The INTJ Male- The Strategist And Logistician

INTJ male

INTJs are bosses. They’re one of the most driven and hardworking individuals you’d ever come across. When they set goals, they work hard to achieve them. The INTJ male fits right into that description

They cut away from anything that doesn’t inspire them, from jobs to friends and family.

INTJs are quite rare. They make up about 2.1% of the world’s population. About 1.1% of this population are men, according to Introvert Dear. If you want to know more about INTJ females, you should click that link.

Before we talk about INTJ men, who is an INTJ?

Who is an INTJ?

INTJs know what they want, and they do everything possible to get it. They are innovative people who try to improve systems and already existing structures with their ideas.

They lead with introverted intuition, extraverted thinking, introverted feeling, and extroverted sensing. This helps them to solve complex problems and enjoy logical reasoning. They deal with issues in their life by analyzing theories around them.

Now that you know what an INTJ is, who is an INTJ male?

Let’s find out

Who is an INTJ male?

Society places a lot of pressure on men naturally to over perform, especially when it comes to relationships. INTJ men use that pressure, combined with their internal drive, to achieve tremendous goals.

Here are some traits of INTJ men

1.   They Want Their Space

Independence is very important to INTJ men. They greatly admire independent persons, especially if that person is a romantic partner. INTJ males don’t like people whose lives revolve around them, but those who manage to carve out good portions of their day to see them.

They want someone with their own goals and aspirations, not one who will follow them around like a puppy. They enjoy seeing their partners work for something they’re passionate about. 

If you have nothing going on in your life, an INTJ male may not look in your direction.

They crave independence because it gives them plenty of time to re-group their thoughts. It helps them process things and explore new ideas. Without this alone time, they may begin to feel frustrated when around people. 

2.   They are Loyal to the Core

It doesn’t look like it, but INTJs are very loyal people. They may not focus on people emotionally that much, but when an INTJ has a deep connection with you, they will be there with you.

Even though they may not offer emotional support, they will give you logical and practical support. If you’re struggling through something, they’d go to the ends of the earth to seek a solution.

Now, for personalities that crave emotional support, you may think that INTJ men are cold or insensitive. But that’s how they care for people. They won’t tell you nice things to help you feel better, but they will try to find a solution to whatever you’re dealing with. They believe nice, fluffy words are a waste of time.

3.   They Focus on Things That Help Them Grow

INTJ men are very focused and motivated, and this spills to almost every aspect of their lives. They always want to know more and become a better person.

When they’re ignorant of something, it gets them upset. They’d spend all the time researching about that subject until they feel they have learned enough (which they rarely admit to). The INTJ male is intrigued by the happenings around them.

They carry this same hunger for knowledge and growth into relationships. They always want to improve things or make their partners happy.

INTJ makes hate stagnant relationships, which is why they’d try to analyze things before committing to someone. They want to ensure that the person is right for them.

4.   They Don’t React Well to Emotional Situations

INTJ males are very logical and pragmatic people. They know how to keep their emotions aside when making decisions. They try to distance themselves from any situations that will involve their emotions or feelings.

If anyone tries to emotionally blackmail or guilt-trip them, it never ends well. INTJ males feel that expressing emotions wastes energy and time. So, they might feel that such a person is only trying to gain attention.

INTJ males keep their emotions to themselves. They prefer to logically express how they feel so that they can find solutions. The same applies to their relationships with people. If you want to get help from an INTJ male, state how you’re feeling logically.

You won’t get any valid response if you come through the emotional door.

5.   They are Very Sarcastic

The worst thing you can do to yourself is to take every word of an INTJ male seriously. They are extremely sarcastic, even when finding solutions to serious problems. It’s a major medium of communication for them.

INTJ males enjoy humor a lot, but sometimes they can take it too far and sound sarcastic. They’d seriously tell a joke and people may take it literally. If you appreciate that type of humor, INTJ males are great company.

Most times they use this sarcasm to convey strong messages to people, but they’re often seen as overly insensitive.


What Attracts an INTJ Male?

INTJ males are attracted to people who are honest, straightforward, and logical. When they realize that you’re a sincere person, they’d naturally draw close to you. Any sign of dishonesty will push them far away.

Also, they like people who can keep up engaging conversations because they’re naturally inquisitive.

How to tell if an INTJ man loves you

You may find it difficult to tell if an INTJ man loves you because they’re not emotional people. They won’t tell you all the nice things you want to hear or be a shoulder to cry on when you’re having those moments.

However, note this. They will include you in their plans. Once an INTJ man loves you, he sees you as someone he can grow with. He will be loyal to you and try to help you achieve your goals. He will be extremely helpful and care about the things you care about.

Are INTJs Geniuses?

Of course, they are. This is why they are quite a few.

They get this genius side as a result of their cognitive function known as introverted intuition. There are very few MBTI types that use this function as the dominant function.

INTJs are often among the top three personality tests in IQ test results.


The Best Careers for the INTJ Man

What is the best work environment for an INTJ man?

It is one that allows them to develop innovative solutions to complex problems. They are comfortable with abstract theories but will be satisfied when they make practical use of those theories.

They can either work independently or as a team, as long as they are taking strategic steps towards their goals. If the work poses a challenge of understanding complex concepts, INTJ males are up to the task.

Best Careers for the INTJ Male

1.   Accountants or Auditors

INTJ males often make great accountants or auditors. This is because they can examine financial statements and analyze abstract financial concepts that will yield dividends for both individuals and corporate bodies.

2.   Financial Analysts

As mentioned earlier, INTJ males know how to grasp abstract concepts. With this, they can analyze market trends, predict the best kind of investments that will yield profit, and know when there will be an imminent crash. 

Looking at historical and current financial data, they can recommend the best collections of investments to make and also determine and predict a company’s value.

3.   Management consultant

Management consultants bring out innovative ideas that can enhance a company’s efficiency. INTJ males will do great in this field because they can gather information, analyze the data, and propose innovative solutions.

Because they hate stagnancy, they’d prefer to work as consultants on a contractual basis instead of for a particular organization.

4.   Computer Systems Analyst

Do you want innovative ideas when it comes to improving computer systems and operations? An INTJ male will be a perfect fit. They’d research upcoming technologies and ensure that it will improve the company’s efficiency if used.

Other great careers for INTJ males include:

  • Environmental engineer
  • Architect
  • Biomedical engineer
  • Political scientist
  • Network administrator
  • Paralegal
  • Lawyer
  • Industrial designer
  • Microbiologist
  • Pharmacist
  • Surgeon/physician
  • Editor
  • Translator


Careers INTJ males should avoid

  • Production worker
  • Receptionists
  • Hotel clerk
  • Advertising sales agent
  • Social worker
  • Preschool worker

INTJ Men and Dating

Are you dating an INTJ male? Here are some things you should keep in mind

1.   Give Them their Space

INTJ men are introverted, so they need so much alone time to gather and analyze their thoughts. This alone time must be without distractions. They use it to map out their plans and re-strategize.

No, they’re not avoiding you. No, they’re not insensitive. They just need this time to themselves or they can’t accomplish anything.

2.   You must be Dependable

INTJ males must be able to count on you. They are loyal people, so they get pissed off when people say things they don’t mean or plan to do. They dislike people who don’t keep their word.

If you want to get their trust, be honest and dependable. Any slight form of dishonesty will push them far away. They take relationships like systems, so they envision long-term happiness from them.

3.   Be Blunt with Them

This is another form of honesty. INTJ males are quite blunt. They will tell how it is without mincing words. While a lot of people don’t like hearing it, INTJ males do. They enjoy getting blunt responses because it forces them to improve.

If they did anything to you, tell them. Don’t bottle it in because they aren’t emotional people and they will look past the body language.

4.   You can’t tell the Kind of Gifts they like

INTJ men are rare breeds, so they are quite picky about what they like. You can’t get what every other person likes for an INTJ.

How do you go about this?

First of all, know what they like. If possible, ask them repeatedly to be sure. Then, get them useful presents.

Symbolic gifts like love notes or candles don’t mean much to them. Also, they don’t like the idea of surprise parties, so don’t even think about it.

INTJ males are industrious, opinionated and supportive people. We just cannot get enough of them.

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