The ISFJ Male- Modest and Kind


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ISFJ is one of the 16 personalities in the MBTI typology. These people are very in tune with their emotions. They are responsible, warm-hearted, and have a deep love for family. They are one of the best types of people to hang around with because they help people without seeking anything in return. So what about the ISFJ male?

ISFJ men are very hardworking and reliable but are often taken for granted. This is why they always have a very close group of friends, if they have at all.

ISFJs are quite common. According to Personality Max, they occupy 13.8% of the world’s global population, and out of that percentage, the men are over 8.1%.

In this article, we’ll look at all we need to know about ISFJ men.

Quick Facts about The ISFJ Male

1.   They Cherish Family So Much

ISFJs aren’t called the Protectors for nothing.

Unlike other men that constantly yearn for a better and more independent life, ISFJs are total opposites. They love and cherish family with all their might.

ISFJ males always come through for people close to their hearts.

They are very loyal to their loved ones and believe in sharing quality time with their family. From attending school activities, playing on the school team, to spending holidays with their kids, ISFJ males are always there for their loved ones.

2.   They Are Very Empathetic and Compassionate

When it comes to handling and controlling emotions, many men struggle with it. But that’s not a problem for the ISFJ man. ISFJ men are aware of how other people feel and so, they strive to be compassionate at all times.

They often know when someone is upset or anxious, so they do their best to make the person happy or lessen the stress. They respect others and try not to hurt them.

ISFJ men are really committed in a relationship. It does not matter what age they are. They are often loyalists. It’s not a surprise that a healthy number of ISFJs are enneagram 6.

3.   The ISFJ Male Believe in Tradition

They love to sustain traditions and customs from childhood. They have strong memories, especially of those created from family traditions, because they believe that it keeps them connected to loved ones (both dead and alive)

These memories help them to track their progress and strive for the person they wish to become. ISFJ men follow methods that are proven to work.

They hate exploring concepts or ideas, as it often leads to failure. They only go with what works.

4.   They have a sense of duty

They know what is right, and they do it for their family and community. ISFJ men have high standards and expectations of themselves and try to live up to them.

At a young age, people around can see that they have a sense of responsibility. They do what is right and come through for people at times that count.

They love pleasing people and hate being seen as the bad seed. ISFJ men are very polite and respectful.


5.   They Are Very Playful

This side of them is often hushed because they are too busy trying to please others, help them, and save the world.

They are so choked with responsibilities that this adventurous streak only shows when they have someone in their life that helps them escape from the harsh realities of the world.

This is often their romantic partner.

When they have gotten to the point where they can be comfortable, vulnerable, and adventurous with one person, they often make fantastic life partners.

The ISFJ Male and Careers

ISFJ men always want to help others, so they need jobs that allow them to do so. Their jobs must have a strict adherence to procedures, detailed attention, and demand superb efficiency.

They need a clear authority structure that has expectations of what they’re supposed to do and demands accountability.

They love working behind the scenes and not receiving praise for the job they did. Their satisfaction comes from the overall success of the project, not by being praised or awarded success plaques publicly.

The best job for the ISFJ male is one that needs observable results but doesn’t require multi-tasking. They can only focus on one thing at a time.

Here are some careers that ISFJ males will thrive in:

●    Human Resource Manager

The ISFJ male will thrive in this job because it allows him to interact with people and understand the dynamics of human relationships, thus helping him to serve them better.

With the rules and guidelines needed to hire someone for a job, they can fix people into roles they feel will be suitable for them.

●    Dentists

This is a job that has observable results within short periods.

An ISFJ man will thrive in this job because he sees the immediate results of the work, helps people attain the facial posture they want, and retain his identity in the background.

This profession has a strict set of rules and regulations that guide its procedures, so an ISFJ man will follow them strictly.

●    Social worker

This is a job that allows an ISFJ man to uphold traditions, create memories, help communities in dire need, respond adequately to crisis and emergencies, and make people’s lives better. They can do all this without being in the limelight.

The role fits them perfectly.

Other great jobs include

  • Pediatrician
  • Pharmacist
  • Loan officer
  • Librarian
  • Teacher assistant
  • Athletic trainers
  • Optometrist
  • Probation officer
  • Biological technician

Careers The ISFJ Male should avoid

Note that anyone can thrive in any profession, regardless of their personality type. But some careers suit certain people better due to their behaviors or natural talents.

Any job that requires an ISFJ man to work outside his preferences, for instance, being in a profession where accolades are important, abandoning family, exploring new opportunities or methods of doing things, etc. isn’t right for him.

Here are some careers the ISFJ male should avoid

  • Executives
  • Financial analysts
  • Art director
  • Copywriter
  • Entertainer
  • Economist
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Insurance agent


The ISFJ Male and Dating

The ISFJ male loves to care for and nurture romantic relationships. He is a social creature, so having a romantic partner helps him to be as adventurous as possible.

Here are a few things to note about ISFJ men and dating

1.    They are loyal partners, so they demand loyalty

ISFJ men take romantic relationships very seriously.

If you want the relationship to last, you have to present yourself as a worthy partner and be as loyal and dedicated to the relationship as he is.

So, you aren’t serious about the relationship, you cause an ISFJ lots of pain because they always envision long-term plans for the relationship.

If you can demonstrate your commitment and loyalty to the relationship within the first year, you’d have a committed partner for the long term.

2.    They are shy people, so they find it hard to mingle

Yes, they are social creatures but not when it comes to relationships.

They hate hurting people and fear getting hurt as well. They hate going into uncomfortable situations and often feel awkward at large social events, like parties. As a result, they can be lonely for years before mustering up the courage to be vulnerable around someone.

This is why they take loyalty and commitment very seriously.

3.    They are Emotionally Intelligent

Since their auxiliary function is extraverted feeling, it’s no surprise that they are emotionally intelligent. They know how people feel easily, so they make great life partners. 

They are very quick to sense when their partner is worried or anxious about something, and they do their best to calm them down.

4.   They Rarely Engage in Casual Flings

Unlike other types, ISFJ men rarely engage in casual flings. It’s not part of their romantic goals. They want someone that they can commit to and share experiences with. Although they can be very flirty and charming, they’re doing all that to seek a potential life partner.

They are often reserved people, so they dislike drawing too much attention to themselves by frolicking around.

The ISFJ Male and Love languages

What love language(s) appeals to an ISFJ male?

●     Acts of Service

ISFJ men love helping people. They are caring, reliable, and dependable.

The best way to show them that you care is by doing acts of service, not just for them but for the community. These men hate saying no, so they’d try to please everyone and burn out in the process.

Alleviating their stress means a lot to them. If you want to know more about Acts of service as a love language, you can click that link.

●     Words of Affirmation

They need loyalty and commitment, so you need to constantly tell them how important they are to you. Remind them of how much value the relationship has added to your life.

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Tell them you love them constantly, and they will cherish you.

So what can you expect from an ISFJ male? Love, kindness and just a wonderful friend or partner.


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