’s always at their fingertips. However, this ability and intensity often come with certain dangers. When left unchecked, these dangers can lead to the depressed INFP.

If you are depressed as an INFP, it must be a struggle. Hopefully, this article will give you some tips on how to deal with this problem moving forward. If you’re unsure of your current status, you’re also on the right page.

Let’s go!

Who is the Depressed INFP?

A depressed INFP is an INFP who suffers from clinical depression. Depression is a medical condition that can affect anyone. However, how an INFP reacts to depression is different from all other 15 MBTI types.

Along with the ENFP, the INFP is seemingly more prone to depression. One reason for this is that they are more self-aware or in touch with their emotions. It’s easy for INFPs to slip into depression because they have no problems dwelling on or even idolizing sad emotions.

A depressed INFP will feel unmotivated, have a sense of hopelessness/worthlessness, and become more isolated. It might be difficult for outsiders to spot a depressed INFP for many reasons.

First, the INFP is already a super introvert. So, a quiet INFP does not raise any alarm bells. Also, you won’t see a depressed INFP a lot to begin with as an outsider! To their friends, it’s definitely more noticeable.

Depressed vs Unhealthy INFP- What’s the Difference?

A depressed INFP and an unhealthy INFP are two different things. An unhealthy INFP is often caused by burnout or extreme stress. It can also be a symptom of depression.

Depression, on the other hand, is a medical condition. It refers to a persistent feeling of sadness that lasts for weeks or months. In some cases, people who are depressed can become suicidal. If you feel this way, please seek medical assistance immediately.

How Do INFPs Act When Depressed?

1.   Withdrawal

The most noticeable action is a marked withdrawal. Now, there’s a big difference between recharging and withdrawal. A depressed INFP will withdraw (cutting off all communication with friends and family) while a healthy INFP will reduce communication to recharge.

With withdrawal, the INFP will make themselves unavailable. The problem here is that most people won’t notice because they are introverts.

2.   Increased Negativity

INFPs are sweet and good-natured. There’ll be a marked difference in attitude and outlook when an INFP is depressed.

They become negative and see no silver lining in any situation. They might also see the world as hopeless and even wonder why they should keep living.

3.   Weird Jokes

A depressed INFP will make weird jokes that will alert observant people. For example, I have INFP friends who have joked about how dying will be a relief. In my opinion, this is the INFP’s way of crying out for help.

If you have INFP friends who make these sorts of comments, do not take it lightly.

4.   Wallowing in Self-Pity

As mentioned earlier, INFPs have a rich inner world. When they get depressed, they spend more time in their world. For INFP 4w5s, their world convinces them that they are worthless. They become self-absorbed and might wallow in their self-pity.

A depressed INFP might start listening to music that reinforces this belief. In a way, they’re aware of their depression and start to embrace it.

This can be dangerous.

5.   Distractions and More Distractions

This follows the last point. Listening to music is just one of the many distractions INFPs can turn to. Others include drug or substance abuse, unsafe sex, or even crime.

These distractions are dangerous and can further worsen the problem.

6.   Fi-Si Problems

This refers to the Fi-Si Loop. This is a situation where the INFP focuses on past trauma and seemingly cannot move on. Now, the problem is that INFPs are also feelers. So, this creates a lot of intense emotions and becomes the center of their lives.

Fi then allows them to incorporate this into their lifelong values. So, any decisions they make are based on their trauma. With time, this can lead to sadness and depression. It can be a real struggle.

What Can Cause an INFP To Be Depressed?

Childhood Trauma

Childhood experiences can lead to major mental problems. These include bullying and abuse from trusted authorities such as their parents.

It can shape the INFP’s life and lead to post-traumatic stress disorder.

Consistently Failing

INFPs have dreams and passions just like everyone else. So, when that is met with constant disappointment, it can be tough to take. They might doubting their abilities and even wonder why they should keep living.

Constant Neglect

When INFPs are constantly neglected by those they love, they start to believe they’re the problem. This is especially true for INFP 4w5, INFP 4w3, and INFP 6w7.

Constant neglect from loved ones can take a toll on anyone.


Heartbreak or betrayal from their loved ones can destroy an INFP. As someone with intense feelings, it’s especially difficult to take.


This includes the death of a loved one. It’s even worse if the INFP feels responsible for it. For example, they might keep remembering something they said or did that was harsh just before their death.

It’s a horrible feeling.

Getting Help as a Depressed INFP

1.   Seek Medical Assistance

The most important step to recovery is by seeking medical assistance. They are qualified and will help you.

Of course, you should only seek out a doctor that you feel comfortable with.

2.   Therapy

Strategies such as cognitive-behavioral therapy can really help with depression. To get the best experience, you should seek out licensed mental health therapists. Sometimes, depression can come with substance abuse.

CBT will ensure you get back on your feet as soon as possible.

3.   Self-Care

Sometimes, removing yourself from toxic environments can do wonders. Self-care activities should be incorporated into your schedules. For example, some self-care activities that are perfect for INFPs include reading, writing, and taking walks in nature.

Mediating can also be a great way to fight depression.

4.   Surround Yourself with Loved Ones

During these hard times, it’s important to have your loved ones by your side. Friends who bring you down are probably one of the reasons you got here in the first place.

So, ensure that you stick with people who want the best for you. You’ll never regret it.

5.   Focus on Personal Development

One way to destroy yourself is to compare yourself to others. This can be especially hard for certain INFP variants. Instead of doing this, focus on yourself. Try to be a better version of yourself every day.

Learn a new skill or learn more about yourself. The Enneagram and MBTI are a great way to begin. There’s a complete database of resources on this website. So, why not take advantage of it?

6.   Count Your Blessings

It’s easy for us to lose sight of the amazing blessings or achievements we have. If you’re depressed, take time out to count your blessings. For example, you could do this by writing down the happy moments you have had in your life.

You could also write down things you’re grateful for. Whenever life seems to be unbearable, you can read out these blessings.

7.   Get Closure

Closure can be the difference between depression and moving on. It allows you to understand what went wrong and why it went wrong. For people who experienced heartbreak or bullying, it allows them to confront the problem and solve any dilemma they have.

Getting closure can be life-changing.

Helping a Depressed INFP

What if your INFP friend is depressed? Here are some ways you can help.

1.   Offer Them Support

Make sure they know you have their backs no matter what. While they might not seem to care, a time will come when that’ll be tested. Offer them support and make sure you’re there when they actually need it.

2.   Offer Them Space

There’s a big difference between offering support and forcing it down their throats. Make sure you are doing the former. While doing that, give them all the space in the world.

Remember that your friend is an INFP. So, even when they’re okay, they’ll need time to recharge. Just make sure you are always within touching distance.

3.   Listen to Them Without Judging

You can make a lot of progress by just having good communication skills. There will be moments when the INFP will want to open up to you. Ensure that you’re listening to understand and empathize with them.

Doing so leaves the door open for future conversations. Mess things up, and they’ll be even more closed-off.

4.   Avoid Criticism

This follows the last point. Make sure you reduce criticism to the barest minimum. Normal INFPs are already a tad sensitive. A depressed INFP is overly sensitive.

So, ensure that criticism is thrown out of the window. I found some useful tips you can use to pass a message without being critical. Click that link to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Depressed INFP

Why Do INFPs Like Sadness?

No one likes sadness. However, INFPs are hyper-aware of their emotions and can understand the intensity of those emotions. This allows them to dwell on it. So, no INFPs do not like sadness but can understand it better than most.

Are INFPs Prone to Mental Health Issues?

Yes, INFPs and ENFPs are especially prone to mental health issues. However, this doesn’t equate to severity. For example, INTJ’s mental health issues are usually more severe than INFP’s.

What is an INFP Emotional Breakdown?

This refers to when an INFP becomes overwhelmed with emotions. This can happen with any MBTI type.

Why Do INFPs Have Low Energy?

Energy can be seen on a spectrum. On that spectrum, INFPs have lower energy when compared with more extroverted personalities.

However, this does not equate to a lack of passion or creativity. INFPs are one of the most creative personality types in the MBTI.

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