The Fe Function- Understanding Extroverted Feeling

extroverted feeling

People who want to know more about their MBTI type often struggle to understand cognitive functions. Extroverted feeling often called the Fe function, is one of them.

Cognitive functions are how the various MBTI types collect and absorb data from the world. This article discusses what extroverted feeling means and the signs that show someone uses it.

What is Extroverted Feeling (Fe Function)?

Extroverted feeling, also known as Fe, allows its users to take “emotional information” from their environment.

In other words, Dominant Fe users (Fe-doms) can sense the emotional state of others through their gestures or body language. This allows them to adjust their words or actions accordingly.

By doing so, they keep everyone or their circle happy. They are also able to diffuse potential conflicts or handle tension better.

Fe users are generally focused on external ideas and concerns. Thus, they are more likely to respect and conform to traditions and norms. This is especially true if they lead with this function.

It also makes them more empathetic when dealing with others. They are the true masters of tact. However, there are downsides to being a Fe-dom, as we shall soon see.

10 Signs That You Use Extroverted Feeling

1.   Group Harmony is More Important

Fe users value harmony. For fe-doms, it’s simply a must. So, expect them to put this first. This affects what they say or do. It even affects how they react to annoying situations.

Fe-doms are more likely to forgive and have high tolerance levels. If they feel that the group’s harmony is threatened, they can overcompensate to ensure things do not boil over.

2.   You can read People’s Emotions

Fe users just get how people are feeling. It might seem like a miracle to others, but it’s really explainable. They are very observant. Fe-doms take in people’s gestures, tones, and even walking patterns to sense their present mood.

This allows them to measure their words and actions. Understanding people’s emotions is a sure way never to disrupt peace.

3.   You Make it a Duty to Know What’s Acceptable

Fe users know every norm and tradition. For Fe-doms, they keep to it as much as they can. Now, keeping to it does not mean they actually agree with it.

Sometimes, they might go against the norms secretly. However, having a surface appearance of keeping to the norm is important to them.

4.   You are Sometimes Accused of Flirting

Understanding people’s emotions and measuring the room’s mood can make Fe users seem like flirts.

This is especially true with Fe-doms. Because they are observant, they give others a lot of attention. This attention can easily be mistaken for flirting.

Thus, people can easily feel that fe-doms gave them the wrong impression. However, there are times when they might actually be flirting but get away with it by insisting they were simply being friendly.

5.   You’re Extremely Adaptable

Because of how observant they are, Fe users are extremely adaptable. Their behavior changes depending on who they are talking with, the situation they are in, or mood.

This allows them to keep things moving smoothly no matter what. It’s not a surprise that most Fe users are likable.

The problem here is that Fe-doms can easily become people-pleasers. This is especially true when they want to impress others.

6.   Tact is Your Middle Name

The need to be adaptable can only be successful with tact. Thankfully, Fe users have this quality in abundance.

They are careful when talking to others and hardly say the wrong things.

7.   You Find it Hard to Criticize Others

Criticizing others is just not their style for various reasons. First, they want to keep the peace and promote harmony. They also want to charm others and seem likable.

Giving criticisms will not get you any closer to meeting your aims. Thus, tact and adaptability is your preferred path.

8.   You Avoid Conflict

By now, you probably know this, but we’ll just say it again. Conflict is not your favorite concept. You try to avoid it at all costs. You might not be afraid of it, but you certainly don’t like the feeling.

This is more pronounced when it involves your clique or group. You desperately want to find a way to settle matters. This is especially true with Fe-doms.

9.   You’re Empathetic

Fe users find it easy to understand people’s feelings. They put themselves in people’s shoes easier. This quality allows them to act appropriately when something goes wrong with others.

Their empathy makes them seem compassionate and even mature.

10.                You are a Unifier

Because they are concerned about group harmony and people’s feelings, they are natural unifiers. They bring people together and are good mediators.

Most fe-doms can easily be enneagram type 9 or type 2.

What MBTI Type Use Fe?

Cognitive StackMBTI Types
DominantESFJ and ENFJ
AuxiliaryISFJ and INFJ
TertiaryENTP and ESTP
InferiorINTP and ISTP

Eight MBTI types use extroverted feeling. The types can be divided into four categories based on the position of Fe on their cognitive stack, as seen in the table above.

Their position determines how developed the function is and how much each type relies on it.

Commonly Asked Questions about Extroverted Feeling (Fe Function)

What is the Difference Between Fi and Fe?

Fi is generally more subjective and concerned about internal values. On the other hand, Fe is more concerned about people’s emotions and group harmony.

Click this link to read an in-depth article about the differences between Fi and Fe.

What Does High Fe Mean?

High Fe refers to MBTI types that rely heavily on Fe. This might be because it is their dominant function. It can also be caused by other factors, such as their enneagram type.

For example, ENTP 9w8s might have a high Fe.

How Can You Improve Your Fe?

You can improve your Fe by considering people’s needs and values first. In other words, you just have to be more self-sacrificing.

Is Fe Empathetic?

Yes, Fe is empathetic. It cares about the feelings and emotions of others, as earlier stated.

How Do INTPs Use Fe?

INTPs use Fe as their inferior function. This is their least developed function. Because of this, INTPs might use Fe in limited situations, such as the death of a loved one or when their future is on the line.

How Do ISTPs Use Fe?

ISTPs use Fe in a similar to INTP. It is the least developed and is used sparingly.

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  1. I absolutely love your description of Fe and your work so far! Another thing I’d like to ask is what resources you use for understanding MBTI and Enneagram better even the love languages..

    • Hello Cassandra,
      Thanks, I’m glad you liked it. For understanding the enneagrams, I read books such as “the road back to you.” The MBTI has been part of my life for the past 14 years. Been on platforms and have taken courses on them. So, it’s been all that. For the love languages, done some studies myself and learned some more from Heidi Priebe’s articles. Hope this helps!

  2. You’re welcome! Thanks for telling just to clarify what I mean by resources could also mean MBTI and Enneagram websites that you use…


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