The ENTJ Male- Born Leader and Intense


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ENTJs are the management gang of the MBTI. They are leaders who have a pretty good idea of what they want. We respect the ENTJ for what they bring to the table. The ENTJ male is especially idolized in today’s corporate world.

If you are close to an ENTJ male and want to understand how they reason, stick around. This article will tell you everything you need to know about the ENTJ male.

Quick Facts About the ENTJ Male

1.      Ambitious

ENTJs are some of the most ambitious people you’ll meet. They are spread across the business world and other industries.

They are the big thinkers who want to make a difference. It’s no surprise then that most corporate leaders in the world today are ENTJs. ENTJ males are just the same. They are ambitious and have great goals.

Here’s the best part. These goals are realistic. This makes the ENTJ a lot more likely to succeed when compared to an ENTP. Here’s an article I wrote about ENTP vs ENTJ. You might find it interesting.

2.      Protective

Despite their large swagger and sometimes intimidating look, ENTJ males can be extremely caring. This is especially evident when dealing with loved ones.

They want the people they love to be happy. So, ENTJ males can be extremely generous. This is usually evident in their romantic relationships.

3.      Innovative

ESTJ males and ENTJ males are alike in so many ways. Here’s a clear difference between both types. ENTJ males are much more innovative than ESTJ males.

They want to create new things and do old things in a new way. It can be infectious to be around an ENTJ male who knows what he is doing.

While this looks so cool, it has its potential downsides. Sometimes, doing things the way it has always been done might serve the purpose, however, ENTJ males can get too caught up in trying to change things that they lose the plot.

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4.      ENTJ Males and Enneagram Types

ENTJ males are more likely to be enneagram 8 than any other type. They can also be type 3. When they are type 8, it is more likely for them to be 8w7s. However, they can also be 8w9s. Here’s an article about ENTJ 8w7.

When they are type 3, they are more likely to be 3w4s. However, there are always the odd exceptions to every case. That’s what makes it so exciting after all.

5.      Charismatic Leaders

ENTJ males are born leaders. They know how to manage people to get the necessary results. People also love working with ENTJ males.

Just like the ENFJ male, they make their employees feel understood. However, if the ENTJ male is unhealthy, they might become too harsh and critical.

This can make their subordinates intimidated and scared.

6.      Intense

ENTJ males are very intense people. This shows in almost everything they do. This has its pros and cons.

Being intense means that ENTJ males are very passionate about the things they do. Thus, there can be no doubt that they are giving it their all.

On the downside, being intense is often misinterpreted as being aggressive or confrontational. ENTJ males might have difficulties dealing with other personality types because of this trait.

7.      Direct and Blunt

The ENTJ male prefers a direct style of communication. They are impatient with people that beat around the bush. They can also be quite blunt with people.

While this direct style of communication is essential in the business world, it’s less effective with family and friends.

ENTJ males might hurt those closest to them because of their bluntness.

8.      Workaholics

As stated earlier, most ENTJ males will have goals they want to meet. This personality type has no issues working hard to meet these goals. Usually, their work ethic is so high that it becomes a problem.

Their health and relationships with their loved ones pay the cost. ENTJ males must learn how to balance their work-life, social life, and family life.

ENTJ Male and Career Options

ENTJs enjoy managerial roles. They want creative roles that allow them to build businesses and become an integral part of them.

While this is true, the ENTJ also likes to have a lot of structure. They want to know what their roles are and the goals that need to be achieved.

To get the best out of the ENTJ male, place them in managerial roles and provide a solid structure for them to work with.

Best Careers for ENTJ Male

·        Executive/Director

ENTJ males will excel at this position for several reasons. First, this is a managerial position. ENTJ males will be able to manage people and put their creative powers to use.

This is also a position that allows the ENTJ to exert some sort of influence in the organization. As an executive, this personality type becomes an integral part of the company.

·        Entrepreneur

ENTJ males make perfect entrepreneurs. They are visionaries who want to grow their businesses. They also have the willpower and efficiency to pull this off.

As entrepreneurs, they have the influence and power needed to transform a business. This is the ENTJ dream.

Here are other career choices that ENTJ men will definitely enjoy.

  • Accountant
  • HR manager
  • Auditor
  • Financial Analyst
  • Physician
  • Lawyer
  • Aerospace Engineer
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Industrial Engineer
  • Photographer
  • Author
  • Pharmacist
  • Surgeon
  • Military Officer

Worse Careers for ENTJ Male

  • Receptionist
  • Craft Artist
  • Social Counselor
  • Missionary

ENTJ Male and Dating

Planning on dating an ENTJ male? Here are some things you should definitely know.

1.      You Will Know if They Fancy You

Just like every other thing in their life, ENTJ men are pretty straightforward when it comes to dating. If they find you attractive, they’ll go for you.

They’ll tell you and try to woo you. It’s that simple. There’s no beating around the bush with this type. It’s business as usual.

2.      Loyal

ENTJ males are usually loyal in relationships. They have big hearts and care a lot for those they decide to date. Here’s the thing. ENTJ males are not averse to flings or sexual relationships.

So, when they decide to be with just one person, they actually mean it. As long as your ENTJ partner is healthy, you should be fairly comfortable.

3.      Generous

You’ll see the full extent of the ENTJ’s generosity in relationships. ENTJ males want the best for their partners. So, they won’t hesitate to provide for their partners.

If your love language is gifts, you are surely in for a ride.

4.      They can be Harsh

ENTJ males can be quite harsh and blunt. For thinker types, this won’t come across as harsh. To feeler types, this can sting and leave scars.

If you are planning on dating an ENTJ male, you should ensure you let them know what you do not want in a relationship. Make sure you have well-defined boundaries.

That will make them respect you more.

ENTJ males are amazing people. Getting close to one can be a real eye-opener.


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