The ESTJ Female- Relentless and Powerful

ESTJ female

ESTJs are the bosses of the MBTI typology. Their incredible work ethic and their love for tested methods make them very good at management. However, most ESTJs happen to be men. This makes the ESTJ female quite interesting.

Though, not as rare as the INTJ female, the ESTJ makes up about 6.7% of the ESTJ population. In this article, we are going to talk about what you can expect from ESTJ females.

First, let’s briefly consider who an ESTJ is.

Who is an ESTJ?

ESTJs are people who lead with extroversion, sensing, thinking, and judging functions. These people fit perfectly into their role as executives or managers in various organizations.

If there’s one thing that stands out, that is their extroverted thinking. This allows them to logically organize their life, plans, and ambitions.

What are ESTJ Females Like?

Wondering what an ESTJ female will be like? Here are some traits of ESTJ women.

1.      Sheer Willpower

ESTJ women have one of the strongest willpower in the MBTI typology. This allows them to meet and conquer any goal that they set for themselves.

Their willpower also allows them to bounce back from the challenges that they face. It is not surprising that most ESTJ females are typed as enneagram 8.

Their willpower also pushes them into professions that are dominated by men. This is similar to the ENTP females and ENTJ females.

2.      Fiercely Independent

Because they are so industrious and hardworking, ESTJ women are independent to an extreme. They are also very self-sufficient. They don’t want to be controlled by anyone.

This often translates to not depending on anyone for their survival. Their independence also translates to the decisions they make about their life.

This decision is all ESTJ’s. They do not allow anyone to have a forceful influence on them. Thus, ESTJ women are very unlikely to be people pleasers.

3.      Extremely Logical

ESTJ women are thinkers at their core. So, they are going to think their way through things rather than feel. They will put logic ahead of emotions when making major decisions in their life.

This might make them insensitive to some feelers. However, it also makes them a perfect fit for tough business decisions or choices.

It is not surprising then that ESTJ women make wonderful CEOs and directors. Their need for logic is evident in all aspects of their life.

4.      More Likely to Earn More than Most Types

ESTJs, in general, are the second-highest earners in the MBTI typology (second only to the ENTJ). This also applies to ESTJ females.

Their ability to work hard and climb to the top of the ladder increases their earning potential dramatically. If you are an ESTJ woman, you have a lot of potential right there.

5.      They are low key perfectionists

ESTJs have a tendency to want perfect results. This can make them subtle perfectionists. It is also a testament to the fact that a substantial number of ESTJs also type themselves as enneagram 1.

This also applies to ESTJ women. When they fail to meet up to their expectations, they might feel like failures. Thus, while the world sees an invincible or confident woman, ESTJ females also have some struggles they deal with.

The difference is in their attitude. ESTJ females will fight their way out of their guilt and become even stronger.

6.      Big Softies at their Core

ESTJ females can seem intimidating. To some, they might even seem unapproachable. However, they are caring and big softies. They care deeply for those they love and will do anything to see them happy.

What Makes the ESTJ Female So Attractive?

Their relentless work ethic is what makes the ESTJ female so attractive. This also makes them very reliable and trustworthy. You can count on them to get the job done before anyone else.

Their work ethic also means that they lead by example in anything they do.

The ESTJ Female and Her Career

ESTJ Women and Careers

ESTJ women are really hardworking. They are also leaders that inspire their teams to succeed. They also love working in an environment that is highly structured. ESTJ women like to know their tasks and are one of the few types to be indifferent about flexible working hours.

When there’s work to be done, you can count on them at all times.

Best Careers for the ESTJ Female

·         CEO

The role of a CEO is to handle the day-to-day activities of a company. This is really the dream job of the ESTJ. They are masters at routine jobs.

Thus, you can expect ESTJ women to put in the work needed to drive the company forward. With ESTJ leaders, you can expect a stable work environment.

·         Physician

ESTJ females can make great physicians. They have the concentration to get the job done week in, week out. Plus, this is one profession they will be attracted to as it is pretty high earning.

ESTJ females fit into most areas of the health profession.

Here are other careers that are open to the ESTJ female

  • Pharmacist
  • Paralegal
  • Lawyer
  • Chef
  • Principal
  • Dentist
  • Auditor
  • Judge

Careers ESTJ Females Should Avoid

  • Actor
  • Psychologist
  • Librarian
  • Musician
  • Graphic Designer
  • Photographer
  • Writer

ESTJ Women and Dating

Are you dating an ESTJ woman? If you are, here are some things you can expect from them.

1.      They Are Quite Opinionated

If you are with an ESTJ woman, be prepared to handle her opinions. She is going to express her reservations about things she doesn’t agree with.

While she probably will have strong opinions, she is logical enough to accept your dissenting view. However, not acknowledging her opinions will definitely not go down well with her.

2.      Acts of Service

If your partner is an ESTJ woman, you should know that her love language is very likely acts of service. Thus, doing things for her no matter how small is how you show her love.

If you want to know more about acts of service, here’s a complete guide I wrote about this love language.

3.      Extremely Supportive Partners

ESTJ females are very supportive partners. They are often looking to keep the relationship growing. Thus, you can be quite certain that they will help you reach your targets.

ESTJs, in general, are known to shoulder more responsibility than other MBTI types.

4.      ESTJ Females Will Need Time

At the start of the relationship, you must give an ESTJ woman time. They are very cautious when starting out in a relationship.

This is because it takes ESTJs a lot of time to get over people. So, they want to be sure that you are as committed as they are. They also want to be sure that you are really worth the stress.

However, once the ESTJ female commits, they give it everything they have to make the relationship work.

If your partner is an ESTJ woman, you can be sure that your entire world will keep changing for the better. If you are an ESTJ woman, then you have the world at your feet.

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