The INFP Dark Side- Here’s What You Should Know

INFP dark side

The INFP is one of the kindest personality types in the MBTI typology. Their fascination with romance and their compassion for humanity makes them incredible people. Thus, it might be quite interesting to know that the INFP has a dark side. The INFP dark side should not come as a surprise. Every personality type has one.

So, in this article, we are going to talk about the INFP dark side and how the INFP can remain healthy.

What is the INFP Dark Side?

This simply means that the INFP is unhealthy. An INFP might become dark or unhealthy when faced with some situations.

This can include heartbreaks, grieving, and constant criticism. The particular reason for this transformation will naturally depend on the situation.

The Top Signs the INFP Dark Side is Upon Us

Here are some signs that the INFP dark side is now fully on display.

1.      Cold and Aloof

The once caring INFP will be completely cold. While most people might not see this as something to be concerned about, this can quickly lead to more problems.

When the INFP becomes cold and ruthless, they are more likely to show it in destructive ways. An unhealthy INFP will seek revenge for minor issues and will often be cruel and unforgiving.

If you know this INFP before, the transformation will be shocking, to say the least.

2.      Depression

The INFP dark side can make the INFP depressed. The INFP often lives in their own rich imaginative world. Thus, when they get discouraged or sad, it can be a struggle for them to actually get back up.

INFPs will often isolate themselves and try to deal with these problems themselves. This can often lead to suicidal thoughts or depression.

3.      Toxicity

When the INFP dark side sets in, there is a high likelihood that toxicity might also set in. When this happens, the INFP will become toxic. They might also turn to harmful drugs and other ways of erasing the problems they face.

4.      Detaching Themselves from People

INFPs usually have a group of people that they consider family. This might include actual family, friends that they have known for years, or their romantic partners.

INFPs love to check up on these ones and will usually be happy to help them solve whatever problems they have.

However, when they become unhealthy, INFPs will detach themselves from everyone else. Since they are usually typed as enneagram 4 or type 5, this will be very easy to pull off.

The problem here is that the INFP will have no one to rely on when things get really tough.

5.      Timidity

INFPs are introverted by their very nature. However, they are not timid. When they feel that they need to talk, they can be one of the most vocal people out there.

However, when they are unhealthy, INFPs will usually become timid. They will be afraid to speak up when their values are being trashed.

INFPs will also become overly diplomatic. This can often make them people-pleasers. People will often find it easy to run all over them.

6.      Toxic Thoughts and Wishes

INFPs are blessed with imaginative minds. However, when this mind becomes toxic or unhealthy, INFPs can be plagued by constant thoughts and wishes that are toxic.

These thoughts can range from death to other terrible vices. From this point on, things can get really bad.

How to Get Out of the INFP Dark Side

Are you currently experiencing some or all the signs of an unhealthy INFP? If you are, here are some things you can do to get your sanity back.

1.      See a Therapist

The first and recommended action will be to see a therapist. They are licensed and know how to make things better. I’ll recommend online therapy. They have a bunch of licensed psychologists and therapists that will be happy to help.

Everything is done online and they have a lot of tools that you will probably find useful.

2.      Confide in Someone

You should confide in your closest friends. INFPs usually find ENFJs and ESFJs to be some of the best complements. If you have one of these types in your life, you can totally confide in them. Just make sure you completely trust them.

You can also totally confide in anyone that you really trust.

3.      Start Exercising

Exercises are one way to clear your mind. Don’t just take my word on it. Mayo Clinic believes exercise helps ease symptoms of depression.

Thus, if exercise is something you really wanted to do, this might just be the right time to start.

4.      Volunteer

Another way you can improve your mood or your toxic feelings is by helping others. Contribute to a charitable cause. Do some volunteering. We are often at our best when we strive to help others.

5.      Surround yourself with Loved Ones

As earlier stated, INFPs have a bunch of people they really love. If you are feeling really toxic or healthy, that’s definitely not the time to isolate or detach yourself from your surroundings.

Draw closer to those who you love. You don’t need to tell them what’s wrong. Just being around them will make things better.

The INFP dark side might come all at once or might just leave small traces of its effects. Try to fight it before it becomes a bigger problem.

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