The INTP Female (A Complete Guide)


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INTPs are known to be creative thinkers. They can often process information quickly and establish the truth in most situations. The INTP female is also quite similar. However, most people struggle to understand the INTP female.

That makes sense. The majority of INTPs are male. This makes them similar to the INTJ female which is the rarest sub-type in the MBTI.

Because the INTP female is rare, it’s extremely easy to misunderstand them or overlook them. In this article, we are going to talk about them in greater detail.

First, let’s briefly touch on the INTP personality.

What is the INTP Personality?

The INTP is a personality type in the MBTI. The acronym stands for Introversion, Intuition, Thinking, and Perceiving.

They are known to be logical, introverted, and very innovative. They are more in touch with big pictures and abstract thinking than with stimuli gotten from the environment.

Quick Facts about the INTP Woman

If you are close to an INTP female or you want to be able to recognize one, here are some things you should know.

1.      INTP Females Are Extremely Logical

INTP females are very logical. This means that they are going to put logic before thinking. This will have a big impact on the decisions they make, their relationships with others, and their general behavior.

It also means that INTP women will be more responsive to criticism and feedback.

2.      They are Independent

INTP women just want to be free. One of their major desires in life is to be free as a bird. Thus, they are one of the female types that are most likely to resist traditional views and conformist attitudes.

They will want to make their own decisions about important things in life. This might include their moral and religious beliefs.

3.      INTP Females Are Going To Love Mental Sparring

INTPs are going to love deep and meaningful conversations. Small talk will not work to them. Thus, the way to their hearts will be to have deep conversations about everything in the world.

To the INTP, talking about these things is one of their favorite hobbies. Some INTP females might also love to read books that talk about history or some form of fantasy.

4.      Enneagram Type

INTP females are more likely to be enneagram type 4 or type 5. This makes sense as these two types like a lot of alone time.

Type 5s are known to be more intellectually inclined while type 4s are more interested in creating their own unique identity.

Click here to read an in-depth description of the enneagram type 4 and enneagram type 5.

5.      Serial Procrastinators

INTP females can easily become serial procrastinators. This is because of their perceiving function. Thus, they prefer to be more spontaneous with their activities.

This might make them laxer in performing tasks that they are simply not interested in. This does not mean that the INTP female is lazy. They simply give more priority to what they find to be mentally stimulating.

6.      INTP Females Need A lot of Space

Regardless of who the person is to the INTP, they are going to need space. INTPs are constantly getting excited about their new research or project coming along.

They will need time to really sink their teeth into it. Not giving them that space will leave them feeling cranky.

7.      They Are Constantly Trying To Improve

The INTP female is on a search to improve their life. This means that they are driven to research on more ideas in a quest to be better.

So, the INTP female will not want any part of her life to remain stagnant.

What Makes INTP Women So Attractive?

Their brain is the most attractive part of the INTP female. They are brilliant and are good at solving really complex problems. Combine this with their need for independence, and you have a truly amazing person.

The INTP Female and Her Career

Most INTP women are going to want to work alone or work in small groups. They want a working environment that promotes free-thinking and creativity.

The best careers for INTP women are ones where they are not micro-managed.

Because they have a perceiving function (P), they will not also do very well in places that are rigid or too structured.

To get the best out of them, give them enough freedom to work. They also work best when there are flexible hours and other incentives.

Best Careers for the INTP Female

Here are some of the best careers for the INTP Female

·         Professor/Lecturer

The INTP female is going to flourish as a professor. INTPs are always seeking to understand new theories and concepts.

Once they do, they test out these theories to see if it holds up. As a professor, they have all the time to read and learn about these theories deeply.

One potential problem they are going to face is actively communicating those ideas to their students. However, if the INTP can develop their extroverted intuition well, this shouldn’t be much of a problem.

·         Psychologist

Learning psychology opens your mind to the way people behave and why they behave that way. INTPs can dive into the many theories and see them come to life as a psychologist.

It’s definitely a great option for an INTP woman.

Here are other careers that INTP females should probably check out.

  • Architect
  • Software Developer
  • Scientist
  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Political scientist
  • Anthropologist
  • Economist
  • Lawyer
  • Financial Analyst
  • Graphic Designer

Here are other careers which will definitely be a bad fit for an INTP female

  • Teacher’s Aide
  • Paralegal
  • Sales Representative
  • Nurse
  • Craftsman

INTP Females and Dating

Are you dating an INTP woman? If you are, here are some things you definitely have to know.

1.      INTP Women are Minimalist

If you are dating an INTP woman, you are going to notice how minimalist she is. She is not going to dress all fanciful and she’s not going to want to go to fanciful restaurants regularly.

The INTP woman is perfectly fine dressing comfortably. In other words, she’s more concerned about her comfort than looking a particular way.

2.      INTP Women Dig Physical Touch and Quality Time

If you are dating an INTP woman, then knowing their love languages is important. INTP women are more likely to have physical touch and quality time as their love language.

This means that spending time with them and being more intimate is going to matter more to them.

3.      INTP Females Want Deep Conversations

To woo an INTP woman, you have to stimulate her mentally. Thus, having deep meaningful conversations is the way to go.

INTP females will want to share their thoughts and opinions. If you are someone who cannot contribute logically to that conversation, you are definitely going to struggle.

4.      INTP Females Are Going To Be Somewhat Clueless

One of the main struggles INTP women have in relationships is that they are somewhat clueless. This makes it easy for them to misread the comments and gestures of their partners.

If you are going to date an INTP woman, you have to give her time to adjust to your relationship.

They Want a Direct and Honest Answer

INTPs in general, love it when their partners are being straight with them. They are also one of the types who can handle difficult conversations effortlessly.

So, don’t sugarcoat things when talking with an INTP woman. This will make the relationship easy to deal with.

INTP females can be brilliant and lighten up your day. You just need to understand them better.


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