The INFP Female- Here’s what You Can Expect


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The INFP female is simply unique. If you know one, they can be so refreshing to be around. We absolutely love the INFP female. However, it’s easy to misunderstand them.

Because they are introverts, many people might see the INFP as aloof or just indifferent to anything happening around them.

So what can you expect from an INFP female?

First, let’s briefly explain who an INFP is.

Who is an INFP?

An INFP is a person who uses introversion, intuition, feeling, and perceiving functions to process and receive information.

INFPs are often very creative and can readily understand how people feel through their introverted feeling function.

How rare is an INFP Female?

INFPs, in general, are fairly rare. They make about 4-5% of the world’s population. More than half of that number are INFPs. Thus, it is actually normal to see more INFP women than their male counterparts.

I wrote a pretty good article on INFP men. You can click that link if you are interested in reading more about them.

What are INFP Females Like?

Wondering how an INFP female behaves? Here are some top things that you should expect when dealing with one.

1.      Extremely Creative

INFP women are pretty creative. If they have a passion for what they are doing, they are completely going to excel at it.

It is not surprising then that INFP females are often good writers or graphic designers. They have the creative mind to pull together something truly remarkable.

2.      Emotional

INFP females are pretty emotional people. They feel things really deeply. Because the INFP often looks unbothered or indifferent, this can come as a shock to some.

INFP tend to keep how they feel to themselves. They often only confide in people who have built up a strong healthy relationship with them.

If the INFP is constantly hurt emotionally, this might lead to even more problems. The worst part is that you might never know as they will simply keep it all in.

3.      They Love Romance

INFP females really just want to be loved. Thus, they are always looking out for the one person to who they can commit. Just like INFJ females, they absolutely love the idea of being in love.

Thus, a relationship serves as a source of happiness for the INFP female.

4.      They are Idealists

INFP females are idealists. This means that they often look at the world from how it should be and not how it is.

Thus, INFP females might be shocked that some of their expectations about the world might be totally wrong. While being an idealist is quite noble, it can make the INFPs unprepared in some areas.

5.      INFP Females and Enneagram Types

INFP females are more likely to enneagram 5 and enneagram 4 than any other type. This matches their introverted nature. Type 4s, in general, is one type that complements the INFP’s introverted feeling function.

Other types that INFP might fit into include enneagram 9 and enneagram 6.

6.      INFP Females are Non-Traditionalists

INFP women are not big on tradition. They see the world through their imaginative minds and are thus very curious about certain things.

Thus, they are not satisfied in doing things a particular way just because they have been told so. They want to explore and try new things every once in a while.

What Makes the INFP Female so Attractive?

Their creativity makes the INFP female very attractive. Their rich inner world and their creativity can often make them pull off significantly remarkable feats.

The INFP Female and Her Career

When it comes to their careers, the INFP female is more interested in career paths that give them fulfillment. Thus, wealth and financial gain often come second when choosing a career. They want to be in a career where they can make a decision.

INFP women also want to be able to use their creative side to make an impact. Thus, they are best suited for roles that come with creativity and a grand vision.

Best Careers for INFP Women

·         Writer

INFPs, in general, have a way with words. When they write, their writings are often laced with emotions. They also are pretty imaginative and make you feel like you are right in the middle of the scene.

It is not surprising then that writers such as J.K Rowling are often typed as INFPs.

Thus, the role of a writer will suit the INFP perfectly.

·         Psychologist

INFPs are very considerate and in tune with their emotions. They genuinely want to help people sort out some of their problems. These traits make being a psychologist a good fit for INFP females.

They will know exactly how to treat those who require their services.

Other great career options include

  • Nurse
  • Blogger
  • Mid-wife
  • Professor
  • Human Resource Manager

For a detailed list of careers for INFPs, you should click on that link.

Worst Careers for INFP Women

  • Judge
  • Auditor
  • Paralegal
  • Financial Analyst

The INFP Female and Dating

Are you dating or married to an INFP female? Here are some things you should probably keep in mind.

1.      They Value Good Listeners

INFPs often keep their emotions to themselves. However, if you are in a relationship with them, they will confide in you.

Thus, they want you to actually listen and give them some feedback. Being a good listener will really help if you are dating an INFP woman. Simply listening will make them love you more.

2.      Quality Time and Physical Touch

Listening often equates to quality time to the INFP. They want to spend time with you and talk about everything on the planet.

They also want to be intimate with you. So, don’t be scared to initiate contact with your INFP female if she has consented to it.

3.      They Want To Feel Valued

INFP females want to be valued in the relationship. They want to feel it and not just know it. So, take time out to tell them just how much you love them. List off the things that make you feel that they are amazing.

Even if they won’t tell you, INFP females like to hear good things about themselves. Actually, who doesn’t?

4.      Sensitive to Criticism

If you are dating an INFP female, then you should probably reduce the criticism to a bare minimum. INFPs don’t do well with criticism and an INFP woman is no exception.

So, find ways to discuss the matter with you without actually attacking them. Chances are they will respond favorably to that discussion.

5.      Idealists

INFP females are idealistic even in relationships. This means that they often hold their partners to very high standards. Thus, if you do something that they didn’t expect, it might take them time to actually recover from the shock.

This is something you have to deal with.

INFPs are simply amazing people. If you have one in your life, cherish them with all you got.


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