The ENTP Female (A Complete Guide)


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ENTPs are the ultimate devil’s advocate in the MBTI typology. This type is a thinker and can see and debate a matter from all sides. The ENTP female is an even more exciting group. This is because the majority of ENTPs are still males. Along with the INTJ females and INTP females, the ENTP female is also quite rare.

Because of this, it might be difficult to know an ENTP woman when you see one. You might also struggle with understanding one and dating one.

In this article, we are going to address that in clearer detail. First, let’s quickly find out what being an ENTP means.

Who is an ENTP?

An ENTP is a person who leads with extroversion, intuition, thinking, and perceiving function. ENTPs are charismatic, logical and a delight to be around.

They are big thinkers and like to bounce ideas and possibilities off others. For the ENTP, there are always new and interesting projects to focus on.

What is an ENTP Female Like?

Wondering how an ENTP female behaves? Here are some important traits about them that will give you a pretty good idea of what you are dealing with.

1.      They Are Way less Sensitive

If you are used to being around females that are feelers, then the ENTP female is going to be a new experience for you.

They are way less sensitive than other females. This allows them to deal with emotional situations faster and more precisely.

It also means that they are more likely to stay logical in discussions. This is important to them when dealing with others.

2.      They Hate Being Micromanaged

The worst thing you can do to an ENTP female is to micro-manage them. When working, they do not want to be endlessly supervised.

Doing this will make the ENTP female more clumsy. It might also stifle their creative side. If you want to get the best out of an ENTP female in any aspect of life, give them as much space as possible.

3.      Willingness to Take Risks

ENTP females are going to willing to take risks. These risks are not just limited to their careers.

Once they see the potential in a particular venture, they are willing to make the sacrifices to get it going.

This often means that ENTP females will succeed in areas where others might have failed.

4.      ENTP Females are Ambitious

ENTP females want to be successful. This need makes them goal-oriented and ambitious. They will also be willing to put in the work to get there.

Their drive to be successful comes from their need to be independent. ENTP females are more likely to be fierce feminists than any female MBTI type.

This also propels them to take an interest in careers that others might define as dominated by males. They are very likely to succeed too.

5.      They are Non-Conformists

ENTP women are non-conformists. Just like the INTP female, they are very unlikely to go along with an idea just because of traditions and conventional beliefs.

They will want to be sure that this belief is right. They are also very likely to rebel against established rules and regulations that they feel are just not right.

6.      They Are Very Curious People

ENTP females are very curious people. They are people who like big ideas and possibilities. When they get those ideas, they are going to test it out to see if it works.

This also means that they might stretch the rules just to see how things play out. This can likely get them into trouble.

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ENTP women are also not really good with details. They rather prefer to focus on the big picture.

7.      Enneagram Types

ENTP women are more likely to be type 7s than any other type. However, a small portion of that number might also be type 8s.

What Makes the ENTP Woman So Attractive?

The most attractive part of an ENTP woman is her independence. ENTP women are going to want their space and independence. This means that they are going to work just as hard to make sure that they achieve their targets.

The ENTP Female and Her Career

ENTP woman

As was earlier suggested, ENTP women are very likely to be interested in professions that are dominated by men. This means that they usually want the same professions as their male counterparts.

To get the best out of ENTP women, they need the freedom to make their own decisions. They will definitely not do well in a place where there are too many rules and rigidity.

So here are the best careers for an ENTP Female

Best Careers for an ENTP Female

·         Lawyer

ENTP females are very curious and witty. This makes them the perfect people for the law profession. They will especially make very good litigation lawyers. This allows them to remain mentally stimulated.

The last thing you want is for an ENTP to lose their interest.

·         Entrepreneur

ENTP women will also make good entrepreneurs. This allows them all the freedom they want. They will also be able to get the thrill of finding new innovative ideas and applying them in their business.

According to Insider, ENTPs are more likely to be entrepreneurs than any other type. So, if you are an ENTP female, it might be time to flex your entrepreneurial muscle.

Other career options that will be great for the ENTP female include

  • Political scientist
  • Psychologist
  • Top Executive
  • Writer/Blogger
  • Photographer
  • Historian
  • Web developer

Career to Avoid for ENTP Females

  • Doctors
  • Pilot
  • Dentists
  • Clergy
  • Elementary school teacher

ENTP Females and Dating

Are you in a relationship with an ENTP woman? If you are, here are some things you should probably expect

1.      They Want To Constantly Improve

Their need to constantly improve is carried into their relationship. ENTP females want to grow with you. They want to see their relationship constantly evolving.

If they are in a stagnant relationship, the ENTP woman might start feeling that the relationship is no longer for them.

This might be a struggle for personality types who are more into routine activities. They might even feel overwhelmed by this craving of the ENTP.

2.      They like Their Space

ENTP women are going to need a lot of space. They are constantly looking to get ahead in their careers. To do this, they are going to need a sufficient amount of time to focus on their projects.

Giving them that space ensures that they stay happy in their relationship.

3.      They Are Clear Communicators

ENTP females are very clear communicators. They are going to tell you exactly what they expect in a relationship. They are also going to want to discuss issues clearly.

This might be a bit overwhelming for types who are conflict-averse. ENTP women are going to want to face the issue directly.

4.      ENTP Females Are Committed

Contrary to beliefs that ENTP, in general, are flighty, they are actually ready to commit to their relationship. The problem is finding the relationship that satisfies their needs and craving.

For example, they are more likely to end a relationship that they feel has stagnated.

5.      They Love Adventures and Spontaneous Activities

If you want to get to the heart of your ENTP female, be spontaneous. They absolutely hate routine and will try to avoid this.

So, keep surprising your ENTP female with new adventures every day.

6.      Physical Touch and Quality Time Are Important To Them

Physical touch and quality time are important to them. They love physical intimacy with their partners. They also want to spend more quality time with them.

So, if the ENTP is not getting any of these love languages, chances are that they are going to end the relationship.

The key to getting along with ENTP females is understanding what makes them tick. They are truly wonderful people.


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